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Empire - Season 6 So Far - Review: "Not Impressed"

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In this last season, Empire is not convincing me at all. The TV series’ quality has been in decline since season 2, but I got my hopes up for this final cycle. After 7 episodes, I have to admit that I am pretty disappointed. But let’s summarize and comment on what happened in these last three episodes of the show.

In “Stronger Than My Rival”, the relationship between Lucious and Cookie is getting worse and worse, and Lucious is, once again, obsessed with his past. He wants to make amends with Philly Street, a former friend. Cookie tries to take control of the house and involves her sons in this fight. In the meanwhile, Empire’s direction creates a rift between Andre and his father.

The great twist of the episode is a reveal we have all been waiting for: Cookie declares that she went to jail for Lucious. He shares a secret as well: the money he invested in Empire was robbed. The episode was enjoyable, but the rhythm didn’t fit the story’s progression.

In “Heart of Stone”, Cookie has moved into a hotel. Lucious shows up and tries to talk with her, but things don’t get better. Cookie’s sisters take her to a road trip to Miami, but the Lyons’ matriarch just can’t catch a break. As we all predicted, it’s the time of the year in which Lucious just goes crazy and destroys people’s lives.

Andre decides what to do with Treasure’s album, and Giselle betrays Becky in order to do what she thinks is best for Tiana.

In “Good enough”, Cookie rediscovers her love for music. She wants to get back into the music world and tries to get exposure. I didn’t expect this twist, and I enjoyed it. In the meanwhile, Lucious wants to have control of Empire and goes against Andre’s. Things don’t end up well for both of them. Hakeem, who is now having less space in the story, has problems with DeVon because he thinks he has a too strong a bond with his children. This storyline felt repetitive as well.

All in all, I am still not satisfied with the writers’ narrative choices. Do we really need to have another big drama involving Lucious and Cookie? Do we really ask for another Lucious-going-bad storyline? I am not sure.

And you? What do you think of Empire season 6 so far?

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