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Young Sheldon - The Sin of Greed and a Chimichanga from Chi-Chi's - Review

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Sheldon aces the midterm exam in Dr. Surgis’ class and thereby brings down the grades of everyone else. Due to his continuous outstanding performance, the university asks Sturgis to talk to the Cooper family about Sheldon attending college full time. To sweeten the deal, they offer George a coaching job at the university as well. This way he can keep an eye on his little boy at all times, plus they would have the same way to work/school. George is considering the offer and informs his current boss about his probable departure. The headmaster is anything but happy about the news. He does not seem to care about George but he cannot afford to lose Sheldon. The boy's insanely high state test scores pull up everyone else’s grades as well and thereby get the school significantly more funding than it would get without Sheldon being a student there. The headmaster, as well as all the teachers, normally would be absolutely thrilled to see Sheldon go but with the smartass gone and the subsequent lack of state funding their wages would decrease. So, they all make sure to give Sheldon whatever he desires to prevent him from leaving. They watch Star Trek in class and the headmaster even allows Sheldon to use the clean faculty restroom. Sheldon is living the dream. And so is George. He gets his very own parking spot, a new fancy chair, and a golden whistle.

While George and Sheldon are getting spoiled at school, Georgie got himself a job in coach
Ballard’s store. He watched Dale selling a fishing pole and was deeply impressed by how good a salesman the coach is. He wants to learn from him.

In the meantime, Mary is worried that both George and Georgie are "succumbing to the sin of greed". She decides to "take back the house from the devil" and gets rid of everything that might have a negative influence on her family: the TV, magazines, the radio. Mary’s radical actions cause George and the children to invade Meemaw’s home to use her electrical devices. At that moment Connie realizes it is time to talk to her daughter. Turns out Mary’s fit was caused in part by the fact that she simply is not ready to let go of Sheldon. He is way too young for college. Together Mary and George decide to wait a little longer till they send off Sheldon to university.

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