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The Flash - Grodd Friended Me - Reviews

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This week's episode of The Flash felt like a comic book was copied and pasted right on the screen- it was awesome! It also felt like a little momentum was taken out of the Iris/Eva story, but at the same time, that story ramped right back up at the end. Let's discuss.


I have to say, I absolutely loved this team up. Grodd working to get Barry to trust him was a nice throwback to what we've known; Barry and his family have a special connection. He showed up in the form of Barry's friends and colleagues, but Barry didn't really listen to Grodd until he showed up as Joe. That's a testament to Joe's effect on Barry's life and also to Grodd's intelligence. He realized that he needed to become someone that Barry felt truly comfortable with.

But the most kick ass part of this team up was of course the merge! Grodd Flash was incredible! He looked amazing on screen-watching a huge scary gorilla with super speed was stunning, but again amazing. The lighting sparking in Grodd's eyes as he heard "Run, Grodd, run" is the stuff of comic books! I was holding my breath a little thinking Grodd might be attracted to the powers of Flash and not want to let him go, but for now things look pretty safe.


I have been very vocal about not caring for the Frost story line. It has been butchered so many times that I'm not holding out hope that she'll get anything worthwhile. Her interactions with Chester were pretty nice though. His willingness to share his experiences with her and her having the decency to admit that she couldn't relate was a good writing moment. And even though she couldn't fully relate, she was able to help him find a way to persevere. I do have to say that Frost's ability to relate to everyone has surely grown. I'll just leave that....


Man! I love and hate the fact that I can't figure them out. It's pretty obvious now that Eva needs Mirror Iris to retrieve something for her, but what is she actually trying to do? Eva possibly needs something on the outside that will help her escape, but her arms didn't burn when she pulled Iris into the mirror. Maybe they weren't exposed long enough. I'm sure the real Iris' investigative gut will find out that Eva is keeping her there soon enough. She's already on to her. That damn particle accelerator!

Nash/Allegra/Reverse Flash???

The Nash/Allegra thing is annoying. Why can't he just tell her why he cares so much? It doesn't make any sense because she was annoyed with him even when she didn't know about the doppelganger so their relationship couldn't be much worse IMO.
And what the hell does Reverse Flash have to do with this? Crisis has really turned the world on its head. I love it!

Other Things I Was Thinking as I Watched

*Grant looks so young this season. Everything about him makes me think about when the show first aired. Weird, but it's a good look.

*Barry told Chester he is worried about family- in other words Iris. He knows she has changed. It gonna go down when he confronts her.

*I know good and well Joe knows that ain't his baby girl! He and Barry better get in a huddle and take care of business.

*Reverse Flash is about to wreak havoc! Barry can never be happy! LOL!

*While we are revisiting rouges, lets get Zoom back!

*Chester is annoying, but his story this week was a little heart warming.

*The CGI was on point with Grodd Flash!

*If Eva is the Mirror Master, why can't she escape the mirror? Why hasn't Crisis changed anything for her? Or has it? I kinda love not knowing what's gonna happen with this.

*Barry looking for his parents' graves broke my heart.

What did you think of "Grodd Friended Me"? I loved it. Sound off in the comments and as always, thanks for reading!

The Flash will return on the CW with a new episode on Tuesday, March 10th.

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