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The 2019 SpoilerTV Advent Calendar Countdown *Updated 24th December 2019*

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This year, for Christmas, the SpoilerTV team came together to share our wishes for the new year. Every day, two of us will share what we asked from Santa, please share your own wishes, and your thoughts in the comments below!

Dec 24 - Many thanks to all of you who followed this countdown to Christmas, and of course to all the SpoilerTV team members who participated. I wish you all the happiest of holidays!

December 24

Abby Crofton - NBC has broadcast some of the most iconic comedies in television history. But there hasn’t been a big hit in years. Something has to change, because high concepts and reboots aren’t working. I'll be hoping for some better comedies with great ratings in 2020 for them.

Julia Krassnik - It was recently announced that The Devil Wears Prada is getting adapted into a musical which will open in 2021. This news made me remember that at some point there was talk about a TV show based on the film.
A show about the glorious but misunderstood queen of fashion and her assistant who isn’t sure whether she hates her boss or loves her. At least this is the plot that most Devil Wears Prada fanfiction follows. And, in case you were not aware, there is a LOT of Devil Wears Prada fanfiction out there! People would definitely be interested in a TV show based on the film and I would literally sell all my possessions to make a Devil Wears Prada TV production happen.

December 23

Julia Krassnik - Many characters on Outlander have traveled back in time over the past four seasons. Claire, Brianna, Roger and Geillis, all born in the 20th century, find themselves in the 18th century for the majority of the show. However, none of the characters who are actually from the Age of Enlightenment ever travel forward in time (except maybe Comte St. Germain but we did not get to witness any of it). I’m hoping we will see Jamie visit the 20th century at some point in the upcoming seasons. I would like to see his reaction to cars and telephones and to certain happenings in history. No idea how faithful the show is to the books but as I have not read them I really have no idea what’s to come. So, my fingers are crossed for Jamie (re)discovering Scotland 200 years in the future.

Abby Crofton - Hey Santa, how about better ratings for Single Parents? It’s a cute show that can be laugh out loud funny. Plus, its shown us that Leighton Meester is actually very good at comedy.

December 22

Darth Locke - It feels like forever since HBO announced the JJ Abrams fantasy adventure Demimonde, now titled Contraband, but with a budget and adult ratings like HBO, I'am excited to see where Abrams might go, especially since he hasn't been as heavily involved in many of his TV projects post LOST. My last wish then is that we would finally get announcement for an early 2021 premiere date!

Thomas Cori - I wish for Criminal Minds to stop with the JJ/Reid nonsense. It is, in my opinion, proof that the writers just don't know what to do anymore. Even if I love this show, it is high time it came to an end.

December 21

Prpleight - I wish series episode counts were driven by the story and not the network's finances. -- I grew up in the age of 22 episode TV seasons. (A new show would start with a 9 episode order. If it was doing well that would get bumped to 18 episodes and, if they were still doing well, the order would round out to 22.) Granted most of the shows back then were made up of stand alone episodes that could be aired out of order. Now that we have shows telling continuing stories I'd love to see studios set their episode count based on what's best for the story instead of purely financial considerations. A couple of my favorite shows have had to abbreviate some of their stories because they don't have enough episodes to give the story the attention it deserves.

Abby Crofton - There is such a rich mythology for the Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra universe. I’ll watch the planned live action Airbender remake but I’d love another original animated series.

December 20

Pop Culture Guy - I have been a fan of slasher flicks since “Scream” and the wave of similar films that followed in the late ‘90s. That trend has made its way to television over the years with shows like “Harper’s Island,” “Scream Queens,” “Dead of Summer,” the most recent season of “American Horror Story,” and, of course, the MTV/VH1 series inspired by “Scream.” And right now, there are two such series in the works – by the same writer, ironically – that I hope make it to screen or stream in 2020. The first is an Amazon project based on “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” which I think could work even better than “Scream” as a series because of the “Pretty Little Liars” DNA already baked into its premise. And the second is SyFy’s “(Future) Cult Classic,” which aims to take the tropes of these classic slashers and put a futuristic twist on them. So fingers crossed that, in the New Year, there’s even more knives out (see what I did there?) on TV.

