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Supernatural - Our Father Who Aren't in Heaven - Review

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Supernatural had its last fall cliffhanger with “Our Father Who Aren’t in Heaven” directed by Richard Speight Jr and written by the team of Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner. Speight does some of his best work in this episode. I can’t say that I was surprised to see Rowena (Ruth Connell) back as the Queen of Hell because – d’uh – that was the pretty obvious result of her ending up in Hell. It’s amusing that she kind of assumes the crown in a reverse of the usual parent-child handover. It was fantastic to finally see Adam (Jake Abel) back – and Abel delivers a terrific performance as both Adam and Michael. One thing I really didn’t like was seeing the brothers split up at the end of the episode. I would have thought the writers would have figured out by this time that fans want the brothers together… but maybe that’s just me – and it’s NOT a slam against either Shoshannah Stern or Misha Collins because I love both Eileen and Cas.

As the episode begins, the “teaser” is more character assassination of Chuck/God (Rob Benedict). He’s in a casino, cheating at the slots. He’s rude to the one waitress he hasn’t killed. I get that we are supposed to hate this version of God, but this is a total retcon and really, really bad writing. I just don’t see this writers room coming up with a spectacular twist to save this plotline, and I’m really disappointed in this final season so far because of this unfortunate direction.

I’m not going to lie. I really did think the writers were about to kill Eileen off after just bringing her back. But I did love Sam (Jared Padalecki) showing up in the middle of the hunt and her calling him on being over protective. I love how Eileen is kind of a female Dean (Jensen Ackles) – and it’s underscored by Sam and Eileen’s after hunt meal – she’s got a burger and fries, and Sam has a salad!

Dean interrupts the two by telling them that he’s got the answer to all their problems. Dean wants to use the Demon Tablet to find a way to defeat Chuck. They reason that why would Chuck need a failsafe to – ironically – protect humans from angels and demons by sealing them in heaven or hell is he were untouchable? Chuck must have an Achilles heel! And wow. We haven’t had to see Dean be so stupid in a long time. I mean who doesn’t know that Achilles heel means weak spot… omg… why?

Cas goes to fetch Donatello (Keith Szarabajka) who wants nothing to do with the demon tablet after his last encounter with it. They explain that they can’t kill Chuck as that would unbalance the universe, but if there was a way for Chuck to lock up Amara, maybe they can use the same thing to lock up Chuck. Donatello points out that whatever they do, they’ll have to have the power of God to do it. Sam insists one step at a time. Donatello tells them to shoot him when he starts to go crazy again.

Donatello suddenly discovers that there are annotation by the scribe – Metatron – giving some context to God’s actions. The marginalia reveals that God had a secret fear that he only shared with his favorite. Cas points out that at the time the tablet was written that favorite would have been Michael. Sam points out that if Michael helped shut up Amara, maybe he could help do the same to God. Cas doesn’t think that Michael will talk to them, but interestingly, it’s Dean who says that if he was locked up in a cage by his Dad for 10 years, he might be looking for some payback. And that’s one of the most un-Dean things that has ever come out of his mouth. Have the writers met Dean? Talk about a father’s-boy!

The next problem is getting to Michael. Donatello starts ranting about how nothing they do is easy and then suddenly goes silent and collapses. He then suddenly starts speaking – and it’s Chuck speaking through him as Donatello can act as a Bluetooth! Chuck warns them to stop or he’ll go all powerful on them and then threatens to go after Jodi, Donna, Eileen, and everybody on their speed dial.

Cas checks the bunker’s warding, which is intact, but clearly doesn’t work on God. Cas asks if they should drop it, and Dean (once again in possession of a brain) tells Donatello it might be better if he went home before he answers Cas. Bluetooth remember – anything they say in Donatello’s presence is going to go straight to God. Once Donatello is gone, Dean says – no surprise – that they aren’t dropping it. Cas is concerned about the others being safe. But Sam and Dean are united – and right – that no one is safe while Chuck is on the loose.

