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Mom - Wile E. Coyote and a Possessed Doll- Review: "Optimism. The Sober Woman's Cocaine"

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On this week's episode of Mom, Christy contends with the stress of her internship and Bonnie and Adam take a stroll down memory lane. What could go wrong?

Now that Bonnie's actually agreed to let Adam move his stuff in, the two are going through the boxes from his storage unit, when Bonnie finds some old home movies of Adam, pre-accident. ("Everyone said I was crazy to save this VCR machine. Who's crazy now!?") Bonnie's amazed to see videos where Adam is walking, which she's never seen before. Later, when Bonnie goes to her session with Trevor, she admits that she doesn't like the fact that she and Adam have never really talked about his accident. She says she wants to be married to someone comfortable talking about anything and everything. Trevor says that Adam just may not want to talk about the accident and she needs to be alright with that. Of course, Bonnie doesn't really like that answer and tries to coax something out of him while they eat lunch. She even tries the silent staring method that Trevor uses to get her to talk, but Adam doesn't budge.

Christy, meanwhile, is struggling with Veronica's continuing demands. When Christy's car breaks down and she's unable to get Veronica's coffee when she's supposed to, she and Jill find themselves going to the coffee shop before being able to go to lunch. When Veronica's coffee doesn't come out fast enough, Christy goes off on the barista and ends up getting herself kicked out of the shop. Later at lunch, it's obvious to the rest of the girls how on edge Christy is, as she continually snaps at them.

Bonnie still isn't able to give up wanting to talk about Adam's accident and he catches her watching the old home movies again. Adam says he knows she wishes he could still walk and Bonnie ends up blurting out that she feels sad for him. Adam's obviously not too happy to hear this and responds that he feels sad watching her "stumble through [her] life" as well.

Later, Bonnie relays the argument to Trevor, who suggests that Bonnie may have hurt Adam's feeling by saying she felt sad for him and Adam was just retaliating at the moment. Of course, Bonnie's convinced that that's not the case and that Adam really just wants to still be the person he was before the accident, with girls still chasing after him. Trevor suggests that maybe Bonnie is really just scared that Adam wouldn't want to be with her if he hadn't had the accident - he'd want to be with one of the girls falling all over him in the video. Of course, Bonnie misses the part where Trevor says that this is what she's scared of, not what is actually the case and becomes convinces that she's just a consolation prize.

Christy continues to struggle with the stress of working under Veronica. She attempts to go back to the coffee shop and get her ban reversed, but the barista isn't having it, and Christy ends angrily stealing someone else's coffee order and making a run for it. Unfortunately for Christy, she definitely has underestimated the barista, and he catches up and tackles her! When Christy finally makes it back to the office and hands Veronica the now half-smashed coffee, Veronica's not happy and continues to belittle Christy. Christy finally asks her to stop and Veronica's not exactly phased, telling her she needs to find a way to deal with her feelings, suck it up, and just be happy she's not wringing her neck. Christy then threatens to transfer to another lawyer. Veronica really doesn't seem to have the slightest idea why and she ends up offering Christy a raise to stay. Not able to turn down the prospect of better pay, Christy takes it.

At AJ's, Adam tells Tammy that he thinks Bonnie wishes he could still walk. Tammy says that's not the case at all, she just wants him to open up and talk about the accident. ("Just let us in, dammit!") When Adam goes home later, Bonnie tells him that she knows now that if he "could still walk, [he'd] be with someone else." At this, Adam finally admits why he doesn't like to talk about life before the accident - because he wasn't really a good guy, certainly not one who treated women with respect. He tells Bonnie that it's not that he wouldn't have wanted to be with her before the accident, he wouldn't have deserved her. And the accident - it made him a better person, just as getting sober made Bonnie a better person. They both agree that they "found each other at the right time."

Veronica and Christy seem to finally figure out a way to get out their issues - by punching the living daylights out of each other in the gym boxing ring! And who ends up next to them but Trevor, who's currently taking out his frustrations about Bonnie on the punching bag!

Random Thoughts:
-Bonnie and Trevor's inner dialogues were both hilarious. I love how they both drive each other crazy.

-The best line goes to Trevor when talking to Bonnie - "I actually listen when you speak."

Were you surprised to find out more about Adam before the accident? Do you think Christy and Veronica will continue to butt heads? Let me know below!

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