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Mom - Hot Butter and Toxic Narcissism - Review: "Let Loose the Tiny Potatoes!"

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I always imagined Bonnie would be the one of the Plunkett women most likely to commit a hit-and-run. Apparently I was wrong!

Christy's talking on the phone to Bonnie while driving to pick up smoothies for them. They've both had crappy days, Christy's day being rather literally so - she dropped a contract she was supposed to be proofreading for Veronica in the toilet! Bonnie and Adam are still arguing and he's ditched her to go to the gym. Things get a lot worse for Christy when she backs into a parked car outside the smoothie place. "Smoothies are canceled!" she yells to Bonnie, before hanging up with her and quickly driving off. Of course, she does have the good sense to immediately come back and leave her number on the windshield and take a picture. Except, she totally doesn't, because she then comes back again and takes the note off the windshield! Here's to hoping the smoothie place doesn't have outdoor security cameras...

Later, Christy asks the girls what they would have done in her situation, using a series of hypotheticals. Only, they very quickly figure out there's nothing hypothetical about her questions and soon enough she's showing them the photo she took, insisting there's no damage so it doesn't matter. The girls are very quick to point out, that yeah, there's definitely damage, so it kind of does matter. Christy says she has no way of tracking the owner down, but Jill quickly points that there's a license plate in the picture and she could have Andy run it and get the person's address. ("It's against the rules, but he likes showing off police-y stuff for me!")

Bonnie, meanwhile, is still sorting out her marriage problems with the assistance of Trevor, while simultaneously attempting to psychoanalyze him, and bargain about how much she pays. (She's not doing a very good job of either thing!) Trevor offers to give her some tools to better communicate with Adam and avoid fights. He suggests that when they face conflict, they practice a loving touch. Bonnie insists this will just lead to sex, which Trevor insists is NOT conflict resolution, so he suggests that Bonnie works on her impulse control during fights. Before saying anything to Adam when they're fighting, she's supposed to count to two, to keep her from saying the first thing that comes to mind.

Of course, putting this into practice is a different story, and even with counting to two, Bonnie stills says some very...well...Bonnie-like things when she and Adam get into it after he comes home with take-out on the night she said she was cooking dinner. And before the viewers can count to two, Bonnie and Adam are full-on yelling at each other (and awkwardly touching!) about how they both think the other never listens! It doesn't seem like Trevor's tools are breaking any new ground.

Christy, reluctantly armed with the name and address of the car owner, goes to his house. His son answers the door - and advises her to run! Apparently his dad is pissed! Both his dad and mom come out to confront "the criminal," as they've taken to calling Christy. They start yelling about the situation in Chinese, and when Christy asks the son what they're saying, he tells her she doesn't want to know!

Even if Christy doesn't exactly leave the best impression on the man who's car she hit, his son asks her out! With the advice of the girls, she decides to go for it. What's the worst that could happen? Christy could back into the son's car too and choose to speed away again. And that's exactly what happens! Thankfully, Christy does decide to own up to it this time and shows back up at the family's house, just long enough to hand over another check!

Bonnie goes back to therapy and finally gets her wish - a look at Trevor's life. In the waiting room, she overhears him and his wife Sandra yelling at each other. Apparently, she's threatening to leave again, as she has been for the past 16 years. Trevor (sans pants) discovers Bonnie eavesdropping and begs her to forget what she heard. But, Bonnie being Bonnie, that definitely isn't going to happen and before Trevor realizes it, she's shrinking him! Dr. Plunkett is in session! Bonnie suggests that maybe Sandra has needs that aren't being met that have nothing to do with Trevor, and he's just never taken the time to find out what they are. As Trevor realizes that Bonnie might actually have a point, Bonnie also realizes that maybe her advice applies to Adam as well.

At home, Bonnie admits to Adam that she hasn't been listening enough to what's going on with him. And apparently, Adam's got quite a bit going on in his head these days - namely - death! He's the same age that his father was when he died, and now that he's married, he's begun to think about the people he'd be leaving behind if he died. Bonnie assures him that if something were to happen, she would be able to take care of herself.

At Jill's, the girls gather for 80s movie night, and Christy puts on a pair of glasses. When questioned, she admits that she just found out she needs them - "for movies, maybe a little bit for driving..."

Random Thoughts:
-Of course Bonnie got in trouble for putting the puppets in Trevor's office in inappropriate positions!

-Tammy dancing along to Footloose was definitely the highlight of the episode!

-Wendy's been married before? There really is a lot we don't know about her!

-Best line goes to Bonnie when Christy is talking about almost leaving her contact information on the car she hit and then changing her mind and running - "Classic Plunkett move. We almost do the right thing."

Do you think Bonnie and Adam will be able to communicate better now? Has Christy learned a lesson in responsibility? Let me know below!

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