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Mom - Somebody's Grandmother and the A-List - Review: "Bonnie and Clyde"

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While Marjorie's ready to leave the past in the past and go on a first date since being widowed this week, Jill and Bonnie are stuck ruminating on a past sin.

Tammy makes Marjorie announce to the girls at the Bistro that a guy she met at the sober jamboree in Canada last year is flying down for a first date with her! The girls are thrilled for Marjorie, who insists they stop making such a big deal out of it. When Jill arrives to join them, the subject quickly changes though. She went to get out her antique silverware to be polished for the children's diabetes benefit she's hosting, and a large amount of it's missing. Since her housekeepers are the only ones who have access to them, she's decided she's going to have to fire them both since she doesn't know which one did it. While the rest of the girls urge her not to take such drastic action yet, Bonnie flashes back to five years earlier, when she had just met Jill and wasn't exactly "reformed" yet and remembers she stole the silverware!

At home, Bonnie confesses to Christy that she stole the silverware five years earlier. Christy's shocked and not particularly happy with Bonnie's plan to reveal her crime with a "series of cryptic clues that could be fun for all ages at my funeral." Bonnie realizes she's got to own up now and goes over to Jill's, where she quietly reveals what she did. And Jill is furious. Apparently that wasn't just antique silverware, it was had-been-in-the-family-for-a-100-years, only-connection-she-has-to-her-deceased-mother,-grandmother,-and-great-grandmother-silverware.

Christy goes shopping with Marjorie at the old ladies' clothing store so Marjorie can pick out something for her date. While Marjorie decides it's time she takes off her ring, Christy is persuaded by the store clerk to pick up one of Marjorie's signature, ultra-soft tracksuits. Later, they meet the rest of the girls for lunch, and Christy's sporting her new outfit. Everyone else has a blast making fun of Christy's new look, especially Bonnie ("Where'd you go? Forever 71?") The mood turns when Jill arrives and announces she has no plans to forgive Bonnie. The rest of the gang all urge her to reconsider. After all, they've all forgiven Bonnie for equally atrocious indiscretions. But Jill's not budging.

Marjorie goes on her date with Wayne the Canadian but realizes he sees their supposed date as just two friends getting coffee. She feels stupid for misinterpreting the signs, but Christy tells her that at least she's realized she's ready to start dating again. When Wayne shows up to their meeting, Marjorie keeps her distance until afterward. Wayne pulls her aside and confesses that he had wanted it to be a date, but he got cold feet, because, like her, he's a recent widower and he's struggling with moving on. He asks Marjorie if they can start over and go on a real date, which she happily accepts.

A desperate Adam advises Bonnie to give Jill time, but she's not having it. At the next meeting, Bonnie presents Jill with a case of silverware similar to the stolen ones, that she drove all the way to San Francisco to find. And Jill promptly gifts them to another meeting attendee who's moving into a new apartment. It doesn't look like she's feeling the spirit of forgiveness quite yet.

Later, at the diabetes benefit, one of the women on the committee with Jill apologizes for voicing her doubts about Jill's ability to pull off the event. She knows Jill isn't the same reckless woman she was when she was still drinking, and she tells her she shouldn't have judged her based on who she used to be. Jill realizes this applies to Bonnie as well and goes over to her place to apologize. She tells Bonnie she knows she's changed since she stole the silverware all those years ago and she apologizes for being unwilling to see that.

Random Thoughts:
-I just about rolled when Christy walked into the room wearing yet another matching tracksuit, and Jill and Bonnie immediately started making fun of her again. Her response to them was hysterical - "I don't have a man!!"

-The funniest line goes to Jill when she's arguing with the florists. "You did not just say carnations to me. This is a benefit. Not an Appalachian prom!" I'd of loved carnations at my prom, I don't even think we had flowers!

Do you think we'll be seeing Wayne again? Let me know below!

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