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Prodigal Son - Eye Of The Needle - Review: No Good Deed

"If I flew off the handle every time a Whitly went rogue on me I'd never get anything done."

Here we go! The opening scene alone reminds me of the amount of untapped potential this show has, of course, there needs to be enough time to explore everything, but these little flashbacks of Malcolm discussing serial killers with Martin are just mesmerizing and I need more of them.

On this particular scene, Malcolm was doing a paper on Modi Operandi so he asked for his father's expertise, and though it was interesting to see how Martin's mind worked, always being aware of the way he could kill someone if need be, the most interesting thing was Malcolm having the same awareness but hiding it.

Jessica gets a call from the tip-line and Malcolm goes with her only to find a dead body riding a carousel in the creepiest way. It seems they wanted Jessica to be the one who found the body, perhaps in an attempt fo discouraging her from digging up anything else about the dead girl's bracelet. After that, the killer calls Ainsley's studio to make sure their call is on live TV.

The killer says Jessica was trying to play the hero and now people will die because of her until she gives the murderer the million dollars she'd offered for information. This makes Malcolm realize the killer is someone who's been wronged by the Whitlys which means a not so fun trip down memory lane for him.

Starting with the Lehrer brothers who went to jail for the murder of their mother who'd actually been killed by The Surgeon. It turns out they were approached by someone wanting to take the Whitlys down and trying to recruit people who'd been wronged by them.

The killer says Jessica should bring the money to the place she and Martin met for the first time, he has Noah Lehrer hanging from a rooftop and he says he'll push him if Jessica doesn't dump the money for everyone around her to catch, she does it but Noah ends up on the floor anyway. Then he leaves a phone and a photo of his next victim, a woman who'll die if Jessica doesn't kill Martin.

When she gets to his cell Malcolm is already there questioning him and he realizes what she's there to do, so he decides to stab Martin himself, not a fatal would but enough to get him to the hospital and find the carousel killer, a man (Jeremy Holm - House of Cards, Mr. Robot) who'd lost his wife on Martin's table as a doctor, not a serial killer.

By the end of the episode they manage to save the woman but Martin's still on the operating table. I do wonder how the doctors feel, trying to save a serial killer's life, this subject has been touched upon on medical shows before but it's still an interesting one for me, the grey's of morality. Still, we know Martin won't die since he's one of the most important things that make this show so interesting.

"We feel the same pain as you do, the kind that never goes away."

What did you think about this episode? I look forward to your comments.

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