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FBI - Season 2 So Far - Review: Catching Up

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First episodes of FBI’s season 2 keep shedding light on important and current issues showing us different points of view of the same story, while gradually introducing us to the lives of the main characters, so let’s catch up with the past four episodes with this brief recap and review.

2.03 American Idol: Never meet your heroes
In the third episode of the season we met congresswoman Valerie Caldwell who happens to be in the way to becoming the next president, and is a victim of an attack with a car bomb. At first it seems that this could be connected to her political aspirations but then some skeletons started to emerge from her closet in the form of a case of wrong conviction from her time as a prosecutor, and we end up discovering that she was too good to be true.

During the episode, it was shown how Maggie was a big fan and supporter of congresswoman Caldwell and really thought she was different. But in the end, she had to face the harsh reality and confronting her hero, in order to do the right thing, which gave us another prove of the fair character of Agent Bell.

Favorite quotes
OA: People are scared of forward and progressive ideas, especially when they're coming out of the mouth of an intelligent, charismatic woman with a legitimate chance of becoming president.

Maggie: I'm going to be submitting those notes to the DA as part of my investigation.
Valerie: I thought you believed in me, Maggie.
Maggie: I did too. And it's Agent Bell.

2.04 An Imperfect Science: Bullet dodged
Episode four started when a black man was killed while trying to stop a mass shooting in a club. At first, it seemed the perpetrator was part of a white supremacist group, but the case took a turn, as every episode does, and it end up being a crime of passion.

During the hour, Kristen was faced with a dilemma that appeared when a NYPD cop that was working with them in the investigation started getting into her head about how her team and the FBI could be being racist regarding the case. This was pushed by the fact that a threat made to the club in previous days by the same group they were investigating, was dismissed. This lead to Isobel to be worried the whole time for the implications this could have for the Bureau, and to be firmly decided to change things so nothing like this happens again in the future.

It also cause some tension in the team, specially between Kristen and Maggie but it also let us know that Maggie’s dad was a cop that gave her important lessons about their job, including following her instincts and be sure they have the right criminal before rushing to sentence them. I was relieved to see that Kristen stood up for her people and things end up well for them.

Favorite quotes
Maggie: That didn't seem odd to any of you? He just shot people and he just acted like he was recalling what he had for lunch.
OA: Shows the depth of his hatred.
Maggie: I'm not buying it.
Jubal: The confession?
OA: He did walk us through the whole thing, Maggie.
Maggie: I know what a killer sounds like. Ivan sang the words, but he doesn't know the music.

Kristen: Hey, can I ask you why you were so sure Ivan didn't do it?
Maggie: A feeling, I guess. I mean, it had nothing to do with the politics or the race, if that's what you're saying.
Kristen: Look, Maggie, I know what kind of agent and what kind of person you are, and I know that you would never consciously act out of prejudice. But I also know good people, well-intentioned people, can sometimes have blind spots when it comes to stuff like this. So I have to ask.
Maggie: Okay. Okay, look, if you feel like something is wrong or if you see that I'm missing something, please, I want you to tell me that. That's important to me. Because I… Because I wanna be standing with you, helping you sound the alarm.
Kristen: Okay.

2.05 Crossroads: Family Matters
The case of the week of episode five was about the abduction of a family man that got mixed up in a drug ring while trying to make more money by selling forged purses. While the team was looking for him, Jubal faced some family issues of his own when his ex wife told him she was moving to the suburbs with their kids and her new fiance.

I really liked how it was made very evident the way this situation affected Jubal, by lowering his energy that has being present since the beginning of the show. At the end, even when he was reluctant to let his family move, Maggie helped him, through her own experience, to make a decision that eventually will make him feel better. It’s nice to see Maggie as a reliable friend willing to help the people she cares about.

Favorite quotes
Kristen: Do you keep records of your truck's routes?
Steve: Sweetheart, we're liable for our cargo. We keep records on everything.
Kristen: Alright, we'll need access to all of it. Driving information, time stamps, tracking information, and, um, for the record, I like Agent Chazal a whole lot better than sweetheart.

Maggie: So, you make a decision yet?
Jubal: Uh, not really but I definitely want things to stay the way they are, you know? Keep the kids here in the city, and I honestly think that that's what's… what's best for the family. You disagree?
Maggie: Well, it's not my call.
Jubal: So you do disagree?
Maggie: Do you really want to hear my opinion?
Jubal: I'm happy to hear it.
Maggie: I just, uh... I think that maybe you're holding on to something that doesn't exist anymore. After Jason died, I kept thinking that my life would stay the same. Well, the fact is reality was new and scary. But new doesn't have to be bad.

2.06 Outsider: Something Real
Episode six presented a case about a mob using women to seduce Wall Street man in order to steal privileged information from trade deals.

We also met Mona Nazari, who is a federal prosecutor, and happens to be dating OA. I liked her and I hope we see more of their relationship that for now is supposed to be free of commitments, but eventually could turn into something more serious since it’s clear that they really like each other. Though, I also think their work could somehow get in their way, which almost happened this time when the intel Mona gave to OA to catch the team’s suspect, ruined an ongoing operation another FBI area was carrying. Anyhow, I enjoyed how Maggie was happy for her friend at the same time that she gave him some advice to not feel inferior with Mona.

I’m liking the development of Isobel as a character too, since at first she seemed very tough but I think she was just trying to make her place on the team and gain their respect, but now she’s proving to be a good person that cares genuinely for her people.

Favorite quotes
Maggie: You're a fancy Army Ranger. I mean, God, you went to West Point. You speak perfect Arabic. I mean, you're the guy that they recruit for the poster.
OA: I feel like a poor kid from Queens when I'm with her.
Maggie: Look, I don't care how amazing Mona is, she's lucky to be dating you. Don't ever forget that.

Stuart: You know, you keep asking me why I left Wall Street. That's why. I wanted to be a part of something like this. You know, something real. Something that matters.

- Maggie and OA are there for each other, both on the field and on their personal lives.
- Kristen is gaining more confidence as a field agent always supported by Stuart.
- Isobel is becoming a likeable character even if we still don’t know that much about her, but she has changed.
- I liked that, little by little we’re getting to know more about the team’s lives outside work.
- In the last two episodes the team has crossed paths and spoiled big operations of other FBI areas, and I wonder if this eventually will take a toll on them.

Now is your turn to share your thoughts in the comments. What do you think of this season so far? Which character would you like to get to know more in upcoming episodes?

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