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Prodigal Son - Silent Night - Review: Close Encounters

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"I can't be fixed."

The interview is in full swing and though Malcolm's definitely triggered, Jessica finds different ways to deal with it, apparently, her plan is to break every single TV with her extensive shoe collection. She feels guilty for the man she chose to marry and she's upset that her one consolation was that Martin loved the kids but it seems she thought this meant they were safe, the drugging seemed like a surprise for her, for sure, I wonder where are all the hits at Jessica being a suspect though, seems like they forgot about that whole thing.

Dani is sent to the FBI's task force with Special Agent Collette Powell, a profiler who used to work with Malcolm and seems to hate him. I didn't appreciate that she was immediately painted as an antagonistic feminist who's against Bright's profiles because she thinks he blames mothers for the serial killer's proclivities. She tells Dani Malcolm is destructive, she shows her a video of him and Paul talking, something he lied about in the report but not to Gil, and she seems to be trying to ruin his relationship with his team who has found a way to work with him no matter how unconventional he is, I wonder why she's got it in for him this bad.

I find it so odd that Ainsley had no problem reminding everyone she's not the journalist but the story, and the reporters outside the Whitly house for their family dinner only drive the point home. And her saying any breaking news about her family is her top report is so ridiculous and naive. The visit to her mom is shortlived since she's unapologetic about the interview and when her mother reminds her there are actual victims and their families might be hurt by what she's doing by letting Martin pain himself as a misunderstood man only offends Ainsley and she leaves. After that, Jessica decides to use the paparazzi as a press conference, she says she thinks there are more victims and she asks for help finding the girl to whom the bracelet with the initials A.M.S. belonged to.

The main victim is Ian Turner, Chief of Detectives, so the whole thing is being kept under wraps, it seems Turner's last partner, Shannon, was the one who questioned Malcolm when he was a kid, and he apparently was a mess whose career was ruined by his obsession with the Surgeon case. Malcolm never even makes it there because on the way he finds Shannon who finally recognized him, he was always convinced someone else was helping The Surgeon and he was frustrated the kid wasn't any help but when he sees Malcolm is just as consumed by the case as he is he decides they might be on the same side and he helps him with the Turner case.

They go to a place where he used to keep the files he didn't want anyone to see and it turns out he was investigating the junkyard killer, trying to clear his partner's name, apparently, Turner and Shannon were pretty much partners in every case but that investigation destroyed their relationship. They find a list of suspects and when comparing it to Malcolm's they come up with a match, John Watkins.

They go to his childhood home and it's as creepy as one would imagine, his grandmother raised him and Malcolm sees the source of all his trauma right there, he goes upstairs to see the room (too perfectly marked if you ask me) and he sees he was often locked in the closet, when he comes down he sees blood on the table and it turns out it's Shannon's, it seems John's home and that granny belongs in a horror film. We finally see John's face and to my pleasant surprise, it's Michael Raymond-James (Tell Me A Story, Once Upon A Time, True Blood), and he kidnaps Malcolm.

"We have to stop meeting like this."

What did you think about this episode? I look forward to your comments.

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