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Legacies - Screw Endgame - Review

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This week on Legacies, Hope and Lizzie get trapped in a video game set in the ’80s where they have to fight a Minotaur. You know, the usual. They eventually escape. Rafael still very much has a crush on Hope. Josie and Landon want to take their relationship to the next level but, after a very intense search for a condom, decide to wait. Mainly because Josie saw a song that Landon wrote for Hope. Not sure if that’s from before or after the mind wipe. Alaric makes peace with Vardemus, who turns out to be Clarke. 

The friends who game together…: I must say, I really enjoyed Lizzie and Hope’s scenes this week. I can’t believe these two hated each other less than a season ago. Can we please never go back to that? Thank you. I really loved the message that their storylines portrayed this week about girls sticking together. I don’t quite buy that Josie’s spell from last week is the reason that Lizzie suddenly remembers Hope. I still think it has more to do with how Lizzie’s mind works (the same way the demon couldn’t take full control). Since Lizzie is the only one who remembers Hope, I’m sure they’ll be hanging out a lot more in future episodes. I can’t wait to see this relationship grow. Also, it’s really refreshing to see a female character who’s not fawning over Landon. Thank you, Lizzie. 

So awkward: Did Dorian, a teacher, seriously give his blessing for two teenagers to have sex on school property? Pretty sure there are a few school rules against that. Anyway, I feel like the further the relationship between Landon and Josie goes, the more awkward things get. This episode was proof of that. Mostly, I don’t like what it’s doing to Josie. She’s starting to seem more and more like Lizzie from last season. In fact, my opinion of the Saltzman twins has completely switched. Also, Josie, honey. If you’re planning to have sex you should really make sure you have condoms ready. Don’t you know you can’t trust the guy? 

Trainwreck waiting to happen: This Hope-related amnesia is sure causing a lot of romantic drama and you know we haven’t seen anything yet. We all know that eventually, people will remember Hope again, that’s just how things work on tv shows. But at this rate, it is going to have a major fallout. And Lizzie will probably just be sitting there with popcorn. It seems almost inevitable that Josie and Rafael will have their hearts broken. That said, I don’t think Hope should spend the next few episodes pining for Landon either. She deserves some happiness. As far as she knows, this amnesia may be permanent so maybe it is time to move on. It seems like the healthiest option here. All I know is, this storyline is headed for a lot of pain and heartbreak. 

Man, that’s creepy: So the creepy headmaster has been Clarke all along? Well, I did not see that coming. I should’ve, though. It should’ve struck me as weird that we haven’t seen Clarke since the premiere when he was clearly up to something. But there are a few things that still confuse me. Most importantly, what the hell does he want with Josie? Those two hadn’t met before, right? And why hasn’t he made a move on Landon yet? Or is that what he’s using Josie for? All I know is that his future scenes will have a new level of creepy. 

He seems like a Billie Eilish song: So, after a few weeks of seeing him charm Lizzie, I sort of forgot that Sebastian might be a bad guy. He’s just so smooth. But Wade seems to have released a new monster (I’m assuming he’s dead). Sebastian must have done a lot of bad stuff to have been locked away like that. I mean, no one ever tried to do that to Stefan and we know he destroyed a few villages. So was all of that stuff with Lizzie just to get her to release him? Because he never once brought up that he needed help. All I know is, we have not seen the last of Sebastian. Also, I predict a flashback episode soon. 
Upcoming: So we get Freya next week, yay! Finally another Mikaelson. It’s a shame none of the other cast members from The Originals are up for a guest spot. I’ve had a little peek at the promo and it seems like Josie is attacking her. What the hell? I hope there’s a good explanation because I’m reaching my limit with Josie this season. 

Best quotes: Josie: “Lizzie’s gonna be here any second. And trust me, you do not want to have only 98 red balloons.” 
Lizzie: “Why is it the ‘80s?” 
Alaric: “Relax, Fumbledore.” 
Kaleb: “Oh, you were thinking, alright. About Lizzie Saltzman. But this is more proof that when you chase her, you’re not peak MG, you know?” MG: “I don’t know what to do with that.” 
Lizzie: “There’s always someone telling women they only exist for one reason. We even told it to ourselves. I am done playing that game.” 
Hope: “We don’t exist for just one path.” Lizzie: “And we don’t exist for just one boy.” Hope: “So let’s dance.” Lizzie: “Anything to keep me from picturing Josie’s tragic visit to the Shire.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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