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Fargo - Season 4 - Promos, Promotional Photo + Poster + Premiere Date Announced *Updated 16th September 2020*

Charecter Posters

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First Look Featurette

Teaser Promo - Knock

Promotional Photo + Poster

fargo-season4-chris-rock-580x435.th.jpg fargo-season-4-poster-411x600159c10561c5b031f.th.jpg

Press Release



From Acclaimed Creator and Executive Producer Noah Hawley and Starring Chris Rock, Fargo Will Premiere Its First Two Episodes on

Sunday, September 27 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX

All New Episodes Air Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX and

Are Available for Streaming the Next Day on FX on Hulu

Joining Chris Rock in the Ensemble Cast are Jason Schwartzman, Salvatore Esposito, Ben Whishaw, Jessie Buckley, Jack Huston, E’myri Crutchfield, Andrew Bird, Anji White, Gaetano Bruno, Sean Fortunato, Jeremie Harris, Corey Hendrix, Matthew Elam, James Vincent Meredith, Francesco Acquaroli, Karen Aldridge, Kelsey Asbille, Rodney Jones, Jameson Braccioforte, Tommaso Ragno, Glynn Turman and Timothy Olyphant

Fargo is Produced by MGM Television and FX Productions,

with MGM Television Serving as the Lead Studio and International Distributor

LOS ANGELES, August 10, 2020 – FX has set the premiere date for the highly-anticipated fourth installment of Fargo, the Emmy®, Golden Globe®, AFI, Peabody and TCA Award-winning limited series created by Noah Hawley. Starring Chris Rock, the next chapter will premiere with two episodes directed by Hawley on Sunday, September 27 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX, and the next day on FX on Hulu. The 11-episode installment will feature a new episode each subsequent week.

In 1950 Kansas City, two criminal syndicates fighting for a piece of the American dream have struck an uneasy peace. Together, they control an alternate economy of exploitation, graft and drugs. To cement their truce, Loy Cannon (Chris Rock), the head of the African American crime family, trades his youngest son Satchel (Rodney Jones), to his enemy Donatello Fadda (Tommaso Ragno), the head of the Italian mafia. In return, Donatello surrenders his youngest son Zero (Jameson Braccioforte) to Loy.

When Donatello dies in the hospital following a routine surgery, the tenuous truce is threatened. Josto Fadda (Jason Schwartzman) takes up his father’s mantle, but his efforts to stabilize the organization are undermined by his brother, Gaetano (Salvatore Esposito), who has joined the family in Kansas City after building a reputation for ruthlessness in Italy. The other Fadda men – including Ebal Violante (Francesco Acquaroli), Constant Calamita (Gaetano Bruno) and Antoon Dumini (Sean Fortunato) – must decide where their loyalties lie. Amongst the turmoil, Patrick “Rabbi” Milligan (Ben Whishaw), a man who once betrayed his own family to serve the Italians, watches carefully to ensure his survival.

Sensing an opportunity, Loy tests the Faddas for weakness, deploying his most trusted advisor, Doctor Senator (Glynn Turman), and top lieutenants, Leon Bittle (Jeremie Harris), Omie Sparkman (Corey Hendrix) and Opal Rackley (James Vincent Meredith) to do his bidding. However, to Loy’s dismay, his oldest son Lemuel Cannon (Matthew Elam) wants no part of the family business.

Intertwined with this tale of immigration, assimilation and power, are the stories of Ethelrida Pearl Smutny (E’myri Crutchfield), the precocious 16-year-old daughter of Thurman (Andrew Bird) and Dibrell Smutny (Anji White), an interracial couple who own their own mortuary; U.S. Marshal Dick “Deafy” Wickware (Timothy Olyphant), a Mormon lawman; Detective Odis Weff (Jack Huston), the Kansas City cop known for his compulsive tics; and Oraetta Mayflower (Jessie Buckley), a nurse who cannot abide others’ suffering.

Peabody, Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning Executive Producer, Noah Hawley (creator/writer/director), and his production company 26 Keys, lead the creative team of the latest all-new installment of the award-winning, true crime story. Warren Littlefield (The Handmaid’s Tale, The Old Man), and his production company The Littlefield Company, also serves as Executive Producer along with Joel & Ethan Coen. Fargo is produced by MGM Television and FX Productions, with MGM Television serving as the lead studio and international distributor.

Production on the fourth installment of Fargo, which was originally scheduled to premiere in the Spring, was postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic and is scheduled to resume later this month.




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