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My apologies for being away for a moment. But, here we are at episode six, and to be completely honest, it was a let down. "License to Elongate" had exactly three moments that didn't bore me to tears. Let's get to it.

Barry and Ralph

So, these two did look pretty dapper in their suits, and Ralph being the grown up in the room was a little interesting; we all know Barry is a super nerd, but next to a suave Ralph he managed to really come off as "Allen Barry".
Ralph's stern speech to Barry about knowing when to set aside his powers and when to operate as a human was something to behold. I guess they were trying showcase Ralph's understanding of the seedy underworld and convince us that he's worthy of the city's hero mantle. It was a stretch (no pun intended) for me, but meh. That would be the feeling throughout most of the rest of the episode.


Ha! What do you know? There was barely any Iris even though her husband received an honor from the city. We get it. Every person needs a rest/vacation- even an actor. But come all the way on! The scene she was in should have been that one.

Allegra and Nash

Hmm. Do I even remember what they did? Nope. Not really. Maybe I'll remember once I get to the Other Things I Was Thinking section.

Chester and Cecile

One of my online buddies said Chester and Cecile have more chemistry than Joe and Cecile. At first I didn't see it, but now I get what she was getting at. Cecile has better chemistry with Ralph than any other character in my opinion. So, it makes sense that another off beat, goofy character would slide right into that space with her.

Though Cecile was being really sincere in trying to help Chester, I couldn't help but be glad her powers were misfiring. I am hoping she loses them altogether because they're pretty dull, and if there isn't some major plot twist forming around them, she doesn't need them anymore.

Other Things I was Thinking As I Watched

*Barry being given an award for his service to the city was a sweet moment.

*Looking at my watch*

*Ramsey has really done a number on himself- such a shame for us viewers.

*I am bored to death*

*Chester is slightly annoying. Maybe a little more than slightly for my tastes.

*Is this episode still on?*

*Candice and Carlos couldn't be bothered huh?

*I totally get why they didn't mind skipping it*

*Eric really got screwed with that baby Jenna rabbit hole of a plot line. Just pretending she doesn't exist is probably the best move.

*Whoo hoo. Done*

Well, if you couldn't tell "License to Elongate" was not a favorite of mine. It was pretty boring to say the least. With the crisis coming, here's hoping it more than makes up for this dud.

The Flash airs on Tuesdays on the CW at 7pm Central Time. As always, thanks for reading!

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