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Grey`s Anatomy - Whistlin` Past The Graveyard - Review: "Trick or Beat It"

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Grey`s went spooky this year! A well put together outing with enough drama, heartfelt and comedic moments to survive the scariest night of the year. Episode 6 of season 16 was directed by Pete Chatmon and written by Julie Wong.

Let`s begin this review with Amelia and Link. The two of them are just the heart and soul of this season. The two of them just have this pure pressureless connection that works just so well on screen. The writing for them is so uncomplicated and honest that it's a pure joy to watch them. Amelia`s dysfunctional family relations proofed to be quite in handy as Link`s parents pulled off a sort of selfish trip. Link purely overreacted for sure, but he is put back in time when he meets his parents. All the turmoil since his cancer days and their divorce is still a burden on his shoulders. He felt played and unappreciated and most importantly caught off guard by their decision so he put up a tantrum. The way Amelia calmed him down was adorable and showed how far they`ve come since they started all of this.

But Link and Amelia weren`t the only two putting up couple goals in this outing. Jo and Alex were working so well together this week as well. As you thought that things at PacNorth couldn`t get any worse they found a mass graveyard. Alex getting proper focus this season is just a great development. He was an amazing interim Chief last season so getting him to play it all out is just a great choice of storytelling. Seeing him struggle and squirm are just beautiful moments to watch. His character deserves this screen time and growth. Owen being there was a bit of meh, but he wasn`t as annoying as usual. Jo meanwhile was a proper delight. She shone through the episode in her badass costume being the badass wife Alex deserves at the moment. Their cute little wedding was just as sweet and the pregnancy prank was just spot on. Alex mumbling through the scene with his Vampires' teeth was hilarious. And while it was a huge shock, you could see the disappointment on Alex`s face when he realized he didn`t want it to be a joke. A third pregnancy would be a bit too much for the show at the moment but its the natural next step on Jolex`s path.

Meredith being in prison was a cute little story. Her building a connection with her fellow inmate was sweet but more important it was to see the show tackle another socially relevant topic. Small mistakes can coast people so much and Mer stepping up to help her was a nice nod. On the other hand, I couldn`t have cared less for DeLuca. It felt really out of place to have him have this talk with Zola. Really not his place no matter where his and Mer`s relationship will go down the line. It was out of place and just felt forced, despite Andrew`s words being quite beautiful.

A majorly surprising moment of this episode was the great Bailey-Tom scene. Chandra`s performance was quite hilarious in her opening scene with Amelia. In the huge Grey`s cast, it is very hard to give all the characters proper screen time and development and the show going back to their basics and give enough screen time to Miranda, Richard and Alex just warm my fangirls heart. Throughout the show`s run, Miranda always struggled to be the surgeon and wife/mom but she never gave up. She always knew where she wanted to be and there was no mountain high enough for her. Getting pregnant at this point in her career certainly is an obstacle she wasn`t expecting but she just needs time to master it. Her final scene with Tom and his confession brought out just the best of both of them. Tom is such a great and complex character and Greg German is just bringing out the spark out of the character just when he hits the darkest hour.

Other Tidbits:
- Jackson`s impression of Alex was hilarious. I just ROLF`d all over my couch. Also, it was great to see Jackson in a not related Vic story.
- Leo and Alisson as Baby Zombies is probably the most wicked thing GA did in recent years.
- Teddy stressing about the costumes was neat. After defining herself for so many years as a surgeon, finding herself as a mother must be quite hard. I hope the writers dig a bit deeper into this struggle over the next episodes.

That is a wrap, guys. What are your thoughts on GA`s Halloween episode? Sound off in the comment section down below and share your thoughts on recent events and possible developments.

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