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How To Get Away With Murder - Relive The Season 6 Flash Forwards + VIDEO

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As promised in my review of the penultimate How To Get Away With Murder episode for 2019, here's all the flash forwards we've seen in the first eight episodes of this final sixth season.

Seasons 4, 5 and 6 haven't provided anywhere near close to the levels of entertainment and theory-spinning that the show's first three seasons contained. The Season 1 flash forwards compilation was a mammoth 40 minutes long - nearly the length of an entire ad-free episode. Season 6's flash forwards amount to a touch under 7 minutes, which is an improvement on Season 4 and Season 5.

Watch the compilation below:

So, now for some theory spinning - and I'd love to hear your theories in the comments below. I believe Annalise's faked death comes first in the sequence because the fire iron seen among the smashed cutlery in the flash forward in Episode 8 has no blood on it (0:46 and the image above). So it was very likely used to commit another crime involving pretty much any of the other characters after Annalise had faked her death. I think multiple people naturally went looking for Annalise, breaking into her apartment and discovering the crime scene. Somehow the fire iron was then used to do some pretty serious damage to someone. Maybe someone was there, then someone else came through the door for their own look and got ambushed?

There's also a possible time jump in there somewhere, between Annalise leaving and the students' graduation - which Michaela, Connor and Asher can all be seen dressed up for.

I've left the funeral at the end of my proposed sequence because that would surely come after the interrogations of Connor and Michaela, otherwise the police would have the fire iron in evidence through investigating Annalise's (faked?) death and it wouldn't be accessible for use in another crime. A wildcard theory is Annalise intended to fake her own death, but was later killed for real, hence the funeral, which does seem to sit on its own somewhat.

Anyway, that's enough theory-spinning from me. It's over to you now! Share your own thoughts and theories in the comments below!

The How To Get Away With Murder winter finale airs Thursday, November 21, 10|9c, on ABC.

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