Cas points out that Michael is insane. But Sam and Dean point out that the only ones who told them Michael was insane were God and Lucifer. Dean is still not happy with Cas and tells him to stay there if he doesn’t want to come to Hell with them.

Sam and Dean perform the spell, with Dean supplying the blood, and Cas thoughtfully heals Dean’s hand. No one notices that it clearly takes something out of Cas to do it. Cas, Dean, and Sam beam down to Hell. They are almost immediately attacked by demons, all female demons – and surrounded by statues that look a lot like the creepy statute from Castle Rock! I know they’re not, but it’s a fun coincidence. It’s pretty funny when Dean shouts out, mid fight, “are any of us winning?” They are saved by the Queen showing up and crying stop. She’s got all the male demons with her, and uses the old tag line, “Hello, boys” to greet them.

Dean points out that they thought she was dead – she is. But no surprise, her soul went to Hell with her. Cas asks if they handed her the throne, and she tells them that she took it. She asks why they’re there, and Dean tells her that Chuck is back and out of control. Sam adds they need to speak to Michael, and Rowena tells them what they should have known. All the doors were opened, including the cage. Michael – and Adam – are gone. Rowena send her demons to find Michael for them.

While Eileen is waiting for the boys to get back, she gets a call from an old hunting friend, Sue (Luvia Petersen). She’s calling for help with a vamp nest that just coincidentally happens to be close. Eileen tells Sue that she’s in the middle of something, but she’ll call if she’s free. And then she goes back to babysitting the spell.

Cas, Sam, and Dean sit on tiny, uncomfortable looking stools in Rowena’s throne room as they wait for news on Michael. Rowena quickly relieves Sam of his guilt for killing her. It was one of the best things that ever happened. She’s Queen and her subjects fear her. She sends Sam for a refill of her drink. While Sam is gone, she comments on the tension between Dean and Cas and tells them to fix it. She has some regrets. You need to fix it before you die and you can’t. They’re interrupted by a demon (Kheon Clarke) showing up and reporting that Michael is nowhere to be found.

We then jump to Jaci’s Red Wagon diner. Adam and Michael are enjoying a burger. Adam is relishing his food – even though he doesn’t have to eat. Michael isn’t interested and admits that he doesn’t know much about any of “this.” He tells Adam that he’ll be his guide. This is a terrific scene for Abel – playing against himself. It turns out that Michael and Adam have a lot in common – no real family to go back to for instance. And they agree that family sucks.

Dean calls Donatello for more help – and Donatello is not thrilled to be part of the team. Dean asks him to be on the lookout for a “surge of power” that is almost God-like but not quite.

Dean then checks in with Sam about Eileen. It’s a really sweet scene between the brothers. Sam clearly doesn’t want to talk with his big brother about it, being sheepishly embarrassed. But Dean wants to clear the air. Dean points out that if the family thing were to work… Eileen would be the one. She understands the life – and she’s hot! Dean can’t help the teasing that Eileen could do so much better, but as he leaves, he pats his brother on the shoulder and tells him, “I’m happy for you, Sammy” – and of course, it’s that Sammy that really puts Dean’s happiness and seal of approval on the conversation and leaves Sam thoughtful.

Adam is musing that he should get a job. They’ll have expenses, and he can’t go back to school with an archangel inside him. He’s interrupted by Lilith (Anna Grace Barlow) showing up. He points out that she’s dead – and it’s a nice parallel to the scene in which Sue points out that Eileen was dead. Lilith has been sent to fetch Michael for God. Michael tells Lilith that God can come to him, and when she grabs his arm, he incinerates her! Which Donatello totally feels. Michael tells the diner patrons to remember nothing and they go back about their business. I have to wonder what they’ll make of the pile of ashes when they come to clear the table! LOL!

