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Prodigal Son - All Souls And Sadists - Review: Implicit Bias

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"Are you brave enough?"

We get to see more of Ainsley in this episode, we even learn she's sleeping with her cameraman, Jin (Raymond Lee - Here and Now), and I have to say, I didn't even realize she was missing from last week's episode, I wonder what that says about her character. We see her first adult interaction with her father, she asks for an interview and her questions are pretty standard but Martin is convinced there's a more important question she isn't asking, I wondered if it was if he'd continue killing, which I think the answer is obviously yes, but it turns out the question is whether his love for his family was real or just a cover, he says "yes" and he wins her over quite easily, which really puts a damper on her theory that she's the only one who can handle him.

I have to say I loved the group therapy sessions in jail, and it's a great answer to the question a lot of us have been asking: how can we get more of Michael Sheen? And not only that but seeing him interact with his fellow inmates, is also a lot of fun. It seems he's afraid of doing the interview because he knows the world wouldn't understand him but he does want to get the chance to seek to Ainsley for as long as possible so I wonder what he'll decide. Jessica tries to get in the way of this interview but it looks like she only delays it for a little while.

Malcolm is looking for the old family car so he asks Dani to run the car's license plates and he does eventually find it so we'll see what that brings up, for now, it seems to still have traces of blood on it which seems quite careless from The Surgeon. Gabrielle thinks if the dreams are actually memories it's actually bad news because it means part of his psyche is built on repressed memories, which is why his mind is so fragile. She says if he digs around too much and breaks down too many walls he could revert back to being the broken child he was after his father was caught and become psychotic, loose contact with reality. And I have to wonder why she's so interested in him not remembering, is it really for his own sake or does she have someone else's interest in mind? Because he's already having visions and maybe remembering is the only way he can get some peace of mind.

He gets called in on a murder where a guy was stabbed over a hundred times, and this, in Gil´s opinion, requires a profile, though I wonder why suddenly Malcolm stopped begging for work, is it because he's already focused o0n finding the car? his attitude during this episode seemed way too different from the last and something about that doesn't sit right with me. Malcolm's conclusion is that this is a nascent sadist, someone who's just realizing the pleasure they can get from inflicting pain, which probably means there's more to come. The investigation leads them to arrest the victim's ex-wife and she even confesses but Malcolm is sure the profile doesn't fit.

And, honestly, it was obvious the kid had something to do with it, but once again, the case of the week is not why I keep watching this show. Eventually, Malcolm realizes the reason he wasn't looking to Isaac as a suspect is because he had an implicit bias because he saw himself in him. By the time they get him, of course, it's a life or death situation, Malcolm manages to talk him down and they admit him to a psychiatric facility where he plans to visit as often as he can. He lets Gil know he's been think of what could've happened to him if things had been different, he's worried maybe he could've turned into someone like Isaac, but Gil says he wouldn't have allowed it.

"Not on my watch."

What did you think about this episode? I look forward to your comments.

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