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[OPINION] - Where We Hope The Elite Ships Will Be At In Season 3

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Season 3 of Elite is just right around the corner, and if there's something that they are known for are their successful, sexy, passionate and very popular ships.

Fans watched season 1, and it was undeniable that Omander and Guznadia seemed unbeatable. There was absolutely nothing that could possibly happen to take those 2 out of their throne, but then season 2 dropped online and all it took was 24 hours, for the most surprising thing to happen... Carla and Samuel or as the fans call them... Carmuel.

Let's analyze these fan favorite relationships, and where do we hope these lovebirds will be at in season 3.

Omander - Omar and Ander

There's no denying the popularity of this ship since season 1, the international audience of the Spanish show as been head over hills with these 2 from the beginning. Honestly, can you blame us? The depth of that relationship, and the impact that they had since the very first moment was inspiring, with an amazing chemistry adding to the crossed lovers story was the perfect combination. From touching important issues of this society, to the personal struggles such as drugs and extreme pressure at a young age, to fighting your religious beliefs in the name of love, Omander was doing it all.

Ander: "I want to feel free around you."

When season 2 dropped online, since the very beginning, Ander started getting on my nerves. The thing I didn't really enjoyed about him in season 1 as an individual character, was the way he sometimes pressured Omar to come out when he was in such a delicate position and deserved to have his time, to do whatever he felt was right. Losing your family forever is not something that you decide as an impulse. Season 2 just amplified that asshole aspect about Ander. As much as I love Omander and their dynamic, sometimes the level of Ander's disrespect towards Omar's family during a delicate time, to cheating on him with Polo, to oppressing Omar and judging him for finally being free, independent and proud of his sexuality pissed me off like crazy.
Omar endured a lot this season, and yes this proved how much he loves Ander, but also proved to us that maybe he deserves better, or maybe that Ander is the one who isn't actually ready for Omar and not the other way around.

In season 3 I would love for them to address their relationship problems, they were so caught up with the mystery of the previous season that their issues just kind of stayed on the sidelines. I would like to see Ander grow as an individual and realize that the way he treated Omar was not right. Right now, there's a lack of conversations between these two and accepting everything like Omar does is just not okay either, deprives the relationship to grow, and move forward. I really hope that in season 3 they can figure things out and be strong and powerful, but I also sense some huge problems coming their way. From 2 news characters, to a killer on a loose, to a theory that Ander may be getting a complicated disease, the road to an Omander happy ending is getting blurry as the time passes by, and all we can do is to hold on to hope.

Guznadia - Guzmán and Nadia

Let's settle the records straight, there's something extremely pure about this 2, and I think that's all Nadia's doing, honestly.
Guzmán individually doesn't really bring much to table besides being angry and wanting to punch everyone 99% of the time. Since season 1 he was never even close to being my favorite character, but when he was with Nadia, suddenly he would become a all different person, one that I could see myself actually care for.
These 2 have been through a tough road, and as much as it pains me to say it, season 2 made them the least interesting dynamic to watch. Their on and off romantic status in such a short period of time got kind of tiring and honestly the writers need to make up their minds about the path they want Nadia to take. She clearly wants more freedom and to discover the wonders of the world, but since season 1 that she can't seem to decide if she wants to do it with Guzmán by her side or alone.
I really hope that in season 3 she can come to a final decision and commit to it, because we already saw that despite everything her parents think or say, they won't afford to lose another kid even if it means that they have to break their own barriers and beliefs.

As long as Guznadia's relationship goes, I'm always a sucker for ships that make the angry male a softie, and the heart eyes that Guzmán constantly has when he's around Nadia are undeniable and makes me genuinely root for them.

Nadia: "I'm gonna do what you're doing. Drink what you drink all night long. Maybe then you'll understand how scary it is to see someone you care about doing this."
Season 2 wasn't the most gentle to them, they had good scenes, but there were moments that I felt that they could've been written better, like their first kiss or their first time. Season 1 was so caring about the simple touches, and their exchange of looks that everything they did in season 2 felt like they were skipping a lot of levels out of nowhere, specially when he was still dating Lu.
I really need season 3 to live up to their chemistry, and that their love story can be put to a better use, and become more consistent. I really need season 3 to end this on and off thing that they have and make them just enjoy their relationship, like the simple things such as going on a date. Season 3 has the possibility to right the season 2 wrongs and put them back in the game for the fan favorite ship.

Carmuel - Carla and Samuel

The relationship between Carla and Samuel was surprising and unexpected especially because it actually worked. These 2 came as the underdogs, and with their insane, mesmerizing, breathtaking chemistry they owned season 2, and came for the fan favorite ship status. Seriously, the internet is full invested and in love with them.
The way this relationship made these 2 better individual characters it's what makes it all even better. The way Carla involuntary makes Samuel fearless, the way she makes him embrace his darkest parts, makes a bland season 1 Samuel way more sexy, interesting and complex in season 2. But this also happens the other way around, Samuel makes Carla more vulnerable, caring, relatable, I dare to say more human. They found each other in a moment where they both were ready to explode because of everything they were keeping inside, and what started off as game ended up being the most beautiful and truthful relationship of the season, funny enough. Samuel knew that Carla was trying to hide the truth and Carla knew that Samuel wanted the truth, you never see them hide their initial intentions and the fact that they are both playing this game as means to an end. What neither of them expected, was that they would come across with the fact that in the meantime they would fell in love with each other. The layers that this relationship has was so entertaining to watch on screen that it takes your breath away!

