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Legacies - It Will All Be Painfully Clear Soon Enough - Review

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This week on Legacies, Josie creates a second Landon who has no filter and just kept saying he loved Hope. The creepy principal was unmasked as Clarke after he used Josie to create a weapon that let him take over Hope’s body. His attempt fails, of course, when Fake!Landon intervenes (which we all saw coming) and Clarke takes over his body instead, which will disintegrate in a day. A sphinx told Rafael that the only way to keep Landon safe is to get him away from the school so they go on the run again. Hope and Josie make up. The creepy hooded figure is still lurking. We still have no clue who or what it is, I assume they’re saving it for the winter finale. 

Dear Lord, there’s two of them: Much like Lizzie, I also felt like I’d landed in my worst nightmare when I found out there were suddenly two Landon’s. Sure, because one just wasn’t enough. To top it all off, the second one had no filter and basically just kept professing his love to Hope. Here’ what I was wondering, though. Hope created that crystal version of Landon back in season one before there was even the idea of a relationship between Landon and Josie. And I don’t think that Crystal gets updates like a computer does. So wouldn’t it still be stuck on that version of Landon? The one that had no doubt about who he liked better. Because, honestly, if he was that sure of who he loved, even subconsciously, he wouldn’t have this much trouble deciding. 

Can we move past this now? I’m so glad Hope and Josie get along again. The whole frenemies thing was getting on my nerves. Josie used to be one of my favorites but after this season no so much anymore. Hopefully, that will change now. Maybe it’s a good thing that the boys are gone for a while (btw, that was a terrible way to let the people you care about know that you left, Landon). We need a break from the relationship drama. Sidenote, while I have always been certain that the writers didn’t have the stones to make Hope and Josie happen, I’m not so sure anymore. In the previous episode, Hope confirmed that she also had a crush on Josie and now there was hand-holding. I’m starting to become a believer here. 

And the sad puppy award goes to…: Oh, Rafael … He’s truly becoming the Matt Donovan of this show. A love interest with a semi-interesting story in the first season and then shoved aside after that. This, to me, is one of the downsides of having “case/monster of the week” type episodes. You waste too much time on not properly explaining a monster that we’re never going to see again while you could instead spend that time on your character development. And Rafael seriously needs it. A decent storyline would help. And while I like his relationship with Landon, I think there’s an unhealthy imbalance at the moment. Rafael keeps shoving his own feelings and needs down for Landon but all he ends up doing is making himself miserable. I’d love to see him put himself first for a change. 

Well, that was… anticlimactic: So, I had high expectations of Clarke’s big plans. I mean, he went through all that trouble to impersonate the new principal. But this episode was kind of a disappointment. I figured he was building up to something with Josie, instead he just needed her for one weapon? And this was all just about getting revenge on Hope? That’s just sad. I think this is a sign that we need to move past the Malivore storyline and get a new big bad. I mean, they do seem to be hinting at a new villain with that hooded figure but it’s just progressing so slowly. At this point, I’m worried it’ll just end up having ties to Malivore again. Also, I thought Clarke was dead now, but he seems to be in next week’s episode, with his old face again. So what’s up with that? 
The prophecy: So I’m not good a figuring out riddles and prophecies, which was proven when I couldn’t even figure out the simple riddles in this episode (you know, the ones the characters immediately figured out). But I figured I’d give it a shot anyway. 

“There are two prisoners. One is the master of his cage. The other returns home without power. The sins of the father are visited upon the daughters here. And not here. A new hero rises but can be felled by the golden arrow. The wolf among you has many faces. When time fractures darkness overwhelms. But the greatest destroyer of all is love.“ 

So my guess is that the two prisoners are Malivore (master of his cage) and Kai (returning without power). Then the next line has to be talking about Alaric and the twins, because there is no other set of sisters, even though I have no idea what sins they would be referring to. Alaric never did anything to Kai, that I can remember. It was more the other way around. It would be nice if it was something else from Alaric’s past. Something that happened between losing Isobel and arriving in Mystic Falls. I figured this might be related to the new Sherriff and her kids. We haven’t seen that much of them yet but I can’t imagine they were added for such small roles. What that golden arrow is referring to, I have no clue. Then there’s the wolf. This could be Hope or Rafael or someone else if it’s meant to be a metaphor. I saw some people online say that they think it refers to Sebastian since he seems to have a different demeanor depending on who he’s speaking to. The thing about time might have to do with last season’s alternate reality. They haven’t done much with it since, but Lizzie’s reaction at the end of that episode always felt like it was leading up to something bigger. And we already know the greatest destroy is love, the relationship drama is currently pulling down the show. But I doubt it refers to that. Probably someone doing something very stupid for love… again. 

Highlight of the week: It was a rather small scene but the hug between Alaric and Hope was so necessary. Last week it seemed like Freya was the only one that was happy to remember Hope. But of course, Alaric would be as well. She’s basically his third daughter. 

Best quotes: Lizzie: “I mean, for the two of you not to be talking to each other just because you’re competing for the love of the same garden gnome… I think we’re more evolved than that as women.” 
Lizzie: “Josie, dad will melt you if you’re dabbling in black magic.” 
Hope: “Everybody wants to be a Tribrid until they actually have to be a Tribrid.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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