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The Best and Worst of TV 2019 - Submit Your Answers

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UPDATE: Submissions are now closed. Look out for the results post! 

Welcome to another round of SpoilerTV's annual "The Best and Worst of..." for the television year that went by. 2019 brought us some thrilling shows and performances. This is your chance to let the world know which ones were your favorite and which ones didn't live up to the hype. Think of this as a platform to really dive into the discussion about how television delivered (or...didn't) in this year.

While this is a pretty long form, it encourages you to think about different genres, actors, characters etc. Not all questions are mandatory but you are encouraged to answer them all for a well-rounded result.

Most importantly, please follow these very few rules to make sure your results count in the final tally.
1. You can only give ONE answer to each of the following questions. It's tough but that's the fun in this challenge. It makes you really think about what/who left an impression. If there is more than one answer, neither of them will be counted.

2. Any show that aired between Jan 1-Dec 31, 2019 is eligible, whether it's on network TV, cable TV, or streaming on any service. It can be a new show or a show that's already established. So from old shows like "Supernatural" to new ones like "Russian Doll" are eligible, as long as they aired in 2019 and you liked what they delivered.

3. Do not keep sending your answers again and again as only once is enough. Multiple submissions will not be counted.

4. Please write full names of actors/characters and make sure to include the show they are from. Submissions like "that guy from Supernatural, that couple from Grey's Anatomy" won't count so please use the names of characters and shows correctly. Don't use ship names either. 

Examples of right answers:

Best Character: Kara Danvers, Supergirl
Best TV Couple: Jake and Amy, Brooklyn 99 or Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Examples of wrong answers that won't be counted:
Best Character: Meredith
Best TV Couple: Bellarke

5. The last day to send your answers in is Dec. 31, 2019

You don't necessarily have to write about why you're choosing that answer, but if some of your choices really compel you to mention why you're picking them, go for it. But please make sure it's a brief note. Some of them may or may not show up in the final winner's post.

Once all your reviews are in, up to the top three answers for each of the questions will be featured in the winner's post, to be published in January 2020. That way, you can read all of your favorites of the past year as you head on to a whole new year of watching more TV.

*PLEASE remember to read and follow these rules if you want your choices to count. Enjoy!

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