I came to the surprising realization, that season 2 was about Carla's journey when she finally faces the thing that she feared the most, her heart. There's something poetic about these 2 that I just want to see more and more.

Carla: "I came to think that we were gonna be able to forget about all of this shit, and have a future."

When I think about season 3 for Carla and Samuel, I just can't stop thinking about the season 2 finale and that police station scene, I really think that the writers are not gonna throw away their insane chemistry and how epic they are, but we're definitely are gonna have to survive through a lot of angst until they find their way back to each other. I also think that they are still very unsure about how they came to feel the way they feel about each other so denial is gonna be a card that they are both gonna play. But this is a story line that I can totally see being dragged until they reach their happy ending because it's in fact entertaining to watch and makes sense within these characters previous actions. Either way, I'm really rooting for them to be endgame and I hope that season 3 delivers the same amount of scenes of them as season 2 did.

VALU - Valerio and Lu

I don't like them, I don't support them, and the fact that, specially in this modern world the Elite writers dared to be bold and represent loneliness and the paths we take in its name through this dynamic between Lu and Valerio, says a lot about how elite is nothing like your conventional teen drama.
This pair had a diverse response from the fans, and even if they had chemistry, it's not enough to have me support it, or to take my mind out of the fact that they are blood related.
Lu does all kind of wrong things throughout this show, but we clearly see that she does it out of the desperate need of feeling loved, and cared for, but all she gets is either rejection or backstabbing friends or a cheating boyfriend, so yeah, a brother that shows any sorts of love towards her, starts gaining some kind of appeal later on in the season.

Valerio: "I'm saying that no one can outshine you."

Valerio claimed throughout the season that he loved her unconditionally, but as soon as Lu shows him her worst, that love that he felt just suddenly and quickly fades away.
Lu deserves better, she's no saint but I hope that in season 3 we see her at least learn how to love herself, and that this Valerio thing doesn't have continuation. I want Lu to own it and to not settle for something, just because it's easy. She cares for Valerio, but was loneliness that led her to believe that was something more than what was supposed to be.
In season 3, I don't really see who could possibly be a romantic pair for her, maybe one of the new characters, but just as I said before I think the piority is for her to learn how to love herself and to be okay with just that. Anyway VaLu needs to be no longer, in season 3.

Cayepolo - Cayetana and Polo

Cayetana and Polo are far away from being the most successful ship on Elite, but we had to mention them for obvious reasons. There was no off the charts chemistry between these 2, and sure as hell they're just in need of someone to fill the void in their life. Whatever happened to them through out the season was brought upon as consequence of their actions, and justice is yet to be found when it comes to Polo. The guy murder someone but lucky for him he always as a girlfriend that covers it up. Carla did it to protect her own skin, mainly to protect her father's involvement on the all thing, and Cayetana did it because money and a comfortable life speaks louder than justice. Funny enough Polo has more chemistry with every other male character on the show than he had with Carla and Cayetana combined.
Cayetana: "Everyone deserves a second chance."
I'm not saying that they don't care about each other, I felt like in their present emotional state, it fells good to have someone by your side even if the intentions are not entirely genuine and specially when everyone has turned their backs on you (with good reasons to), what I'm saying is that it's a couple that won't last.
I believe that in season 3 there's going to be an arc of redemption for Polo but he still has yet to face what he did to Marina and I also think that Cayetana is gonna be the first to jump out of the boat if things start going badly for her. Their future is very blurry and it will depend on what the writers have planned for Polo, but one thing I'm almost sure, Cayetana and Polo most certainly won't be endgame.

Long story short, I really hope that season 3 allows Omander to dive deep into their relationship problems instead of pretending that those problems don't exist, I need to see them grow instead of being stuck and relying on the love they feel for each other. I need to see Nadia make up her mind, and see Guznadia enjoy their relationship, just the little things, and make justice to the build up they had in season 1. When it comes to Carmuel, I want to continue to see their fire and chemistry, but at the same time I want to see them take things slower and little angst, I think will be so entertaining to watch them try to deny their feelings but then at the same time waiting to desperately be with each other. I can wait for their happy ending in season 4 if they take this angsty road in season 3. As far as VaLu and Cayepolo goes... they just need to end asap for all the obvious reasons.

What's y'all opinions? Comment down below your favorite ship, what you want for them in season 3 and what you actually think is gonna happen. Can't wait to read you. Don't forget, Elite season 3 premieres this March on Netflix.

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