Donatello calls and finally relates that Michael is in Egypt – apparently he can still easily teleport all over. Cas suggests that if they can’t get to him, he’ll bring Michael to them. Cas prays to Michael. He tells him that he is no longer his enemy. They both have the same enemy now.

Cas invites Michael to a meeting in a warehouse. Michael shows up. He remembers Cas calling him assbutt and setting him on fire. He’s not convinced that God is his enemy, and he wonders if Cas has simply come to beg forgiveness. But Cas hasn’t come to beg for forgiveness and traps Michael in a ring of holy fire. Dean and Sam show up with the angelic handcuffs. Michael is not pleased. I really did like how this scene somewhat paralleled Speight’s own episode when they trapped Gabriel in a similar circle.

Sam and Dean try to explain that they didn’t think they had a choice but to let Adam “go.” Michael then releases Adam to talk to them – again Abel is terrific here as he switches from Michael to Adam. Adam tells them that he and Michael came to an agreement in the cage. All Adam wants is an “I’m sorry.” But Michael is impatient and wants to know what’s going on. Cas tells him that God is back, and Michael insists that if God were back, He’d usher in paradise. Dean tells him that he wouldn’t because paradise is boring and Chuck is just looking to be entertained. Michael insists that they are lying and then retreats behind Adam.

We get another terrific scene with Abel doing double duty. Adam tells Michael that he doesn’t think they are lying. He tells Michael that if they say something is off with God it’s because they believe it, and if they believe it, he does too. Michael still doesn’t want to believe it. Adam points out that parents keep secrets – why not just ask. But Michael insists that he can’t because it would mean that he doubts God. And he’s the good son. Adam wonders that Michael still cares after God left him in the cage for 10 years.

Sue calls Eileen again, and shames Eileen into agreeing to come by asking if she needs permission when Eileen says she’s going to talk to Sam first. As they talk, Sue is attacked. But luckily, Eileen isn’t an idiot and does go to Sam, who immediately goes with her.

Cas checks on Michael, who tells him he won’t betray his father. Cas uses the same argument as Adam – God betrayed Michael. Cas then tells Michael that he never liked him – and then gets one of the best lines in the episode when the tells Michael that he “had an entire oak tree shoved up his ass!” But now Cas just pities him because he was never God’s favorite, he was just a part of his story. He then really rubs Michael’s nose in it by saying that clearly Lucifer was the smart one because he always knew that God can’t be trusted.

Michael then attacks Cas, and Cas mind melds him and shows him everything Chuck has done. Again, Abel’s reactions here are right on point. Just a terrific performance from start to finish.

Cas and Dean share a moment in the kitchen. Dean wonders if they went too fast. Cas tells Dean that Michael was very distraught – and they didn’t bond. Cas asks where Sam is and Dean says he’s helping Eileen with a case and won’t be gone long. They are interrupted by Michael shaking the bunker. They check on him and he is distraught. He’s processing the betrayal from his father – he wasn’t even the only Michael.

Michael tells them that he’ll help. What was done to the Darkness can be done to God. Michael gives them the spell to do it. The one ingredient that they don’t have is the nectar from a Leviathan blossom – and it only grows in Purgatory. Michael snaps open a portal that will remain open for 12 hours. One question? If he can do that with the cuffs on, what exactly do the cuffs do??? Serious plot hole.

Dean releases Michael from the cuffs and asks to talk to Adam. Dean tells Adam that they are truly sorry. Adam is a good man and he didn’t deserve that. Adam asks Dean, “when do we get what we deserve?” He tells them good luck and leaves.

Sam and Eileen show up where Sue said the vamps were – but it’s actually Chuck.

So the fall finale cliffhanger has both brothers in peril with neither able to help the other – of so it seems. Maybe Dean will have to abandon the plan to go to Purgatory in order to save Sam? Can they even trust that the door to Purgatory will stay open for the 12 hours Michael promised? What exactly does Chuck want – and is Eileen in even more danger than Sam? I’m still underwhelmed by the entire Chuck plot. What did you think of the episode? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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