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Young Sheldon - A Live Chicken, a Fried Chicken and Holy Matrimony - Review

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Pastor Jeff is in love and it’s very hard not to notice. He is so happy and enamored he can barely contain himself. The lady he has fallen for is Robin, the woman Mary set him up with. However, the happy couple feels rather constricted by the regulations put upon a Pastor. They are not allowed to have intimate relations unless they are married. Therefore, they have decided to get married as soon as possible, preferably tomorrow. Since Mary brought them together they want her to help set up the wedding. The woman is beyond excited to have the privilege to help organize the most beautiful day of her friends’ lives.

Soon, though, Mary gets frustrated as Pastor Jeff prefers a quick, simple wedding over a huge, romantic ceremony. This means no kitschy decoration, no horse carriage, no ice sculpture. Not even a wedding cake is a necessity for the Pastor. According to him, it would be enough to “get a bunch of Ding Dongs and stack them in the shape of a heart”. His unromantic ideas do NOT work for Mary. She cannot believe how very little the couple cares about their wedding day. When she sees the most perfect dress for Robin she cannot help but think about how she never had the wedding of her dreams. She never got to walk down the aisle wearing an amazing dress. She was heavily pregnant when she and George got married, none of the pretty dresses would fit her. Mary cries, she feels like she has missed out on a lot. She and the Pastor agree that it is better Mary leaves the wedding planning to someone else.

When the two lovebirds finally tie the knot a few days later, they get slightly carried away and let their wedding guests witness a very intense make-out session. If I were a religious person from 1980s Texas, I sure would have been outraged by the Pastor’s public display of affection.

While Mary is busy planning the Pastor’s wedding George is left in charge of the kids. However, he is not particularly excited about having to look after his own children. After all, he is busy watching sports and reading the newspaper. It doesn’t take long till drama hits the Cooper house. Georgie taped Baywatch over a brand-new episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Sheldon is beside himself with anger. And who can blame him really? It’s not like he can go online and stream the episode. His options to watch the episode he missed anytime soon are very limited. And because this isn’t already bad enough Missy decides to hide a chicken in their shared bedroom. A chicken. A bird. Sheldon’s nightmare. The girl decided to abduct the bird once she learned their neighbors were going to slaughter it.

In the meantime, Georgie brings home a girl and George suddenly worries whether his son actually knows how babies come to be and how to prevent it. All these issues Mary probably has to deal with on a daily basis overwhelm the father of three. He calls Connie for backup but she seems equally helpless.

One of the highlights of the episode undoubtedly was when Sheldon invited a strange man he got to know on the internet to his family's house only because the guy claimed to have taped the Star Trek episode the boy has missed. Sheldon, honey, that guy could have been an ax murderer.

Out of all the episodes that aired so far this season, A Live Chicken, a Fried Chicken and Holy Matrimony was probably the one that caused the most laugh-out-loud moments. Do you agree? Let us know how you liked the episode!

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