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Quote of the Week - November 10th, 2019

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

Batwoman - 
1. Mary: “Batwoman would kill me, and frankly she’s scarier than you.”
2. Mary: “Maybe thinks about if you want to add Batwoman to the list of people you’ve hurt.”
3. Batwoman: “Can you play some hold music while I wait?” (Donna Cromeans)

Fresh Off the Boat - 
1. Evan: “Remember how hard it was for me after skipping a grade. I’m finally starting to fit in and then Mommy shows up.” Emery: “Gentle suggestion - stop calling her Mommy.”
2. Evan: “You hate a lot of stuff.” Jessica: “I do.” Evan: “I just want to be able to try things on my own.” Jessica: “I know. You have to find out for yourself that things are stupid.”
3. Louis: “I just don’t want us to grow apart.” Eddie: “This is ridiculous.” Louis: “I know. I’m sorry.” Eddie: “No, I mean I can’t believe you’d ever think that. You’ve always been there for me. You taught me how to drive, gave me my first job, helped me with my girl problems...I mean, women problems.” Louis: “Good catch.” Eddie: “You have nothing to worry about. Sure, AI’s awesome but you’re more than a hero. You’re my dad. I’m always going to need you and we’re never going to grow apart.”
4. Teacher: “Excuse me, ma’am. Who are you?” Jessica: “A concerned parent.” Teacher: “God, I miss the WASPy coldness of private school parents.” (Dahne)

God Friended Me - 
1. Rakesh: “Just because I don’t go around talking about my beliefs on a podcast, doesn’t mean I don’t believe.”
2. Ali about her dad: “We need to be here for him, Miles.” Miles: “How? By letting him pretend that everything is gonna be okay? I’m no therapist, but he is definitely in denial.” (Dahne)

His Dark Materials - 
1. Mrs. Coulter: "Lyra, this is your new home!" Lyra [looking onto a massive building]: "Is this all yours?" Mrs. Coulter: "Goodness, no. Just the one floor."
2. Mrs. Coulter: "I've never been sure about them, heights. I could never get away from the occasional urge to jump."
3. Lyra [joking about her new dress]: "It'll allow me to 'wield power'." Pan: "It looks like it'll allow you to wield a cake knife..."
4. Mrs. Coulter: "Oh, such a shame. There always has to be a 'but' attached to a compliment."
5. Mrs. Coulter: "Our origins don't define us, it's what we do with what we have-" Lyra: "Please leave me alone."

Nancy Drew - 
1. George: “You’re helping Ryan Hudson?” Nancy: “Just today. It’s important. He thinks somebody’s trying to kill him.” George: “So go help that person, not the liar slash crazy ex-boyfriend in your kitchen who may have killed someone.”
2. George to Ace about Bess: “Fix her. I don’t care how. It’s inventory day. I need her fixed.”
3. George: “Oh. So I get possessed and now you’re haunted? This isn’t a competition.” (Dahne)

NCIS: Los Angeles - 
1. Nell: “I will share with you something an old, somewhat cranky but always wise friend once told me: ‘Never belittle yourself. You have to trust the work that got you here today.’ And whatever this trip entails, Hetty believes in you. And if Hetty thinks you’re ready, then you’re ready.” Fatima: “How does she know, though? We don’t know each other very well and she’s still a mystery to me.” Nell: “Welcome to the club. I’ve known that women for 10 years and she still continues to surprise me.” Fatima: “But you put a lot of trust in her.” Nell: “I do and that’s because she’s proven worthy time and time again.”
2. Fatima: “You know, I’ve actually never read it.” Nell: “What? Okay, well then trust me when I say that outside of Hetty, nothing provides perspective like Atticus Finch.”
3. Katherine: “I trust you. My checkbook doesn’t.” (Dahne)

NCIS: New Orleans - 
1. Gregorio: “Patton, staying with me was one of the dumbest things you’ve ever done.” Patton: “No ma’am. The dumbest thing I’ve ever done involves Crazy Glue, a fork, and a sleeping Mike Tyson.”
2. Loretta: “It makes no sense at all, rushing into a gas-filled building like maniacs. That’s what the police are for.” Hannah: “You know that we are the police, right?” Sebastian: “Yeah, we’re like, literally the police.”
3. Gregorio: “You know, we all think we can do it alone, but we can’t. We need each other.” (Dahne)

New Amsterdam - 
1. Max to the grieving mother of the stillborn child: “You can’t say goodbye if you haven’t said hello.” (Donna Cromeans)

Prodigal Son - 
1. Malcolm: “Eve Blanchard came to see me.” Jessica: “Isn’t she a lovely young woman?” Malcolm: “She said that you were armed.” Jessica: “That wretched little tattletale.” Malcolm: “Give. (Jessica hands over the gun.) She was concerned about you. So am I. This is dangerous.” Jessica: “You know what else is dangerous - serial killers.” Malcolm: “Which is why police officers have been watching the house all day. Do you think I’d actually leave you here to fend for yourself?” Jessica: “Why didn’t you tell me?” Malcolm: “Because you would have sent them away.”
2. Jessica: “I’m not usually like this. Last night we were contacted by some sort of serial killer colleague of my ex-husband.” Eve: “I didn’t realize they had colleagues.” Jessica: “Welcome to the Whitly family.”
3. Jessica: “My great-great-great-grandfather built this house in 1871 and a Milton has lived here ever since. I didn’t let Martin tarnish this house despite what he was and I will not be driven out now. This is my home. I don’t want to go to a hotel. I don’t want to live under constant surveillance. I want to have a normal life, one that isn’t perpetually haunted by the ghost of your father.” Malcolm: “I want that too. I can’t promise he’ll never haunt you again, but I can promise not to stop until I’ve caught the Junkyard Killer. You shouldn’t have to live in fear.” (Dahne)

Sunnyside - 
1. Aalok to Mallory: “Look at how stressed out you got about making this Thanksgiving perfect.” Alisha: “And obviously, we don’t care about food. We’re at the Olive Garden.” Aalok: “Honestly, we’re all kind of afraid of you. You are a doctor. Maybe prescribe yourself a chill pill.”
2. Garrett: “Come on, a restaurant on Thanksgiving? What are we? A white family going through a divorce?”
3. Aalok: “I remember when we first got to this country, all the chain restaurants were so exciting. We ate at a different fast food place every night for a month.” Alisha: “And we knew when we had to buy elastic pants that we were truly American.” Griselda: “I had a very dark period with Cinnabon. I’m lucky I kept my foot.” (Dahne)

Supergirl - 
1. Perplexed why Supergirl is not responding to her distress signal, Alex yells out: “SUPERGIRL!” From across the city, Supergirl hears her, knows her sister is in trouble and races away from Lena to save her.
2. Alex (Director Danvers) to the Shadow attacking the DEO: “I don’t know who or what you are, but this is my prisoner and if you touch him, I WILL light you up!”
3. Alex, upon discovering the inceptive agents at the DEO, contacts Supergirl on her coms: “Supergirl. I think we have a bit of a situation here.” (Donna Cromeans)

Will and Grace - 
1.  Will: “I know what I want, I want to be a dad.” (Shirleena)


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