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This Is Us - Sorry - Review: Cautionary Tale + Poll

"Not all of us have to talk about our dead dads all the time."

Hi there, sorry for the delay, I'll be catching up as soon as possible. I have to say after being a little disappointed with the beginning of the season I was glad to feel like they got some of their mojo back. When their head's in the game they can focus on the smallest details of life, loss, and grief, to places you perhaps hadn't thought of but make perfect sense and that can be extrapolated to so many other things.

This was shown perfectly with just one montage at the beginning of Jack and Rebecca making the bed together throughout the years. It was just one of the many small things they used to share, a moment they took for granted and it takes a whole new meaning when Rebecca has to make the bed all by herself.

Now that Jack's not around Randall does his best to occupy this missing part in his mom's life, he helps out in the house as much as he can and he also offers to help her get a job. Her first interview doesn't go so well at first when she confesses she doesn't know how to use the required software but Randall pleads her case and offers to teach her by Monday morning. He reminded us once more the sweet kid he was when he talks up his mom to her future employer.

Marc is apparently super controlling, I mean, you can say you don't want to watch a specific movie, but the way he said it was so condescending and something just felt off, it makes sense though that Kate is having issues with food and maybe not feeding herself if she feels pressured, on top of the insecurities she's always had, it seems perhaps he took advantage of that.

As expected, Cassidy leaves after sleeping with Kevin and she stops coming by, this makes Nicky realize what happened and he rips into Kevin, he calls him a human wrecking ball and though he might've had a point, Kevin was already kicking himself over it, clearly depressed, and didn't really need anyone to drive the point home so aggressively especially from someone who reminds him so much of his father.

A couple of days later, Nicky goes over to apologize and finds out Kevin left without his phone, which is quite unlike him, so Nicky calls Cassidy for help. Kevin's at a bar, not drinking but he finds another way to self destruct by looking to get beat up. They come to his rescue, and after debating the meaning of the word "sorry" Cassidy puts a little makeup on him to go to Nicky's hearing.

Nicky is very nervous but Kevin reassures him and when asked if he's remorseful for throwing the chair he says it was the thing that led to Kevin coming back into his life and him getting the help he needed so he doesn't regret it for one second. The ruling ends up being in his favor and they take Cassidy to see her family. Before saying goodbye she says when she came back without her marine family she felt lost and Kevin helped her find her way home so she hopes he finds his happy ending.

Deja and Malik are only allowed on supervised dates for now but when Deja goes up to her room after a fight, Malik and Beth get some time to speak face to face, he says the Pearsons seem to have been too busy to help Deja see her mom so Beth agrees to invite her to Thanksgiving, not knowing it would be already a more crowded celebration with Nicky around as well.

Rebecca is acting strangely, they seem to be hinting at some mental decline and, at the end of the day, Randall confronts her about it. She gets very defensive and says she's still the parent and should be respected, but then he implies maybe after Jack died she let him be more like a partner than a son and this irrevocably changed the dynamic between them.

We continue to see cracks with Kate and Toby's home life, she and baby Jack go over to Gregory's who's having a bad day, and they enjoy each other's company, he manages to make baby Jack eat, which is a good thing, but also something Toby wanted to be present for, though clearly his new schedule between work and the gym doesn't really help for him to be present for Jack's firsts.

"Couldn't do it without you."

What do you think about this episode? I look forward to your comments and I leave you with the poll.

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