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NCIS: New Orleans - Requital - Review: "Chaos"

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NCIS: New Orleans - Requital - Review: "Chaos"
6.10 - "Requital"
Directed by Michael Zinberg
Written by Jan Nash, Christopher Silber, Katherine Beattie, Sydney Mitchel, and Corey Moore
Reviewed by Kelly Anne Blount

Recap – Pride and his team head to Edward Barrett’s compound. His cult members point their guns at the NCIS officers, but Barrett invites Pride to come in. He won’t allow anyone else to join him.

Barrett has lured members to his cult by visiting homeless shelters and offering refuge to people who have experienced major loss.

While in the house, Pride notices a series of wires running throughout the room he’s in. When Barrett leaves, he begins to investigate. Unfortunately, one of Barrett’s younger followers points a gun at Pride and tells him to move away from the wires.

As he keeps the gun trained on Pride, the boy tells Pride that he’s, “Protecting his family.” Luckily, Pride talks him down, by showing the wires to the boy. He tells him the house is rigged. But, before Pride can get the gun away from the little boy, Barrett comes back in and hits the boy.

Loretta and Patton have good news. There are tunnels under the compound, which is an old plantation house. Sebastian is on his way with spelunking equipment. Gregorio jokes that it’s probably his personal equipment and that it’s most likely monogrammed.

Pride may have convinced Barrett to let the children at the compound go, but I’m not sure that’s what’s really going to go down…

Meanwhile, Sebastian and Gregorio find the tunnel/s under the house and head in.

Hannah and the FBI ask the journalists and everyone other than the police to move back.

Barrett calls and speaks briefly with Hannah. He says that he’s releasing the children. This scene is making me nervous. Are they going to be okay? The FBI and Hannah move in to meet the children and lead them to safety. Pride and Barrett watch from the porch of the house. Pride tells him that he’s doing the right thing. Barrett is up to something… He says that he doesn’t want to ruin the surprise. After the children are out of harm’s way, his followers flood the porch with guns and begin shooting at the officers. Several fall as Pride watches in horror.

The FBI doesn’t return fire. I’m assuming that is because Pride is on the porch with Barrett.

The little boy finds Hannah and tells her, “Agent Pride has a message for you.” He shares that the house is wired.

Hannah tells Sebastian and Gregorio to hurry, as the FBI is getting ready to breach the compound. They find barrels of fuel under the house. It appears Barrett is ready to blow up the house and everyone inside.

Pride is trying to convince Barrett’s followers that he is full of lies. Two of his men hold Pride back while the people in the house start to question what’s really going on, including the wires.

Sebastian and Gregorio are trying to figure out how to stop the barrels of fuel from blowing up. As the FBI breaches the house and begins taking out cult members, Sebastian pulls one of the wires attached to the bomb.

Barrett screams in frustration and heads down to the explosives. Pride follows him, gun in hand. Barrett escapes out the tunnels and into the forest surrounding his compound. What do you know… There’s a vehicle ready to go. Barrett was never going to end his own life. He was going to run away and leave his people to die.

Pride catches up to Barrett and holds him at gunpoint. Barrett is trying to talk Pride out of bringing him in. Pride isn’t buying it. But, before he arrests Barrett, he starts reciting Rita and Laurel’s addresses. He threatens Pride, saying that he can convince his followers to do anything he wants them to do.

Just before Sebastian and Gregorio find Pride and Barrett, they hear three gunshots. As they round the corner, they see Barrett, dead on the ground. Pride says, “He went for his gun.”

Pride leaves the scene of the crime and heads to Christopher’s grave. It’s pouring down rain. He says, “Christopher, we got him.” Excuse me while my heartbreaks.

Gregorio and Loretta wait at Pride’s bar for him. Gregorio is worried about Pride. Sebastian shows up and claims that he’s thirsty. He brings a tray to the rest of the team. They are all there, waiting for Pride. He walks through the door, heads over to the table, gives them a pained smiled and walks away.

Gregorio says, “I guess he still needs time.” Patton responds, “Who can blame him.”

The episode ends with Pride in bed. He hears something and reaches for his gun, which he keeps under his pillow. He wakes up to find the man in the red suit in his apartment. Just as he tries to figure out what’s going on, he wakes up. Looks like Pride’s nightmares are back.

Review/Thoughts – Having visited Waco two years ago, this episode felt incredibly real and haunting. I’m fascinated with cults and cult leaders. I thought the writers did a good job with Barrett’s character. I’m shocked that he’s dead. Are you? I thought they’d keep him around for several more episodes. What do you think? Also, what do you think about the man in the red suit?

What did you think of this episode? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts! Be sure to leave a comment below and connect with me on Twitter or Instagram!

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