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Black Lightning - The Book of War: Chapter Three - Review

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Subtitle: Liberation

There are moments when I really wish this show had a bigger budget. Selling the invasion/war in this episode is one of them.

Focusing on small, single units attacking small targets was a good idea, but it didn't feel like a war.

Why didn't Gravedigger bring any Markovian metas with him?

The most successful parts of the episode, for me, were the character scenes.

Odell's reaction to the the invasion was exactly what I would have expected.

He never considered the people of Freeland were of any value, unless they were metas, so destroying the ASA facility and leaving the city to be nuked made perfect sense.

Loved the way Khalil introduced himself to Odell. But, Black Lightning, I've been waiting all season to watch that character die. How dare you logic Khalil out of doing the deed? LOL

I liked the fight between Khalil and Painkiller. I would have preferred some visual indicator that Khalil and Painkiller were going to coexist. Or that Khalil would be able to rewrite the code rather than just locking Pain killer behind a door.

My impression that Khalil and Painkiller came to some kind of coexistence is because of Khalil's tone and attitude when he confronted Odell. Khalil seemed like a hybrid of the personalities; both cold and emotional. Do you agree?

I need some help from you guys. Lady Eve and Lala. What is their relationship? First Lady Eve took control of his body then did nothing when he had Destiny as a hostage.

When she had Destiny give Lala the heads up about the nuke, was she informing a friend/colleague or issuing orders to a minion (Lala) to protect her interests? I was confused.

I loved the non-verbal communication between Henderson and Lala after those Markovians were killed. It was such a western moment.

One of my favorite scenes was Tyson and Jennifer's argument about Tyson's motives.

I don't think he expected to be talking to someone whose parents educated them on that part of American history, and taught them how to debate.

The look on Jennifer's face when he called Martin Luther King, Jr. a coward was priceless. (Leave it to a bully to completely miss the fact that it takes more courage to face a violent enemy with no weapon in your own hand than to go in with a weapon.)

Jennifer is right though...forcing people to do what you've decided is best for them has nothing to do with freedom.

The realization that Tyson Sykes was a relative led Jefferson Jefferson. LOL What was Jefferson's first statement? “We're family. Let's talk about this.” Again, not surprised by Gravedigger's reaction to that idea.

Henderson got a good sendoff (except how was he talking with a hole through his chest?) After the announcement earlier this year, I was expecting him to get killed but it was nice that they were able to note that he and Jefferson were best friends. We haven't gotten to see them together much this season.

Lynn, once again, fought beside her family. I was a little worried, way back in the day, that she'd be the damsel always needing a rescue. I'm pleased that they kept her in the middle of the fight.

Tobias re-appeared somewhere outside of Freeland. Of course he decided to return to Freeland after the fighting was over.

Does he really think he'll be able to manipulate or use Lynn? Every time he's tried, he's lost. Or is that what turns him on about a woman?

I wonder how many viewers go the “Rosebud” reference?

It was nice that they could bring Brandon in to combine his abilities with Jennifer's to hold Gravedigger back for a time.

I felt so bad for Grace and Anissa. Anissa was so panicked that completely forgot the Gravedigger's primary power. They didn't even have a chance to tie the knot let alone have a honeymoon.

The federal hearings were a nice touch but the moniker “vigilante” felt out of place in the post Crisis world.

And where did Gravedigger get the shifting power we saw at the end?

I thought it was a good season finale. I liked the way they tied up their story threads and, I suppose, I can be okay with Odell living in a cell in disgrace. But no blowback on the president for signing off?

What did you think of the episode?

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