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Riverdale - Season 4 So Far - Review

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Riverdale's season four is a wild ride, full of unexpected and not-so-believable twists and turns. let's try to summarize what happened in these last three episodes.

In "Varsity Blues," Betty is in search of the truth after Riverdale Bulldogs have made it to the finals unfairly. Cheryl is disappointed by the Vixens new coach, and Veronica still wants to pursue her rum-making endeavors, but her father tries to stop her. Nothing new here. Archie finds out that his uncle Frank has a troubled past, and things get even more complicated when Riverdale's team fights against Stonewall's team. Frank gives to Munroe drugs. The flashforward of the episodes shows that Jug has been accepted to Yale, Betty is packing up Jug's room and Bret is telling her that she got what she wanted.

In "Quiz Show", it is all about the finals against Stonewall Prep, considering that Betty, Cheryl, Veronica, and Toni earned a spot. Cheryl and Veronica try to cover up their serving rum, but Hiram finds out and they are forced to leave the spot. They decide to go for the Maple Club, and they make a deal with Penelope. In the midst of Riverdale's craziness, the career in porn was missing - Kevin starts making videos in which he is tickled by men.

Betty is having her problems with Yale's admission: following a series of problems, and obstacles, she will be admitted only if she wins the Quiz. Alice gives to her all the answers, but she decides to play fair, but because of Bret, she is accused of cheating and she is suspended. In the flashforward, Archie is comforting her, as she is in mourning.

In "Men of Honor," Betty is suspended and decides it's time to investigate Mr Chipping's murder along with her mother. It is a typical teenagers' hobby, right? They meet Moose who is accusing Bret of having videotaped him having sex with another student. They try to find the material, but Bret is stopping them both times. In another soapy twist, we find out that Frank's friend from the Army is a mercenary, and Franks is one of them as well. He is forced to leave town before he is caught. OKAY.

In the meanwhile, Veronica catches up with her friend Katy Keene (Lucy Hale, who is the guest star of the episode and she is promoting Riverdale's spin-off) and then discovers that her father is really sick. The episode ends with Betty, who is even more suspicious of Donna. Things continue to change and, at the same time, they go back at their starting point. Hiram and Veronica have been fighting and making up so many times, that I really can not emphatize at all with what's happening.

This season of Riverdale is really confusing and over-dramatic, sometimes I wonder what's the point of all these storylines, let's hope we will find out soon. And you? What did you think of these three new episodes?

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