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The Bold Type - Babes In Toyland - Review

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This week on The Bold Type, Kat fights for a company that creates vibrators’ right to advertise. Sutton struggles to figure out what persona she wants to take on as an influencer. Kat helps her figure it out. Jane goes to a sex club for a story and kisses another man, which gives her more insight into the guilt that Ryan must have felt. They finally make love. Alex starts a live podcast which initially doesn’t go too well but goes a lot better when he calls in reinforcements. Jacqueline seems to be struggling now that her husband is abroad. 

Out of your comfort zone: This was kind of the main theme this week, wasn’t it? Three of our characters had to step outside of their comfort zones. And while it can be a good thing, I think it’s important that you do it in your own way. For the first time, I’m going to start a review off not talking about one of our leading ladies, but instead about Alex. I’m so happy to see the side characters step into the spotlight this season. We’ve slowly gotten to know Alex over the previous seasons but we still don’t know a whole lot about him. What we did learn this week is that he’s not great at answering questions on the spot. His first attempt at the live podcast did not go great. But instead of quitting, he decided to go in a different direction. He made it his own, by bringing other people on. And this was also the case for Jane and Sutton this week. Just because you step outside of your comfort zone, does not mean you have to do it alone. 

Bad feeling: Speaking of comfort zones, I love how sex-positive this show is. But for me personally, sex is a subject that makes me a tad uncomfortable. So, I’m going to mainly stay away from that subject. But I definitely applaud the show the message they brought across this week about female pleasure. Instead, I want to get back to Jane and Ryan’s relationship. Last week, I said that I felt like Ryan was holding something back. I still feel that way. I think that maybe his guilt is what was holding him back this week. And before Jane basically jumped him, he wanted to tell her something and he didn’t look happy about it. Was he going to fess up? Or am I just reading this completely wrong? I guess only time will tell. 

Identity crisis: It’s understandable that Sutton would have trouble figuring out who she is. Her life has changed a lot these past few seasons. Remember back in season 1 when Sutton was just an assistant secretly sleeping with an exec? Since then she has gone from fashion assistant to designer to stylist. Oh, and now she’s also engaged and living in a fancy apartment when money has always been tight for her. And with this influencer thing, she has to figure out what image of herself she wants to put out into the world. You could tell that she wasn’t all that on board with marketing herself, that’s just not who she is. I’m glad Kat helped her figure this out, she is the expert after all. And otherwise, I think Sutton never would have posted anything. 

Selfcare: Last week I mentioned that Kat has really thrown herself into work and it seems that I’m not the only one who noticed. I’m glad Jacqueline talked to Kat about not neglecting her personal life. I think Jacqueline might be worried that Kat would be headed towards the same path as her. Prioritizing work over your personal life, which is seriously taking its toll on Jacqueline’s marriage right now. It looks like Kat has not quite yet recovered from her recent romantic drama. This might be one of the reasons she’s been avoiding getting back out there. I do wonder what the writers have planned for Kat’s romantic life. Her relationship with Adena was very popular with the audience. I really hope we get to see them together again before the end of the season. Especially since I think the show might be at risk of getting canceled. 
Number three: Over the past few episodes we’ve seen more of Alex and Andrew and this week it was finally Sage’s turn. Granted, we still didn’t learn much about her but we do know that she seems to have awesome friends. And honestly, I love seeing her on-screen. She has great one-liners and works well with the other characters. I’d love to see more in the future. 

Best quotes: Sutton: “Are they having sex?” Alex: “That’s a tough question for a roommate to answer without seeming pervy.” 
 Kat: “We know Ryan’s been having a little trouble, you know…” Sutton: “Pitching a tent.” Kat: “Taking it from six to noon.” Sutton: “You know, flying the flag at half-mast.” Kat: “Full salute.” Sutton: “Getting an erection.” Jane: “Yeah, no. I get it.” 
Kat: “We’re gonna make tweets.” Sage: “Yes, yes. I love when you get like this. Okay.” Kat: “Let’s burn it down.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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