Abby Crofton - How about a reboot or continuation of ER? ER was so good at its peak. With its large rotating cast over the years there are still plenty of stories to tell about County General. It never even got a spinoff!

December 19

Darth Locke - I wish for The Good Fight to give Lucca a much bigger storyline.

Pop Culture Guy - Sarah Michelle Gellar rose to fame in the late ‘90s as the titular character in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” but her recent television projects haven’t fared as well. The CW’s “Ringer” – which was sadly just getting so bonkers and fun when it was canceled – only lasted a season. Ditto her CBS sitcom “The Crazy Ones” with Robin Williams and James “Not great, Bob!” Wolk. And we were cruelly denied even one episode of the “Cruel Intentions” sequel series. Right now, she has two projects in contention at FOX. The first is “Sometimes I Lie,” a limited series based on the bestselling novel. The second is “Other People’s Houses,” a dramedy pilot that reunites her with the creators of “Ringer.” So my wish for 2020 is that one or both of these projects make it to air. Because I want my SMG TV!

December 18

Prpleight- I wish series episode counts were driven by the story and not the network's finances. -- I grew up in the age of 22 episode TV seasons. (A new show would start with a 9 episode order. If it was doing well that would get bumped to 18 episodes and, if they were still doing well, the order would round out to 22.) Granted most of the shows back then were made up of stand alone episodes that could be aired out of order. Now that we have shows telling continuing stories I'd love to see studios set their episode count based on what's best for the story instead of purely financial considerations. A couple of my favorite shows have had to abbreviate some of their stories because they don't have enough episodes to give the story the attention it deserves.

Milo M-J - Sam Esmail’s reported Battlestar Galactica continuation (not a reboot, reportedly) is one of my most anticipated projects that’s coming soon and from the creator of Mr. Robot, I’m very much on board to see what he comes up with next as it feels like he’s a fan of the franchise. It feels like the series is going to be taking a new route, and hopefully bring a breath of fresh air in the genre. Bringing A-List talent on board like, for example – Tatiana Maslany - would give the series some star power to compete with the best, and I wouldn’t be averse to see the return of fan favourites, and a return of a certain Starbuck wouldn’t go amiss.

December 17

Prpleight - I'd love a holiday channel (streaming and/or cable) that showed Christmas episodes from any and every show that's made a Christmas episode. Everything from OG Twilight Zone to I Love Lucy to The A-Team to NCIS:LA to Eureka to Supernatural.

Darth Locke - Robert & Michelle King have become an unexpected staple for me, becoming not just topically relevant, but just delightfully smart, as they are able to blend tones often seamlessly. Not to mention they have proven you can make a great spin off with The Good Fight. With that said, I'm still aching for another The Good Wife Spin-Off, one where Kalinda & Robin could re-team up with their own investigative agency or expert witness bureau, back-dropped by [seedy] Night Court cases in San Francisco. And if you would want to also cast actors like Kit Harrington, Peter Dinklage, Parminder Nagra, Terry O' Quinn, Regina King, or Mary Elizabeth Winstead, that would be a great bonus wish!!!

December 16

Ellys Cartin - My prayer is for there to be less TV!

Abby Crofton - Original TV movies seem to have migrated to cable, but broadcast can still catch some eyeballs with made for TV movies, which historically had been very popular. The ratings for their live musicals are good - people are willing to watch fun stuff even if they are on a legacy network.

December 15

Prpleight - This wish starts with a confession. I just rewatched Eureka. I loved the way the series ended, but it made me want to see a Christmas special that would let the audience have a peek at where the characters are 7 years later. I almost didn't make this wish, because of how I feel about rebooting series, but what the heck...I wish we could all have an hour just to look in on characters after their run cleanly ended.

Thomas Cori - I would love for Star Trek Picard to include cameos or just to mention characters from TOS. It's something that Star Trek Next Generation did on a number of occasions, and I think it'd be a nice little nod to what's been done in the past.

