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Vida - Season 3 - Promos, Promotional Photos, Key Art + Premiere Date Announced *Updated 22nd April 2020*

This Season on Vida

Press Release

“Vida” returns with Emma and Lyn riding on the heels of success. The bar is booming and their love lives are actually flourishing... until the Hernandez sisters discover a long-buried family secret that ruins their hard-won peace. The sisters find themselves face to face with old ghosts and new enemies, all while deciding if they can continue together as a family or if they should move on alone, for good this time.


Promotional Photos

fd054e49-6a05-4175-90e2-1c14da00e3b5.th.jpg fff39dd8-cfe8-4a98-88fd-9b9164112d0f.th.jpg f207a885-012f-4ee5-8a3c-876399edc7ec.th.jpg cfa517d0-950e-468b-b80c-e71c80af804d.th.jpg b2f6844a-7229-4d7e-b207-6f61311d153f.th.jpg 5fed6302-94f3-407d-9b87-5003abb31507.th.jpg 37bc4aa4-e1a9-4e39-9e2e-f793fb943306.th.jpg 7dc7f02d-7076-46dc-b4fa-d68bfe27bb96.th.jpg 6c95ce2a-f14e-4c45-af1f-01881302fa07.th.jpg 5cb6ff64-4606-45dc-a5e1-ce6039b62e1f.th.jpg

Promotional Key Art

vida-season-3-key-art-2.th.jpg vida-season-3-key-art-1.th.jpg vida-season-3-key-art-3.th.jpg



Vida will premiere on April 26 at 9 PM.

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