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Family Guy - Connie's Celica - Review

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Chris has taken up the recorder after his music teacher is replaced by a literal song bird. Outraged, Lois decides to speak with Principal Sheppard about it. Lois volunteers to take the position and the principal accepts. Chris and Meg are appalled and Peter, also feeling hesitant, calls a marriage time out (a way to freeze time which he learned in Wizard school).

Lois studies up on pop culture to connect with the class on her first day (to very poor reception). Her harshest critic is popular girl, Connie D'Amico. As a former popular girl herself, Lois feels a connection to her and wants to get her interested in music. Brian suggests that if Connie gets out of line again, it's Lois' job to show her who's boss.

The next day, Lois tries again to make music more relatable to the student's every day lives. Connie is still disinterested and chucks a tomato at Lois. She sends her to the principal's office without incident and class continues. Later in the day, Principal Sheppard has a meeting with Lois and Connie and informs them that this incident is Connie's third offense, which will result in her expulsion from school.

Lois feels guilty about Connie's expulsion, but initially feels hopeful that she'll learn her lesson as a result. Unfortunately, Connie refuses to change and begins cyberbullying Lois by creating fake and offensive Facebook groups under Lois' name and putting fake bumper stickers on her car that imply that Lois is now a lesbian.

The harassment is starting to get to Lois and Peter suggests that she report it to the police. She says she would but doesn't want to "compete with the sound of ringing phones and typewriter keys" (to which we cutaway to that exact interaction followed by Peter who reports a different crime without all the noise. An EXCELLENT metaphor regarding women being heard and believed when reporting a crime.) The police also inform her that without solid evidence there's not much they can do.

The next day at the grocery store, Lois is searching for a particular brand of paper towel only to find none on the shelf. Seeing a customer with a large stack, she asks for a roll only to find that it's Connie D'Amico that has taken every roll, saying it's to "clean up the mess" Lois has made. Lois confronts Connie about the cyberbullying and she all but confesses only for Lois to blow up and, to Connie's delight, have it caught on camera by a stunned crowd.

Later that night, Connie is reported to have died in a car accident after her break lines were cut. Lois is then promptly arrested after being accused of threatening Connie and potentially murdering her. Hoping to vindicate Lois on the charges, Brian and Peter look for clues.

Coming up short, Peter and Brian are pleased to find that Lois has been released from jail after discovering that Connie faked her own death by putting a pig in a blonde wig in the driver's seat of her Celica (only to be revealed that it was Peppa Pig).

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