December 14

Abby Crofton - Imagine if Phoebe Waller-Bridge were to write an episode of Batwoman. Waller-Bridge has shown us with Fleabag and Killing Eve that she excels at finding lightness in the darkest of stories featuring women. I’d like to see what she could do with the complicated ladies of Gotham.

Thomas Cori - I wish for MacGyver to bring back Jack, if only to give his story a proper ending.Despite his sudden departure from the show, I don’t think that the character deserves to join the long list of storylines this show has let fall into limbo over its short run (like Thornton, the Organization, Nikki, Cage, Walsh, etc).

December 13

Darthlocke - I wish for Alexander Skarsgard to be casted as Aegon I in the first season of House of the Dragon.

Thomas Cori I wish that Roswell: New Mexico won't turn out like Riverdale. I watched the first season of Riverdale almost glued to my screen, and was understandably excited for the second season, but, sadly, it started to slowly become everything I hate about teen dramas. I can only hope that Roswell will not go down that road too.

December 12

Milo M-J - I wish for Star Trek: Picard to be good and more than just fan service Star Trek: Picard is the Star Trek show on everybody’s mind right now, the return of one of the most iconic Star Trek Captains of all time, played by the legendary Patrick Stewart. Yet the show seems to be cashing in largely on nostalgia-bait at the moment with trailers largely focused on getting the old crew back together with fantasy happy ever afters for fan-favourite characters. Whilst Star Trek: Discovery has succeeded in taking the franchise into bold new territory as it gets better each season, Star Trek: Picard has to prove that it can be more than just nostalgia bait.

Kath M - So many extremely talented actors and actresses completely own the television shows they’re on and then, once their character exits the screen, the actors seem to vanish. This worries me, particularly when the actors are women. Lately I’ve been turning my thoughts to two amazing performers: Tatiana Maslany and Emily Hampsire. I don’t want them to end up in the void, too. Maslany can be anyone, as evidenced by her multi-everything performance in Orphan Black. I’m not as worried about her: her next role is in the HBO mini-series Perry Mason as Sister Alice, a charismatic preacher in 1930’s Los Angeles. Sounds like a meaty role, And if you miss OB as much as I do, the story continues at Serial Box. There you’ll find a continuation of the story of our favorite seestras, with Tatiana narrating. So, I still have Emily to worry about. Much as I love Schitts Creek, I think Emily grossly underused. I realize that she isn’t one of the main characters, but aside from her “Cabaret” performance I see her as fairly one-dimensional. And now that the show is ending, I’m not sure where she’ll turn up next. Acting in a show with the Levy/O’Hara gang might get her parts in more of their productions, but you never know. Remember her in virtually every scene in 12 Monkeys? Her talent needs no further comment. Alternately funny, unbalanced, serious and child-like, I hope she doesn’t end up lost in the void where other actresses and actors can sometimes get sucked into, never to return. Give Emily, and the rest of us, a challenging script with that lets her shine.

December 11

Pop Culture Guy - It’s a golden age of members of the extended Bat-family making their live-action debuts. Jason Todd, a.k.a. the second Robin, has become a breakout character on DC Universe’s “Titans.” Cassandra Cain, a.k.a. the first Batgirl to headline her own ongoing comic, will be part of the titular “Birds of Prey” in next year’s big-screen adventure. And Luke Fox, a.k.a. Batwing, is already part of The CW’s “Batwoman.” And it’s “Batwoman” where I’d like to see another Gotham City supporting character show up – Stephanie Brown, a.k.a. Spoiler. Stephanie’s a character I’ve been a fan of for a long time. She has an interesting backstory – her father is the villainous Cluemaster so Steph donned her purple vigilante costume to help Batman and Robin “spoil” his criminal plans. In some continuities, she suited up as both Robin and Batgirl, and she was also “dead” at one point. And while she’s more closely associated with the Tim Drake Robin, there was an arc in the comics where Spoiler was part of a next-generation team being trained by Batwoman. So while I don’t necessarily need it this season, it’d be fun to eventually see her as a mentee of Kate’s again, especially because I think Steph’s trademark cheery, can-do spirit clashing with Kate’s more snarky worldview would be quite entertaining.

