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Treadstone - The Kentucky Contract Recap and Review

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Episode 4 starts up right where we left off, with Doug and Samantha after she shoots the mystery intruder. Sam starts freaking out once the man is confirmed dead, Doug tries to console her but she’s not having it. Sam questions why he was here, and Doug tells her that the man was here for him. Doug tells Sam what happened back at the Arctic, the bar fight, the woman and him waking up covered in blood in the snow. They decide not to call the police since they don’t trust the authorities and get ready to hide the body. The episode jumps to SoYun in Sagi-Ri North Korea where she dropped her son off previously. She is hiding in the bushes from the soldiers, when one goes to collect her son, she quickly dispatches them but is taken off guard by another soldier. The two fight, SoYun just managing to overpower the soldier, then the Colonel appears and announces he knew SoYun was trying to get his SIM card during the party. He shoots the guard and tells SoYun, the next time someone approaches her to go to him. The Colonel says he’s a friend and that she doesn’t need to trust him, just do what she’s told. He hands her a card and says she needs to deliver something; the colonel then leaves and SoYun runs after her family. 

The episode then jumps to Becker and Levine, in CIA Headquarters. They discuss the possibly corrupt senator mentioned previously, the man has no ties to Haynes or the whistle-blower. Becker talks about a suspicious agreement that was passed in parliament very shortly after Kwon’s murder, this being suspicious due to the Senator being involved and it being in limbo for ages up until the murder. The episode jumps to Matt and Wells on their way to interrogate Haynes some more. Haynes says that the hypnosis helped him put memories back together and that he remembers his previous life (he had a daughter). Haynes says that Treadstone completely removes any memories of their previous life and gives them a cover in replacement, Wells offers to help Haynes remember more. Under hypnosis, Haynes remembers he was activated by a woman but quickly goes down the rabbit hole into memories involving his kid. Haynes starts panicking and breaks out of his chains, killing Wells and knocking Edwards unconscious.

Back to Doug and Sam, the two are digging a grave in the woods, Sam starts taking apart the man’s teeth and identifying features while Doug keeps digging. Sam tries to get Doug to think about the woman, when he mentions the nursery rhyme Sam starts saying “oh shit” several times. Doug tries to find out how Sam made such a good shot, but she deflects it and hands him a saw to remove the feet. The episode jumps to SoYun, who made it back to the flat with her son. The husband worries when he sees her bruises and presses to find out where she got them, he apologies for pushing her to play the piano. SoYun tries to tell her husband what she’s recently done but instead decides to wait until tomorrow. The episode takes us back to Matt, who wakes to find Wells’ body. He groggily walks out to find police and rescue services; the officers quickly determine that Haynes is in the woods and go off to find him. The episode briefly jumps to Becker at home with her family, she gets a phone call from Matt to relays everything that happened, when Matt says he’s going after him she lets him know she will loop in Levine so neither are in trouble after Haynes is caught.

Doug and Sam arrive home after getting rid of the body, Doug manages to find a briefcase with his name in it and a blueprint of floor plans. Sam grabs the file and finds a picture attached, she becomes distraught, saying “I’m sorry, this was supposed to be over” and reveals that she knows of Treadstone. She starts talking about her past, she was a nurse in D.C. who was transferred to a classified hospital in Virginia and she was looking after assets which included Doug. She tells him that he was conditioned for months by the CIA, that he was trained to take orders without question and that his personality and morality were all wiped clean. Doug gets frustrated and upset that Sam wasn’t going to tell him at all and walks out of the house.

Back in Virginia, Becker and Levine meet covertly in a black car in a car park. Becker gives him the info she was given and says Edwards is on his way to contain the problem. Levine keeps insisting that it needs to be kept secret, Becker starts questioning why Levine chose her for this case/job suggesting he hired her as someone to take the blow back away from him. He tells her that she was hired because she was never involved with Treadstone when it was active. Back in North Korea, SoYun says goodbye to her son, saying she’s going on an errand. The episode quickly jumps to Matt in the woods. While searching for Haynes, he comes across a trooper who quickly turns and aims at him revealing the trooper to be Haynes. Matt tries to talk Haynes into helping expose the people waking the cicadas up, he persuades Haynes by saying he’ll help him to see his daughter before he gets caught by police.

Back in Kentucky, Doug is still trying to process the new information. Sam comes out onto the porch and tells him the photo is a mission. The floor plan, the address and picture are all a CIA asset would need to complete the mission, Sam pleads that if he doesn’t follow through with the mission, more people will be sent to kill them, and they won’t last a week. Jumping back to SoYun, she followed the address to a small shop on the outskirts of North Korea, she shows the shopkeeper the card. The man then shuts his shop door and hands over a brown document envelope and a large amount of money in a plastic bag, another man appears and says she’s late. He tells her that he’ll take her the rest of the way, a confused SoYun discovers that she is defecting and being smuggled to China.

Back to Doug, Sam drives him to the location on the photo. Doug asks why she fell in love with him, Sam said that the look in his eyes showed that the real him was still there and that all she needed. After Sam drives off, a black van pulls up and Doug jumps in, one man gets him to pick a gun but Doug sticks with the gun he was given. Episode stops there!

That was an intense episode, SoYun was almost caught and is now heading to China, Doug finds out his life is a cover and his wife knew. Poor Wells, he didn’t want to get in too deep but now he’s dead. Is it just me or do you guys get the feeling that Levine is a very sketchy guy? Through out the show so far, I think the fight scenes have been amazing. The way SoYun started off hesitant in her skills but then suddenly her cicada training instinctually kicked in was done really well, it showed that she isn’t fully “awake” yet. Doug story-line keeps getting more interesting probably due to information about his past actually being revealed to us. I’m curious to see where the Matt and Haynes story goes, them sort of working together to find the person waking up cicadas. The weirdest story-line this time around is the Becker one with the Senator, the writers have yet to connect this stuff to anything concrete towards the Cicada Protocol. 

So, what did you think of this episode? Missed any characters that weren’t involved this episode? Do you think Levine has ulterior motives? Do any of you have an idea who is waking up the Cicadas? Please let me know what your thoughts are in the comments.


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