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All American - One of them Nights - Review

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All American is finally back from longest winter break ever, and I am so happy! I don't know what I'm going to do during the summer because this seven week hiatus already felt like an eternity. "One of them Nights" had several stories including the return of Tyrone; racism by "Crenshaw Cathy"; and Layla working through her problems in therapy.

Oh Tyrone. How I did not miss you. Now that he's back Coop is in danger. Throughout the episode she learns a hard lesson after losing the money for all the tickets she sold and not even getting to perform. And now Preach isn't going to protect her, either. Why did the show have to bring Tyrone back? I was really enjoying this season having less violence, and now not only am I worried about Coop, but I'm worried about Spencer. He'll protect Coop at all costs. I'm also worried about Laura since she was the one who helped Coop put Tyrone in jail!

The other big story was the racism that everyone, but especially Spencer and Kia, experience at the fro-yo store. Spencer, Kia, Olivia, Asher, Jordan, and Dillon just want some frozen yogurt and don't want to cause any issues. But after Dillon and Spencer get into an argument, the woman at the store asks them all to leave. She says she doesn't want any problems. This lady made me so mad especially after she calls the police and reports them for loitering!

Things get worse when the cops show up. These cops really had the nerve to ask them if they were part of a gang! Then one of the cops puts his hand on his gun and frightens Dillon. I was so glad Spencer told Dillon that you never run. Even though Spencer and Dillon had issues during this episode, Spencer loves his brother and he is always looking out for him. Learning that you never run from the police is a valuable lesson Dillon needed.

Finally, we got to see Layla at her therapy group. It looks like she's made real progress sharing how she felt like she had to be perfect all the time. I'm happy she got released and she's ready to go back to her friends and family. I'm glad she and Olivia are friends again, and I'm relieved that Layla was okay with Olivia and Asher's relationship. I also wonder what will happen with Layla's relationship with Spencer now? I know Kia and Spencer aren't together, but I have to wonder. Anyway, the most important thing is that Layla got treatment for her mental health and is moving forward with her life.

My favorite scenes this week were at the skating rink. Partially because Olivia and Asher were together. We didn't get a lot of scenes of them together this episode, but they were cute! I loved that they tried to come up with a nickname for the Frozen Yogurt lady. Asher's "Fro-yo Frannie" was good, but Olivia wins the competition with "Crenshaw Cathy."

Their conversation about racism was also important. Asher says that he had no idea how bad it was until today, and Olivia states that they need to get out of their Beverly Hills' bubble more often. This leads her to create a podcast about her experience with racism, and I'm thinking she has a future in journalism. Maybe this will be Olivia's passion that's she's been looking for.

I also liked that we got to see more of Kia. It's obvious that Spencer and Kia still have a connection, and I would like the show to explore this more. I do hope we get to see more of Kia (regardless of if she gets back together with Spencer or not) because she's a great character. She seems to be a good friend to Olivia, too.

Billy was hilarious throughout the entire episode about his love for skating. His moves cracked me up. I did love how he made Jordan come out on the skating rink with him to make him feel better. It was a nice father/son bonding experience. I felt bad for Jordan throughout this episode as it's clear he feels left out with Asher and Olivia spending all their time together. "I'm not playing third wheel to the Ash/Liv reality show today." He looked so lonely at the skating rink. Can we get him a girlfriend sometime soon?

Other Thoughts:

- Coach Baker was awesome with the cops. He was amazing in standing up for his kids, his players, and Dillon and Kia.

- I loved that Spencer and Asher had a little moment together. Not only do they get along, but I think they might be friends now. Asher has made so much progress throughout this show. Note to writers: Can we keep it this way? I think Spencer and Asher could be great friends, and I like them better as friends than rivals.

- I'm glad Spencer and Dillon made up. I completely get why Dillon was angry: his dad died and Spencer's been working so much he hasn't been around. Hopefully Spencer will rejoin the football team soon and can cut back his hours at work so he'll have more time to spend with Dillon.

- I really want to hear the pet names that Asher and Olivia have for each other.

Favorite Quotes:

Billy (about Olivia and Asher's relationship): Are they a thing?"
Jordan: "Oh yeah. Pet names. PDA. Heart emojis. It's gross."

Dillon: "Aren't you the same dude who didn't even want Spencer at Beverly?"
Asher: "It's called growth lil homie."

What did you think of "One of them Nights?" Are you as excited as I am that All American is back? Leave a comment and let me know!

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