Naomi Anna - My wish for The Flash is that it finds the magic again. I know you can't recreate lightning in a bottle, but it is possible to find story telling footing. Good villains, good fun, and lots of heart have always been key to this series. I am looking for a reason to love season six! C'mon Santa!

December 10

Laura B - CBS All Access is finally beginning to roll out more and more new content this year and it's no secret that Star Trek is being revitalized once again through this platform with lots of series on the way! We've also known for a while that a Section 31 series staring Michelle Yoeh is also in the works and could be officially greenlit at any time. While some people maybe didn't care for Discovery's espionagey first season, I really did, and it was in part to Mirror Georgiou's dynamics with Micheal, but more so with Mirror Lorca. So my wish is that they would announce that Jason Isaacs would be joining this series, even if that means we can only get Prime Lorca considering how things were left. I'll take it! It's just so rare to get that kind back and forth between two strong actors and this would just easily sell the show to me!

Kath M -When the BBC created BBC America, it was great. I loved watching shows like The Avengers and accepted the necessity of comedies like Keeping up Appearances to keep viewers tuning in. Over time, though, we lost all of that programming and our options narrowed to episodes of the X-Files or episodes of the X-Files. There are so many shows that could bring in more interest and better ratings; you've already gone that way by airing shows like Killing Eve and Blue Planet. But there are so many shows you could air: QI, Hinterland, Have I Got News For You, Waking the Dead, and Cold Feed (classic and new) are some examples. Having someone from the UK in the cast/crew of a show should not be the sole criteria for appearing on BBC America, not where there is so much other content to chose from.

December 9

Max Conte - I wish for Kate Walsh to be the hyped-up former cast member to return to Grey's Anatomy. Addison should be around for Amelia's delivery.

Abby Crofton - I desperately want for The Flash not to mess up Sue Dibny. For comics fans Ralph and Sue Dibney were one of the gold standard romantic relationships. That all got thrown down the dumpster with DC’s misguided Identity Crisis event, which treated Sue as horribly as any character in the history of comics. One instance where The Flash should stay far, far away from the source comics.

December 8

Naomi Anna My wish for Legacies is good ratings! This show has it all-heart, humor and we can't forget the monsters! This spin off is definitely one to watch. I hope that it gains more viewers this year.

Thomas Cori - My wish would be for networks to finally acknowledge international live viewership and find a way to include these numbers into the ratings. I travel a lot and find myself not being able to support my shows the way I'd like to, and I'm sure that I'm not the only one watching American TV abroad.

December 7

María Sol Gracía - A new rating system that includes the ever-changing TV habits. In the past few years, it’s become clear that watching TV had change drastically and I understand there have been some slight adjustments in the way the ratings are measured but I think this system could use a full makeover that takes into account that people is not watching TV the same way they did 20 years ago, otherwise numbers are going to keep dropping with every passing year.

Naomi Anna My wish for Power is that Ghost truly suffers for all the pain he has caused everyone around him. He has been the villain of the show all along and deserves the fate that is hopefully coming to him. Fingers crossed!

December 6

Abby Crofton - Supergirl is a show which features many traumatized characters, including two survivors of their species’ near extinction. It would be great if they could talk with someone about their issues rather than repressing their feelings. Maybe they could get a group therapy discount?

María Sol García - Disney+ available everywhere in the world in early 2020. I think it would be fair that more countries have the opportunity to get access to Disney+, cause in the meantime people that don’t live in the US, Canada, The Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand and Puerto Rico have to wait, in some cases, almost a year (or even more) to discover and enjoy the full catalogue of this new streaming service, and risking being spoiled by those that are already watching it.

December 5

Naomi Anna - My wish for Daredevil is to see it picked up for a new season! It was such a great show with top notch acting from Foggy to Kingpin, and that's not even mentioning Daredevil himself. The heart, the combat and the will they, won't they was so hard to let go. Please Marvel, let someone pick this winner back up!

