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Chicago Fire - Then Nick Porter Happened - Review: 'Live With Who You Love'

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On this episode of Chicago Fire, Brett and Cruz attempted to fill Otis's vacant room, Stella searched for the perfect birthday getaway for Severide and the house dealt with several false fire alarms at an all boys prep school. Let's dive in!

False Alarm

I have been craving a good Casey and Severide team up and the prep school storyline was just what the doctor ordered. The only thing I found odd is that we just did a whole arc with firehouse 20 sharing new boundaries with 51, so it begs the question as to why they weren't dispatched to the house where the victim was crushed beneath the oil tank. It would have made sense for continuity's sake but it also would have robbed us of the heartwarming moment of Severide and Casey fixing the window they busted out to save said victim, so I guess I will give the show a pass! The outcome of this one was a classic feel good moment for the show, but while I watched them tenderly help Elijah, the boy who had pulled the alarms, a nagging feeling crept up that I usually try to ignore..... These two men are ALWAYS wonderful when it comes to kids, and it makes me a bit resentful that in eight seasons, the show has never been able to find a way to make either a father.

Sure, we have had false starts with this when it comes to Casey, and each time it is a heartbreaking detour that ends in him being devastated and no closer to family he clearly wants, which is getting frustrating to watch. When it comes to Severide, the show hasn't made the big overtures that they have with Casey when it comes him possibly having a child sans season one with Rene, but it is something that I always thought would happen for him. We are eight seasons in and have Jesse Spencer and Taylor Kinney locked in until season 9 (and hopefully beyond!), the clock is ticking and if fatherhood never comes to fruition for these two characters, the word disappointment would be an understatement for me. Am I alone in this feeling? Drop a comment below with your thoughts!

Three's Company
Brett finally convinced Cruz it is time to find a roommate, and Mouch in all of his infinite wisdom thought slamagan rep Nick Porter would be perfect! Well.....not so much and Nick turned out to be whiskey guzzling, marriage hating, Nascar-loving nightmare. It was obvious the correct choice should have been Emily. I do admit that I spent some of the episode annoyed that she wouldn't just tell Brett she wanted to take the room, but once she explained her hesitation, it was quite endearing. No one can ever replace Otis, but Emily moving in is the superior choice over Nick Porter! The only hanging thread is that Joe is getting married and realistically I don't see him and Chloe continuing to live there after they get hitched. So the roommate carousel could turn again if the wedding happens (it is Chicago Fire after all!). In the back of my mind, I kind of hoped Casey might eventually take the room if it wasn't Emily, but I guess he will stay put with Severide (and Stella) for now.

Odds and Ends:
* We finally met Ritter's boyfriend, Eric! I loved him trying to help Stella, but are travel agents still a thing? If anyone knows the answer, I would love to hear it.

* Stella being cagey and Severide confused and in his head about it was quite the change of pace. It was adorable watching her try to find the perfect trip for his bday, and what she came up with was perfect! They are also moving back in and it is about time.

* Was I the only one who thought Severide was overly aggressive with Jared, the boy who was trying to drop off the class rosters at the firehouse? Tackling him was a bit much, he clearly wasn't a threat but at least Severide apologized.

* Ritter and Gallo, I live for this friendship.

* If I was Nick Porter's wife, I might have kicked him out too.

That is it for now! Tune in tonight for a new Chicago Fire and drop a comment below with your thoughts on this episode.

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