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SEAL Team - Unbecoming An Officer - Review

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Jason's back as Bravo1!

But it felt like Lisa's story was a little more important this week. The Navy was informed about Lisa’s arrest and it's landed her in front of a disciplinary board.

She's asked to speak for herself and she says nothing. Seriously?!? (I suspect she said nothing while in New Jersey.) Blackburn is highly annoyed.

Blackburn has been a great mentor to her. When he chastised her for not only keeping her mouth shut and not letting him know what was going on, he told her she wasn't showing humility, she was surrendering.

Let's face it, despite how much the military in this show respects women, no defense reads as guilty. If she doesn’t fight for herself she’s going to lose her career.

At one point she even toyed with the idea of destroying her career by confessing her relationship with Sonny. (I like to think she was just saying it out loud and not really considering confessing to the XO.)

The moment Bravo Team heard about her issues, they went into 'how do we help her' mode. She was stunned when, all but Ray, walked into the hearing and asked for permission to speak.

She was, apparently, wise enough to take his suggestion to heart, because she still had her rank by the end of the episode.

Even better was the fact that she was, once again, drinking with Bravo. The team had frequently reached out to her, but she was holding back. I thought it was mostly about Sonny, but she seems to, finally, accepted that she has not lost her family.

Hopefully, this will help her open up to her sister. I get the feeling that she wants to heal that relationship, but she's had difficulty letting down the walls. I find that I'm really interested to see more of this story.

Apparently, Jason's willingness to start the process of moving on from his wife and, as the therapist put it last week, ‘allow Jason to have a life’ doesn't extend to buying dishes or groceries.

I'm sorry, but when Natalie reached for that cupboard, I couldn’t help but chuckle.

He did finally decide to introduce her to the rest of Bravo Team. How awesome was it to see Ray and Mandy double teaming him and getting him to confess to being in a relationship.

Clay is, and I do NOT mean this as a bad thing, going through a kind of teenage thing. By that I mean he's in the process of figuring out who he is.

It happened to me when I got to college and was hearing new points of view and discovering that the world was about so much more than I’d faced before. I didn’t just get into an issue, I was obnoxiously all about that issue.

During last few episodes, that's how I have felt about Clay's story. Ambassador Marsden forced him to look at the world and his place in it differently. His new girlfriend, Rebecca, is growing his understanding of that world.

He's pushing too hard, because he hasn't finished the processing stage yet. And Sonny's not happy with where Clay is at right now.

Sonny's so upset he calls Clay, "Clay". Clay did not miss the importance of that omission.

From Sonny’s point of view this new woman is responsible for Clay’s behaviorial change last episode (when Clay pushed and complained about Bravo Team not getting the full op intel before starting their mission). That outburst signals to Sonny that Clay’s focus isn’t where it needs to be.

After a discussion about what’s going on with Lisa, Clay gives the same focus lecture to Sonny.

He’s put A and B together and come up with ‘Lisa is the woman Sonny was dating’. He points out that her situation isn't his fault and that it's just as important that Sonny's head is in the game as it for his (Clay's) head to be in the game.

The conversation seems to have put Sonny and Clay's relationship back on track. Sonny dives into training Vic to be his new wing man.

Bravo Team was supposed to rendition a Rusian arms dealer named Kosarov. A cache of weapons, stored in the basement, explodes. Kosarov is killed in the explosion and Sonny, Brock and Cerberus are trapped.

While Ray, Trent, and (we finally get a name for the new guy) Metal focus on resucing Sonny while Jason and Clay save the mission.


Heading into the wine tasting with Rebecca, Clay admits to thinking about wanting something more than kicking in doors. I keep thinking of the dinner with Stella's parents when Clay said that, when he stopped operating, he was considering a career in politics. Is this the storyline that solidifies that as his path?

Loved Ray telling Jason that Vic would only maintain his position as Sonny's wingman until Sonny realized that women consider Vic the better catch.

Sonny was on a nicknaming roll. I know you guys are probably bored with me tracking Clay’s nicknames, but it’s become one of my favorite bits of the show. Plus Sonny was on a role tonight.

I had issues with Season 1, so it's a special pleasure for me to see how much better the show has gotten over time. I really like the balance between the personal stories and the action stories that the show has created. Another great episode for me.

What did you guys think of the episode? Hit comments below and share.

Sonny's Nickname Cavalcade

Clay’s Nicknames:

Golden Girl (E1)
Blonde Columbo(E2)
Blonde Rickles(E4)
Platinum Wonder(E5)
Princess (E7, E10)
Leave It to Beaver(E10)

Clay’s Revenge

He referred to Sonny as the Texas River Cricket

New New Guy

Little Vicky Martin(E10)
Padawan Vic(E10)
Vicky Mouse(E10)
Ricky Martin(E10)

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