Pop Culture Guy - "Dynasty’s” decision to bounce the character of Steven Carrington from the canvas has baffled me basically since the show did it in season two. In one episode, Steven not only finds out that Blake isn’t his biological father, but that he’s also not the father of the baby the woman he had a one-night stand with to keep Sam in the country is carrying, but by the end of the very next episode, he’s gone. And that might have been okay if the show hadn’t strung out his absence with off-screen phone calls and then wrapped it up by repeatedly victimizing him, first by having Steven have a mental breakdown, then by revealing he’d been gaslit by his half-brother, and finally by leaving him to rot in a Parisian mental hospital with barely a mention since. There’s so much untapped potential with this character and I’d like to see him return to the canvas in a real way. And while I thought James Mackay was fine and would be fine with him returning, basically since the reboot was announced, I’ve dream-cast Scott Evans in this role. The show actually did a good job recasting Cristal both times and made a smart choice for the Alexis recast. And anyone who watched him on daytime sudser “One Life to Live” knows Captain America’s brother can bring soap drama, comedy, and romance, and having an out actor playing this tentpole character would be a cool bonus. So yeah, Steven Carrington in 2020, preferably with Scott Evans’ face.

December 4

Julia Krassnik - The Good Fight: A significantly younger person falls for Diane Lockhart
When the term “May-September romance” is mentioned most people’s minds immediately imagine an older guy and a significantly younger woman who have entered a relationship with each other. Especially on TV shows and films, a woman over 50 being wooed by a younger man is an occurrence rarer than a total solar eclipse. Therefore, I would absolutely love to see a person significantly younger than Diane Lockhart to fall for the lawyer and try their very best to romance her. It does not necessarily have to go anywhere as Diane is happily married (though her husband had an affair with one of his former students!) but I sure would like to see her feeling flattered by the attention of a lovely young guy (or girl, I’m not picky).

Laura B - Disney+ has done Star Wars a solid with their first ever Star Wars live-action TV series, The Mandalorian. It gives me great hope for the future of the franchise. And while it's true, we don't yet know what the state of the galaxy is going to be by the end of The Rise of Skywalker, I am anxious to find out. So I wish for a TV series announcement for a live action series that takes place post TROS and see how Disney might step out of The Skywalker Saga's shadow for something more or less brand new.

December 3

Ellys Cartin - With Poldark and the Durrells ending, and no new season of Gentleman Jack until 2021, I want some new period dramas to rise up and hook my attention next year.

Laura B - I would like for Starz to announce a Lord John Grey mini-series series staring David Berry.

December 2

Milo M-J - Line of Duty Season 6 to answer the mystery of who H is next season! We got an answer in Season 5! Sort of. Except, not really – it turns out there is more than just one person operating as H – four “Caddies” if you will, and with three of them are known and have been dealt with, the leader behind the criminal organisation inside the police that AC-12 are out to locate is still a secret. After Adrian Dunbar’s Ted Hastings came under suspicion last season to be cleared he’s out of the equation for now; but Line of Duty’s criminal mastermind could feature just about anyone, and assuming that we do most likely get Season 6 in 2020 as rumoured, Jed Mercurio can’t afford to keep us in the dark for another season.

Lisa Macklem - Please bring back Eric Kripke to write at least the final episode of Supernatural. Kripke's five years were the best the show has ever been, and it seems only fitting to have the creator of the show finish what he started - who would know better what the fate of the Winchester brothers and Castiel should be?!

December 1

Kath M - How about more Sci-Fi on Syfy? There are literally hundreds of movies, TV shows and mini-series that could be taken out and dusted off. How about some Dead Like Me? The Martian Chronicles? The Thing from Another World? Even newer shows like BSG seem to air once and then vanish. Are the same movies they show every week really bringing in higher ratings than an afternoon of Defiance might? I want Sci-if diversity for the holidays!

Abby Crofton - Far too often movies and TV shows featuring lesbians are dramatic and dour. I’d enjoy a sitcom instead, with lesbian characters getting into zany situations rather than dying or being melodramatic. Bonus if there’s a slow burn romance that has a happy ending.

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