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The Goldbergs - Preventa Mode - Review

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Barry's hot for teacher (played by Miranda Cosgrove). When she hands back his and Erica's essays, Erica is surprised to find they both got A's. When their teacher, Elena, asks Barry to stay after class, he finds out that she's also interested in him. He asks her out (despite the fact that it's Valentine's Day) and she agrees, but insists that it must remain their secret.

Meanwhile, Adam is confidently moving on from Dana and ready to ask out his new crush, Brea. Unfortunately, Andrew Gallery gets to her first (who happens to be Dana's crush) and asks her to the Valentine's Skate. They decide to drown their sorrows in ice cream when Beverly finds out what happened. She still dislikes Dana for breaking Adam's heart but he insists he's okay and that they're just friends now. "Preventa" mode kicks in and she swears to break Brea and Andrew up, something she's had practice at (she helped break up Murray and his previous girlfriend in high school.) Adam initially declines her help but Dana quickly agrees.

Erica and Geoff check in on JTP, who are notoriously lonely on Valentine's Day. They've decided to celebrate friendship this year with a "Palentine's Day." When Barry reveals he has a date, everyone becomes immediately suspicious. Remembering his promise to not reveal their secret, Barry lies and says his Valentine's get-up is just for a trip to the library. This confuses the group even more. Geoff and Erica follow him and find out he's on a date with the teacher. Erica's furious because she assumes that Barry's good grade on his paper is most likely because they're dating.

Beverly develops a complex plan to break up Andrew and Brea for Dana and Adam. Dana is fully on board and Beverly loves her for it. Her plan involves spreading a nasty rumor about Andrew then allowing Adam to swoop in to pick up the pieces.

Barry and Elena are hitting it off. When she heads to the restroom, Erica confronts him about their relationship and the grade on his essay. He insists it's not like that at all. Geoff is no help to Erica and is just excited that Barry is living his own fantasy. He calls JTP and tells them about it, possibly ruining Barry's secret. Geoff insists that his secret is still safe, but JTP has apparently informed everyone. Elena is furious even after Barry profusely denies revealing their secret. She claims it must have been just another gross fantasy (as clearly was the case for Geoff) and says she may lose her job because of it.

Brea and Adam are hanging out for a study session and Beverly is still meddling with her grand plan. Hoping to "turn up the heat," she brings them chocolate covered strawberries to "feed to each other" (real subtle). Repeated attempts to get Adam to ask Brea to the Valentine's Skate prove more awkward and inappropriate and Brea looks to be catching on.

Barry confronts Erica about revealing his relationship with Elena and she's just happy that Barry won't be getting free A's on his papers anymore. Barry insists that the grade had nothing to do with their relationship and that Erica is just jealous. He's also angry that she thinks there's no way that Elena could be interested in him and how she ruined his Valentine's Day.

Dana visits Beverly to ask what she can do to finish her plan. Andrew still hasn't asked her out to the Valentine's Skate and is worried he still likes Brea. Beverly is focused on Adam so she asks Dana what Brea likes. Dana tells her she likes the band New Edition and, in return, passes off the strawberries and sends her on her way. Meanwhile, Adam knows it's now or never with Brea. Just as he's about to ask her out, Beverly sends in a boy band, asking Brea out for him. Adam confronts Beverly about it saying he's humiliated and now has no chance with Brea.

Hoping to clear Elena of wrongdoing, Barry goes to see Professor Lee (played by THE Tommy Lee) and he says that their relationship is frowned upon but not explicitly against the rules. After finding out Barry somehow got an A on his paper, Professor Lee changes his tune but Erica confronts him, saying Barry's paper was actually deserving of that grade. She apologizes to Barry and tells him he's much smarter than she gives him credit for. Barry informs Elena about the actual rules but she insists that, despite that, it's just not a good idea.

Adam is still mad and Beverly tells Murray what happened. He tells her to stay out of it, insisting that her meddling in their teenage years didn't matter in the end because Beverly "had it all" anyway. She apologizes to Adam and assures him to ask her when he's ready, despite his reservations about her possible answer. Eventually, Andrew and Brea both say yes to Dana and Adam after all.

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