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Quote of the Week - Week of November 24

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the SpoilerTV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

Bob Hearts Abishola -
1. Tunde: “What is the point of living if you can’t have a cookie?”
2. Bob: “This is the thing, you and this guy have a lot more in common than you and I ever will and you probably should go for it.” Abishola: “I should go for it?” Bob: “Yeah, I mean, if it makes you happy.” Abishola: “So you just throw in the blanket.” Bob: “Towel.” Abishola: “Don’t correct me and do not tell me how to live my life.” Bob: “Look, I didn’t mean it like that. I was just trying to be supportive.” Abishola: “When you care for someone, you fight for them. You don’t just give up.”
3. Bob: “You want to put our mother in a nursing home?” Christina: “It’s way better than that. It’s more like a hotel for old, sickly people. A Club Med-icare if you will.” Bob: “Eh no. It’s never gonna happen.”

1. Maggie: “You’re gonna have to help us out. You just woke up one day and said, ‘I don’t want to be in a gang?’ ” Jessica: “No, I woke up every day of my life saying that.”
2. Maggie: “Your Honor, I know that this is a legally complicated situation, but to me it’s pretty simple. Jessica Sanchez is an unusually courageous and honest woman and under incredibly challenging and dangerous circumstances, my team and I watched her continually put herself in harm’s way for the greater good and for the opportunity to live a better life. She’s the type of person that we should be bending over backwards to keep in this country, not deport. I believe we have a duty to protect her. We can’t just look the other way knowing that if she gets shipped back to Tampico, Mexico, someone...someone will take her life. This is not who we are and this is not what our country is about. Thank you.”
3. OA: “Well, bats and machetes have a tendency to make fights less fair.”

The Flash -
1. Barry: "Most of my life has been driven by my past, and now it feels like I'm living for myself." (Naomi)
2. Barry: "I don't wanna leave my family...or my friends. I don't wanna die." (Naomi)
3. Barry: "You're not my mother. You're the reason I buried her."
~~~There were so many great lines from "The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt.1". I think these truly encapsulate his conflicted feelings about being The Flash and what the Speed Force is asking him to sacrifice once again. From sadness to white hot anger, Barry Allen took on an emotional ride! (Naomi)

God Friended Me -
1. Cara: “Susan left when I was a kid and she thought she was doing the right thing, but all I remember is that she was gone. You know, she...she wasn’t there for my track meets or Prom or when I went off to college and I would trade any amount of money to change that. If you do this, the only thing Liv will understand is that you left her. I’m begging you, don’t put her through that. Please.”
2. Susan: “What happened, Miles? I know how the God Account works. They always have a happy ending, so where’s ours?” Miles: “I don’t know.”
3. Trish: “I have been so worried about losing you to the church, I never thought about becoming a part of it - a part of your life as Bishop.” Arthur: “Well, I could use a chief-of-staff.” Trish: “Maybe a little less a part of it than that.’

1. Sam: “Nobody likes a playground bully.”
2. Callen: “Is that for me?” Hetty: “Unless you’re leaving me to drink alone.” Callen: “Oh well, God forbid. To Mr. Beale’s safe return.” Hetty: “Mmm hmm. Do you think I made a mistake?” Callen: “Oh, with Eric?” Hetty: “Mmmhmm.” Callen: “It was a tough call. Um, look, he didn’t have to do it, but who else could have? I mean he had the perfect cover because it was real.” Hetty: “Would you have done it?” Callen: “I don’t know but it was not my call to make.” Hetty: “Maybe it should be.” Callen: “I thought you were grooming Nell for that.” Hetty: “Mmm, I did too.” Callen: “I don’t want your job, Hetty.” Hetty: “Neither do I, but somebody’s got to do it. Think about it, Mr. Callen. I won’t be here forever.”
3. Nell: “No, I don’t care about the job. Analyzing intelligence, manipulating the data - that’s one thing, but manipulating people as if they’re mere assets? No, I will never be good at that and I realize this now. Hetty, I can’t be you and honestly, I...I don’t think I want to be.”

1. Pride: “Biggest case of my life. Feel like I’m failing. Like I’m failing Chris.” Gregorio: “Oh no, you’re not failing. You just haven’t succeeded yet.”
2. Jimmy: “One of the things that I admire most about you, big brother, is that you’re not afraid to zag when zigging isn’t working. You’ll figure something out.”
3. Gregorio: “You look terrible. I mean that in the nicest way possible.”

Prodigal Son -
1. Eve: “I’ve been meaning to ask. Your mother, how is she?” Malcolm: “Uh, no longer armed, still a little dangerous.” Eve: “Perfect. All women should be a little dangerous.”
2. Jessica: “Have you given any thought to a venue? First impressions are important. Your activity says so much about your intentions.” Malcolm: “Mother…” Jessica: “You know the opera sets a very romantic mood, followed by a long flight on a helicopter.” Malcolm: “No, tonight’s gonna be normal.” Jessica: “Darling, we’re rich. We don’t do normal.”
3. Gil: “The girl in the box was real.” Jessica: “Oh.” Gil: “Paul Lazar confirmed it. He told Bright there was a body in that trunk. He gave us her bracelet.” Jessica: “Why didn’t he tell me?” Gil: “He didn’t want you to feel this.” Jessica: “We denied his pain for years, and insisted that this girl he found was the stuff of dreams.” Gil: “Martin manipulated him and you.” Jessica: “It gets worse, all the time. I keep thinking that we will get through it, get through him, but it gets worse. Martin destroyed the lives of my children, myself, and every one of his victims. Maybe it’s time that I find a way to return the favor.”

Sunnyside -
1. Garrett: “Guys, my friends aren’t looking for special rights. They’re just looking for equal rights, so this shouldn’t be their issue. It should be everyone’s issue. Democracy only works when all of us actually care enough to make it work, because not caring helps no one.”
2. Hakim: “I promise you, if you come with us and get even one person to register to vote, you will feel a sense of inspiration that will change your life.” Mei Lin: “Why would we want to change our lives? We’re hot and rich and not smart enough to feel guilty about any of it.”
3. Brady: “Have you guys seen Garrett? He seemed pretty down and I’m worried he’s thinking about quitting the class.” Jun Ho: “Did his life get worse? How?”

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