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Quote of the Week - Weeks of December 15 and 22

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the SpoilerTV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

Bull -
1. George: “I love a library. I always have, and believe me, I get it. Libraries are like dodo birds; they’re gonna be extinct very soon. But I’m telling you, we’re losing something in the bargain, something really wonderful.”
2. Taylor: “Can you just call me? (phone rings) Damn.” Chunk: “Yeah, it sucks when things work, doesn’t it?” Taylor: “This is not funny. Can you text me now?” Chunk: “Seriously.” Taylor: “I haven’t got any texts either. Not even a poop emoji from my son.” Chunk: “Well maybe your phone’s constipated. Let’s see.” (several texts come in.) Taylor: “Okay, that’s enough. Clearly my phone is in excellent digestive health.”
3. George: “You feel them?” Taylor: “Feel who?” George: “All the ghosts. No, all the ideas, all the stories. You don’t get that looking at a tablet or reading a book on your phone. It’s actually impossible to feel alone in a library. It’s very quiet but it’s so damn alive.” Taylor: “You know you’re weird, right?”

1. OA: “You went there every morning for a week. She didn’t seem interested. You didn’t take that as a sign?” Lyle: “I was being persistent. Some people would call that romantic.” Maggie: “Well, most people would call that harrassment.”

The Mandalorian -
1. Moff: “You have something I want.” Cara: “Who's this guy?” Moff: “You may think you have some idea what you are in possession of. But you do not.” (Darthlocke)
2. Kuill: “I bought my freedom through the skill of my hands, and the labor of three of your human lifetimes. Do not cast doubt upon that of what I am, nor whom I shall serve.” (Darthlocke)
3. Kuill: “I don't think it was engineered. I worked in the gene farms. This one looks evolved. Too ugly.” (Darthlocke)

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