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Chicago Fire - The Tendency Of A Drowning Victim - Review: 'Catfish'

Welcome back Chicago Fire fans, it seems a bit weird to be reviewing the last episode with everything going on in the world right now. Especially because since this aired, the climate of society and the entertainment world has drastically changed. But, TV is an escape and a way to disconnect from outside reality if only for a little while. If we think about it that way, reviewing a show we love can be therapeutic, so that is exactly what I am going to try to do.

On the last episode of Chicago fire, Casey helped a woman conned by a catfish after he second-guessed himself on a call that put him at odds with Severide, Brett got closer to her birthmother, and Boden tried a diet that pushed him and Stella to the edge.... Let's discuss!

Not What It Seems

When I read the press release for this episode, I groaned that they were putting Casey and Severide at odds, but this storyline actually did something I felt had been lacking for awhile, it gave Casey more to do. Let me explain.... it has been a bit frustrating to watch Casey stand in the background for most of the season except when his love life is front and center, but this episode nicely dove-tailed from a bestie conflict to showcasing the essence of what makes Casey, Casey. When he made the tough call to not let squad go in the water to look for a victim of the submerged car, it so clearly killed him, but he knew what had to be done. He second-guessed himself further when he met the perceived drowning victim that was very much still alive and well but was missing her fiancé and acting a bit strange. By episode's end, Casey had successfully helped Lisa, the owner of the car catch her no good 'fiance' in a cat fishing scheme that had cleaned her out financially.

Look, I am not saying that I am not completely invested in Casey finally finding fulfillment in his personal life after so many false starts, but it was really nice to see him front and center for a call that had nothing to do with that ongoing narrative. Additionally, watching him angrily confront Gary the con-artist for almost sending his best friend into danger made me so happy because the constant in Casey's life has been the bond he has with Severide. Speaking of his personal entanglements, Casey was once again a part of Brett's growing bond with her bio mom.

Do We Trust her?
There is just something about Brett's bio-mom Julie that is not passing the smell test for me. Perhaps I have just watched too much TV and that is what makes me skeptical, but this quick bonding feels less genuine and more suspicious for an angle we haven't quite seen yet when to comes to Julie. I do like that Brett has gotten more insight into her origins, but why now? And Julie moving to Chicago perks my spidey senses that there is more than meets the eye to her reaching out. Maybe I am completely off and Julie is up to snuff, but this is a TV drama and her motive could be lurking around the corner to bite Brett. It also isn't lost on me that the episode's theme was about a con-artist and Julie was sharing her own two-cents with that a little too eagerly. The only time that I truly believed she was being for real is when she thought that Casey and Brett were a thing because I too am still confused about all that.

Odds And Ends:

* The Surplus Diet storyline was absolute gold. Seeing Stella and chief hangrily go at each other for possibly cheating had me in stitches! Plus the added bonus of Gallo and Ritter arguing over who would cook for the two volatile dieters was icing on the comedic cake.

* Lily was back and Otis would have been so happy his firehouse fam was there for her. Hermann just wanted to help Lily grow her new business idea and it was nice to see him in the capacity of trusted mentor once again. In the end Lily just wanted that firehouse family no matter how the business end turned out and they are there for her 100%.

* The end scene with Casey/Severide/Stella made me happy because no matter the conflict, those will always be his people.

That is it for me! What did you think of this one? Tune in tonight for a new Chicago Fire and don't forget to wash those hands!