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The Bold Type - Marathon - Review

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This week on The Bold Type, Sutton is back to being an assistant rather than a stylist because a promotion at this point is just not an option. Oliver doesn’t seem to be too happy with the direction Scarlet is taking. Kat spent the episode trying to get Chloe, a trans woman, into the marathon after she was denied due to an administrative issue. Jane and Ryan struggle to connect and try something new but it doesn’t seem to go so well. He tells her what happened when he kissed someone else. Jacqueline’s marriage seems to be falling apart. 

A step back: Sutton took a bold choice regarding her career when she chose styling over design. And I think that at this point, she expected to be further along than she is. Don’t you just hate running into someone you went to school with or something similar and hearing about all they’ve accomplished while you … haven’t. This happens to me every time I run into someone from high school and it happened to Sutton here when she ran into that woman from the design class. And of course, she runs into her at the worst possible time. When she’s picking up a prescription for Oliver. It sucks that she can’t seem to get ahead in her job because Scarlet is struggling. I like Kat and Jane’s idea to help Sutton, I’m just not sure if it’s really her. And I wish she would just tell Richard rather than pretend everything is fine. He’s only been gone a short while, she can’t keep this up. 

Raise your hand…: … if you think Ryan is lying. I may be way off here, but when he was telling Jane about what happened I got the feeling that he was holding something back. Especially when Jane asked what happened after the kiss. Something about his facial expression made me think he wasn’t being honest. If it turns out that he slept with that girl and lied to Jane, it really will be over. And while we only know what Ryan told us, I kind of feel like there’s a double standard here. He said he was wasted, we don’t know if the woman was as well. But if she wasn’t, then that’s really not on Ryan. If she was sober while he was drunk, she took advantage. Whether it was just a kiss or more, that is not consensual. If Ryan were a woman this subject would’ve already come up. But when it comes to guys, sexual assault gets shoved under the rug a lot in situations like this. 

A new woman: I am so glad that Kat lost the election, it seems to have given her an entirely new lease on life. She seems to be bursting with ideas at work. A lot of what happened at Scarlet this week was because of Kat’s ideas. And she really fought for Chloe. This might have had something to do with what happened last week when she felt that she wasn’t able to help Bella. She needed a win this week and she got it. But I’m also starting to notice that aside from work, Kat doesn’t have a whole lot going on at the moment. She seems to have thrown all of herself into work. To be fair, after her complicated dating life last season, maybe she did just need a break. 

Ouch: Oh boy, Jacqueline’s marriage is really taking a nosedive this season. What happened here? Wasn’t it only a few seasons ago that they seemed to happy? Now they both seem miserable. I hope they can salvage it but it really seems like they’re headed for a split. That will not be easy for those boys we saw this week. 
Yes, more please: Speaking of boys, the writers are really delivering when it comes to Andrew this season. I loved seeing him and Alex compete all episode. Not entirely sure what they were competing for, an article or bragging rights. But Jacqueline totally owned them in that cup flipping thing (We don’t have that here so I don’t know what it’s called). That was definitely my favorite scene this week. 

Best quotes: Kat: “This tiny little handcuff is gorgeous.” Sutton: “I know. It’s perfect.” Kat: “But is it gorgeous enough for us to forget that it is a symbol of patriarchal oppression?” Sutton: “Yeah.” 
Sutton: “You can write about your no sex marathon.” Jane: “Haha, get out.” 
Kat: “Oh, we’re just a bunch of cis women in a closet contemplating the trans feminine journey.” Sutton: “I want to learn big words and say them fast like you.” 
Jacqueline: “Oh, I’m going to miss the flatplan.” Oliver: “Glossy paper.” Jacqueline: “Heft of a magazine.” Oliver: “We could do movie nights on that thing.” Jacqueline: “We could screen Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Oliver: “I’m thinking Top Gun. Don’t judge.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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