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Riverdale - Hereditary & The Ice Storm - Review

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Oh Riverdale, what is this season going for? I am still struggling to understand it. Let's summarize what happened in Hereditary and The Ice Storm, and comment on it.

In the first episode, Archie is still on his humanitarian mission of getting kids off the streets. Dodger is still threatening him, so I guess the situation will get to a breaking point soon. And it does.

After a short Prison Break's story arch, Hermione and Hiram are out of jail. As we all imagined and hoped for, Veronica wants nothing to do with Hermosa and her father. But the soap opera is more complicated than we all could imagine, as Hiram and Hermione sleep together and renew their vows. That's a Bold and the Beautiful's plot twist-like.

Jughead finds proof that his grandfather was the one behind Baxter Brothers Book, and he asks Mr. Chipping to help him in uncovering the truth, but he apologizes to Jughead and jumps out of a window in his office. OK, another WTF moment we didn't ask for. Cheryl and Toni are dealing with Julian's spirit, but they are interrupted by some relations who want her to join the family business. New shady people are in town. Uncle Bedford then visits the chapel and finds Jason's body. Things get intense and after pinning Cheryl against the wall, Toni kills him with a candlestick. The killing of the season?
Once again, Betty's family goes wild. Charles tries to get the trust of Betty's family and helps her after Chic reveals that Alice killed someone. In the end, we find out that Chic and Charles are lovers. OK. Riverdale, OK. I really wanted to have a normal brother this time. I am really not enjoying how the writers are depicting characters lately.

In the second episode, it's Thanksgiving in Riverdale. A massive ice storm rolls into town, but Archie doesn't want to close the community center and decides to keep it open. Something crazy happens because of Dodger's family, but unexpectedly nobody gets hurt and Archie decides to dedicate the place to his father who is protecting him. Seven Heaven-vibes? Cheryl has a creepy and insane family dinner in which she threatens her family and scares them away in tricking them to be cannibals. Then she drops her uncle's body in the river, and that's it for the day.

Betty and Jughead try to spend a nice thanksgiving day together, but they are absorbed in a series of problems connected with Mr. Chipping. The highlight of this storyline for me is Betty putting a big black X on her new conspiracy bulletin board when she trusts Donna. She was having an affair with Mr. Chipping, but she has nothing to do with his death. Revenge-vibes here. F.P. and Alice also try to spend a nice time together and they have some secrets to spill. Overall, I enjoyed this second episode more than Hereditary, mostly because it didn't feel so nonsense and insane.

All in all, I am not impressed with this fourth season, and I am really struggling to make any sense out of it. What about you? What do you think of "Hereditary" and "The Ice Storm"?

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