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Legacies - Kai Parker Screwed Us - Review

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This week on Legacies, Alaric and the twins find themselves trapped in a prison world. Lizzie and Sebastian spend the day together. It’s all fun until Sebastian tries to turn Lizzie into a vampire against her will. She kisses him and siphons him. Josie spends the day with Kai who double-crosses her several times. She finds out about the students Alaric has sent to the prison world. In the end, Kai escapes the prison world through Malivore and arrives in the real world (where no one remembers him, that should be interesting). At the last second, he forces Josie to break the hourglass releasing the dark magic into herself because it’s the only way for her and her family to get out. Lizzie crashes her car and looks either unconscious or dead but she does have vampire blood in her system so who knows. 

Keep him: We all knew the return of Kai would be great. But this may have been the best episode the show has done so far. Yes, there are multiple reasons for that (more on those later) but Kai is a big one. He’s just such an entertaining villain. And he’s incredibly smart, always several steps ahead of everyone else as was shown in this episode. Using Malivore as a way to escape the prison world? I never would’ve even thought of that. I loved his interactions with Josie. They do make quite a pair. I think with a bit more experience Josie could really take him on (mentally, I mean). I wish there had been an interaction with Lizzie as well, but there’s still time. Now that Kai has escaped into the real world, he is once again vulnerable to being killed. We know he’ll be around for at least one more episode but I really hope he sticks around until at least the end of the season. Screw Ted, Kai is a way better villain than him. 

Keep her: We’ve met quite a few new characters lately but I really liked Jade. Yes, she’s technically a bad guy but I felt so bad for her with everything that she went through. I knew right away that something was off about the story of her killing those people. I really hope that she makes it out of the prison world and maybe even finds a way to turn her humanity back on. So far we’ve seen an entire coven at the school, a pack of werewolves but where the vampires are concerned we’ve only really seen MG and Kaleb. We could use some new blood. Plus, from what I gather everyone online seems to really like her already. 

It’s his fault, part one: This brings me to the part where I’m going to get angry again. Because what happened to Jade and her friends never should have. And I don’t just mean what happened after the massacre. It could’ve been prevented. All three of them were completely out of control which can only lead me to the conclusion that the teachers at the Salvatore school are completely incompetent. A werewolf that rips off limbs when provoked. Everyone knows werewolves have rage issues. It’s one of the first things we saw on The Vampire Diaries. Who is helping these students control those urges? I have yet to see a werewolf teacher. In fact, all we’ve seen of the werewolves so far is that they’re pretty much on their own. A witch not in control of her own magic. Sure, she seemed very capable when showing off in front of a mini Josie. But that was in a calm and controlled environment. But one moment of panic and she set some guy on fire. And she was one of the older students, so by now, she should have this down. And that brings me to Jade, another ripper. Back in season one, right after MG showed his ripper tendencies I blamed it on the animal diet. This really only confirms my theory. Putting young vampires on an all-animal diet does not prepare them for the moment they first come in to contact with actual human blood. Judging from the flashback, this was one of the first times Jade ever came in contact with human blood. And she had no control. If you feed someone bread their whole lives and then suddenly give them all sorts of sweets, what do you think will happen? They’ll eat until they get sick. And yes, some may be more at risk of becoming a ripper than others. Kind of like some people are more at risk of becoming addicted to something. But I believe that if both Jade and MG had been given human blood on a regular basis, they’d be much less at risk of becoming a ripper. 

It's his fault, part two: Bonnie put Kai in a prison world all by himself. Why? So that no one could help him escape. I wonder what she would think of Alaric dropping troublesome students in the prison world with him. What did he think would happen? And I am still strongly against Alaric’s way of punishing these kids. Let’s talk about what happened after the massacre. Alaric said that he didn’t understand why Jade would do this, that she was a good student. So how the hell didn’t he realize something was wrong. He’s seen several vampires with his humanity turned off. As a principal of a supernatural high school with vampire students, he should be able to recognize the signs. Or a teacher should have noticed, but just like with the werewolves, I have yet to see an actual vampire teacher. So he just goes ahead and plays judge, jury and executioner (thankfully Caroline stopped that last part, but I doubt she knew what his solution was). At a certain point, there was talk of a trail, but we didn’t see that in the flashbacks. I doubt there actually was one, not really the kind of news you want to broadcast. So they drop three kids in a prison world for killing 5 people. And then leave them there for 10 years. What exactly was the endgame here? Were they going to stay in there forever? Killing them would’ve been kinder (tough, still wrong). Especially to the werewolf who was forced to turn every day. But I still don’t get how Alyssa being a pain in the ass is on the same level as killing 5 people. He was going to give her the same punishment. Are we sure these are the only students in there? 
Deja vu: Sebastian and Lizzie had a great day together, quite a contrast from the rest of the episode. Lizzie looked beautiful in that dress, almost like Cinderella. And then it all came crashing down. You know, Sebastian really reminded me of Damon this week. Do you remember back in season 2 when Damon force-fed Elena his blood to save her from Klaus? Sebastian did a similar thing, only more subtle. And I get where both are/were coming from but taking away someone’s choice is never okay. It doesn’t matter how much you love them. Damon got lucky, they found a loophole to save Elena from becoming a vampire (that time, at least). But something tells me Sebastian won’t be as lucky. I must say, I would totally be up for heretic Lizzie. But I don’t think we’re done with the Merge yet. It’s too big of a plot point to abandon now. Plus that would mean Caroline would finally have to come home. But what if becoming a heretic doesn’t mean that the Merge is off? Sure, Lizzie said it would be but how would she know. How many siphon witches, half of a twin, have become heretics before the Merge? Anyway, Josie will probably find a way to save her with her new dark magic. 

That’s more like it: Now, this is how you do an episode. Suspense from start to finish. Awesome cliffhangers. Villains that actually matter rather than the “monster of the week” thing. Plus I really loved the dark tone this episode had. I hope the writers take note of the positive responses they get to this episode for next season. 

Let’s review: So now that we’re a bit further in the season I wanted to revisit the prophecy.

There are two prisoners. One is the master of his cage. The other returns home without power. The sins of the father are visited upon the daughters here. And not here. New hero rises but can be felled by the golden arrow. The wolf among you has many faces. When time fractures, darkness overwhelms. But the greatest destroyer of all is love. 

So here’s my interpretation. “Two prisoners” refers to Kai and Ted. Kai was the master of his cage (he was in charge of the other three), Ted returned without his powers (even though he got them back). The sins of Alaric have already been visited upon Josie and Lizzie these past few episodes. And I think the “not here” part refers to the prison world. I think the new hero is Landon since he’s been training a lot but it could also be Wade, the newly discovered fairy. Now, the wolf thing is the only one that still confuses the hell out of me. Is it literal or figuratively. Literal could be either Rafael, who we haven’t seen in weeks, or Hope. But I have no idea how the “many faces” thing would apply to them. So I assume it will be figuratively, which could mean Sebastian. He’s been kind of hot and cold a lot. And I think the time fractures one is pretty obvious after this week’s episode now that Josie has shattered the hourglass. As for love being the greatest destroyer. This could be about a lot of couples, including what happened this week between Lizzie and Sebastian but I think it might refer to something more towards the finale. Perhaps Landon getting himself in harm's way will lead to Hope’s death? Tribrid Hope next season or is it too early? 

Best quotes: Kai: “Welcome to the Supernatural Hunger Games.” 
Kai: “Hey, look at us. We’re bear bros.” 
Kai: “And for the record. I never lost faith in Santa being real.” 
Lizzie: “I think we should see other people.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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