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Good Trouble - Episode 2.18 - Trap Heals - Promo, Sneak Peek, Promotional Photos + Press Release

Sneak Peek

Promotional Photos

154042_1100.th.jpg 154042_1207.th.jpg 154042_0430.th.jpg 154042_0497.th.jpg 154042_0485.th.jpg 154042_0476.th.jpg 154042_0409.th.jpg 154042_0386.th.jpg 154042_0394.th.jpg 154042_0339.th.jpg 154042_0385.th.jpg 154042_0240.th.jpg 154042_0280.th.jpg 154042_0333.th.jpg 154042_0317.th.jpg 154042_0267.th.jpg 154042_0215.th.jpg 154042_0206.th.jpg 154042_0145.th.jpg 154042_0194.th.jpg 154042_0193.th.jpg 154042_0151.th.jpg 154042_0098.th.jpg

Press Release
The Coterie attends Trap Heals while facing tough decisions. Malika feels the weight of her family’s and Isaac’s anxiety. Callie deals with a moral dilemma. A confession blindsides Mariana. Davia worries about rocking the boat, and Dennis confronts his feelings.


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