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Riverdale - Halloween & Witness for the Prosecution - Review

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Riverdale continues in its wild ride in this fourth season. So many problems, not so much logic either. Let's summarize what happened.

In the first episode, Halloween, I know you can imagine that something crazy happens in Riverdale. All the families receive videotapes of their houses. They are being watched. As Halloween approaches, Cheryl and Toni deal again with Jason's body, but Cheryl is worried that his ghost is haunting them.

Meanwhile, at Stonewall Prep, Jughead’s classmates decide to lock him inside a coffin, another crazy day in school. Elsewhere, Archie and Munroe throw a party in order to keep Dodger away from problems created by the other schoolmates. The party doesn't end well. Veronica has her own horror experience, as a client tries to murder her in the diner. Betty and Jellybean receive phone calls from someone who says that he is the Black Hood. Charles finds out where the phone calls are coming from, and they learn it's Polly. She is still missing the Farm. She is not in a state of mental stability. Ok, crazy enough, right?

In the second episode Witness for the Prosecution, it's trial time for Hermione and Hiram. Veronica is trying to prove her mother's innocence, but in Riverdale's style, she is forced to have her mother plead guilty to her crimes. Veronica meets her sister Hermosa, who also helped her father to be released. YAY. Things get even crazier, Hiram announces he is running for mayor.

Archie and Munroe continue to help Dodger, Betty and Kevin join Junior FBI Training Program, and considering that she is the only smart person in town, unsurprisingly she is really successful. As we all know, Betty has many ghosts haunting her, and she thinks about the possibility that her 'serial killer genes' could create problems for her in the future.

A flash-forward reveals Archie, Veronica, and Betty being arrested in class for the murder of Jughead. That's an ending. To sum up, in my view, structuring this season with a How To Get Away's structure is not helping the rhythm. Who is buying the real death of Jughead? Probably, none. I am curious to watch how far they can go with this storyline. I really don't know what to think or to expect.

And you? What did you think of Halloween and Witness for the Prosecution?

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