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Chicago Fire - What Went Wrong - Review: 'The Armor You Wear'

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This week on Chicago fire we finally got to hear about the fire that killed Gallo's family from the man himself and it led to a teachable and cathartic moment for the eager young firefighter. The ladies of the house decided that they needed their space, but it backfired in hilarious fashion. Finally, Severide was on the investigative beat again when a fire just didn't feel right. Read on for thoughts on those things and everything in between!

Achilles Heel

Casey as Gallo's Captain had to come down hard on him for disobeying orders to man the backdoor, but when he found out about Gallo's past from Boden, I liked the way Casey dealt with it. He didn't approach him about what he knew, he used smart leadership to get Gallo to come to him. Learning the weight Gallo carries everyday from the man himself was even more devastating than I realized. He obviously has the cloud of survivor's guilt following him, even though he seems like Mr. Sunshine most of the time. As Casey listened to Gallo recount the details of the fire including the fact that he was scared and hid instead of going to his sister was a lot to take in. What Gallo probably didn't realize was that his Captain has had a lot of tragedy of his own, and that gives him the unique ability to relate to what it feels like to be the one left behind.

I know that Gallo should never have let his emotions run over him while on a call, but that is easier said than done when you've been through what he has. It would have been impossible for him to compartmentalize the parallels of himself and the young boy from the fire named Trevor because it was obvious he never wanted to talk about the full impact his personal tragedy has had on him. Now that he knows he has a safe space, I hope that wall he has built will begin to come down and he can realize his full potential.

Best Man
Severide once again put his fire investigative skills to work this week to find out what happened with the fire that killed Trevor's grandmother Phyllis. Now I don't mind when Severide gets his spidey senses tingling a few times a season when a fire or call is suspicious but two episodes in a row is a little much. I did like that Cruz tagged along with him and they were able to find out what happened to the sweet old lady they tried to help, but is this telegraphing something to come with Severide? I have always gotten the impression that he doesn't mind going to the mat on a call if he knows something is off, but his heart has always been in running squad. Are they trying to slowly let him test the waters over at OFI and temporarily move him? I am not sure that is a storyline I can get behind in the long run because he has always been the leader of squad and none of his charges seem ready to take over for him. Cruz could be heading that way, but I don't think he is there yet.

Speaking of Cruz, he seems to have bonded a bit closer to Severide after Otis and never was that more evident than when he sweetly asked his lieutenant to be his best man. Cruz losing Otis has been rough on him, but I like that he isn't turning inward and closing himself off. Asking Severide to stand up for him was a big step, and I loved the enthusiasm Kelly gave him when he asked.

Ladies Only
The lightest storyline this week goes to Brett, Foster and Kidd and I loved every minute of their push for a sisterhood space even though it backfired. The ladies lounge was a great idea until it wasn't because lets be honest, they don't need to be separating themselves from their firehouse family while back at the house. The lounge became a nightmare thanks to some outside influences, but any excuse to put the focus on the trio's friendship is fine by me. Maybe next time they can have a corner of the rec room carved out for them to decompress but not isolate.

Odds and Ends

* Capp scratching his foot with his fork then immediately using it to eat made me want to put him in his own lounge while eating.

* Hermann being incensed about the lounge was the most in-character moment of the episode.

* Ritter and Gallo's heart-to-heart was one of my favorite moments this week. If these two continue to be molded the way they are, the CFD has some future leaders on their hands.

* Did anyone kind of figure out that it wasn't the husband that set the fire pretty early on? It just seemed too easy that the hot head actually did do it.

* Did Ritter find a puppy sitter? Because I haven't seen Tuesday nearly enough this season.

That is is for now! Drop a comment below with your thoughts on this one.

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