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Superstore - Sandra's Wedding - Review: Who Saves the Day?

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Twists and turns, and cats and crabs! The Superstore wedding had it all, plus the sort of sweetness that made me go "aww!" multiple times. Good job, show. Good job.

The episode begins with our main ladies, plus Sandra's sister, having a blast in the back of a limo for Sandra's bachelorette party. There are drinks, there are cupcakes, it's a proper party. Except right when Sandra was about to take a big bite of a cupcake Carol stops her, telling them all that she filled them with laxatives. It's a good thing she had a change of heart before anyone got sick from the tainted treats. Other than the limo driver. Oops.

Now that Carol's treachery was revealed, the wedding can go off without a hitch (haha!). With Carol, the wedding planner, too guilt ridden to come to the wedding, it's up to Dina, now the solo maid of honor, to get everything set up for the nautical themed wedding at the western restaurant. Hey, when you can get a discount for a wedding venue because your fiance was hit by a dart there, you can't be too picky.

Unfortunately, Dina is a little preoccupied with a feeling of impending doom because of Carol to be of much use with wedding details. She's not buying Carol's act of remorse so she's calling Marcus at the store to make sure that Carol is still there and asking if she's laughing evilly. Marcus reports that she is present and eating a sandwich. Dina is not fooled.

Amy, who is ready to party and get wedding wasted, resists her nature to step in and help when Dina goes investigating Carol. Too bad for her the bar is taking forever to be set up, and she can't even sneak a beer without getting yelled at by the overworked bartender. So Amy is sober and clear headed and she can't watch Sandra set up chairs at her own wedding, so she grabs a clipboard and sets everyone to work. Sandra can now go take family pictures with everyone else, minus Jerry who is parking cars. Yay?

While Amy is taking charge, Jonah is helping the bartender, who apologizes for being short with a pushy Amy, but he was taken aback because usually the pushy ones are older and more white. The bartender explains that the restaurant is so cheap that they understaffed and he's being run ragged. Jonah gives him the card for the workers' rights organization he's involved with and he's so charismatic (but not as much as a cult leader) that the bartender and the other employees walk off the job. In the middle of Sandra's wedding. Yikes.

Also happening in the middle of Sandra's wedding is Mateo's ankle monitor going off because it needs to be charged. Dina mistakes it for a bomb courtesy of Carol and despite those two things happening to disrupt the ceremony Sandra and Jerry get married. They do an adorable little ukulele duet calling each other their weirdo and I love it.

Mateo is thoroughly embarrassed and his date, Amy's brother Eric, tries to make him feel better by hanging out with him as the ankle monitor charges. When Eric leaves and doesn't come back for over an hour Mateo thinks he's been dumped and he doesn't even blame Eric. It's asking a lot to be with someone who is under ICE monitoring. But Eric comes back with an extra long extension cord so that they can dance while the monitor is charging and Mateo visibly melted. Cheyenne thought that Eric would be turning into a "nasty bitch real soon" while hanging out with Mateo, but maybe Mateo is the one who will be transformed by the sweet and nice Eric.

Now let's talk about Sandra's cat. While initially introduced in the episode as the ring bearer, the cat ended up having a pivotal role as ... Carol's hostage! Dina was right, Carol came back to kill Sandra's cat in retaliation for Sandra marrying her ex Jerry and it was bonkers! Amy walks in on Dina cornering Carol and the cat and Dina (by herself, not with any help from Amy, thank you very much!) ends up distracting and then punching Carol and saving the cat and the day.

Sandra asks Dina why she missed her maid of honor speech and by reading Dina Sandra just knows that is was Carol's fault. They have a great little scene with minimal dialogue but is carried by the looks on their faces and the tones of their voices. Lauren Ash and Kaliko Kauahi were great. Sandra gives Dina the biggest hug and Amy joins in, then gets immediately pushed out by Dina since Amy contributed nothing to the thwarting of Carol. She doesn't deserve any hugs!

Meanwhile, Garrett as best man and Glenn as the officiant have to prepare their respective speeches, and while Glenn is confident in his, Garrett is worried because all he has is an anecdote about Sandra and Jerry sharing a crab sweatshirt and whoever is feeling crabby wears it, with Jerry only wearing it when Sandra is away. Glenn is not impressed when he first hears it, but when he gets spooked because of the interruptions to the ceremony he steals Garrett's story and everyone loves it. It's all about the delivery it seems.

Garrett, with no other option, improvises his best man speech and while Jerry is confused since he and Garrett have never gone to the rodeo together, he goes with it since it makes him look like a dashing man of mystery. If Garrett was going to lie, at least he made it interesting.

There were so many little moments of pure Superstore joy in this episode that it would feel like recapping malpractice not to mention them. Like Justine totally horny for shrimp, Sayid and his lady arguing because he's dressed like a cowboy (he really read the room wrong) and then later groping each other, Sandra's sister being a total tool and Mateo marveling that Cheyenne hasn't been murdered yet. This is definitely an episode that should be watched twice, it was that jam packed with jokes and gags.

And that's it. Sandra and Jerry are married. They've overcome major brain trauma, losing each other because of a coin flip and an evil ex-girlfriend to finally tie the knot. Cheers to the happy couple!

Odds and ends:

Favorite quote: "If Sandra makes it through today without getting decapitated it'll be a miracle."

Favorite blink and you'll miss it moment: Justine got her shrimp!

Words of wisdom #1: "There are no bad butts just bad pants."

Words of wisdom #2: Line dancers and boat people don't mix. Good to know.

I thought this was one of Superstore's best episodes. Agree? Disagree? Let me know below!

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