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Chicago Fire - Welcome to Crazytown - Review: 'Duty Calls'

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This week on Chicago Fire we saw Grissom flex his power to get Severide detailed to OFI, Hermann deal with a conduct unbecoming and Brett wrestling with trouble in the love department. Read on for thoughts on these things and everything in between!

Happy Where I Am

Raise your hand if you are over Grissom? I know I sure am. Who would've have thought that an incident involving an angry police officer would be the catalyst for Severide ending up temporarily detailed to OFI? The show tied Hermann's dust up with the annoyingly bitter officer Hartle to what ultimately made Sev agree to Grissom's demand. I did like that Kelly decided to use his pull to save Hermann's career but now he is temporarily out of the house due to Grissom's inability to let go of the fact he can't control what Severide wants. I find Grissom's manipulation about service particularly infuriating given all that Severide has given the CFD. This storyline is also tired because it once again has someone from on high messing with a member of 51, but at least it isn't Boden this time around. So for now Severide belongs to Lt. Seger's crew at OFI but I am guessing once they realize he isn't going to be a political yes man, he will be back home where he belongs.

The One
Two failed engagements and a heartbreaking dalliance with Antonio Dawson has made Sylvie Brett gun-shy when it comes to romance. She wants the one and just isn't feeling it with social worker Ryan even though he seemed like a very sweet prospect. The complicating factor now is the show's not so subtle way of putting Casey in the mix for a potential relationship. Brett got a little defensive when Casey tried to suss out her romantic status with Ryan, and their sweet Molly's exchange at the end of the episode was not by accident. These two have been on the periphery of each other's love lives since the back half of last season, and it hasn't been dropped but amplified. The complicating factor now is that whatever the writers are trying to hint at will be clouded when Gabby Dawson returns for the fall finale.

"My Money is on you finding exactly what you want because that's what you deserve." -Matthew Casey

In most potential new pairings Casey saying that to Brett means he could be what she deserves, but these two are not exactly starting in a cut and dry place. Casey was one half of the biggest ship in the Chicago-Verse and Brett was the supportive bestie of Dawson. Are Brett and Casey simply off limits to one another because of the unspoken rule about exes not dating friends? Or do we give them slack because Dawson left and they shouldn't deny what could be to honor how she may feel about it? I won't deny that I think there is a lot of potential in a Brett/Casey pairing, but I do feel a twinge of guilt given that I did adore Dawsey once upon a time. To say this situation could become incredibly messy would be an understatement, so for now I am just going to take a wait and watch approach as we move towards the return of Dawson. She is the X-factor because we have no clue what she has been up to since her departure. All I know is that it sets up some very juicy drama.

Odds and Ends:

* The Stella side story with not feeling lucky was a bit annoying. We didn't need to see her fiddle with lottery scratchers most of the episode only to have her realize she is lucky because of Severide. It leaned too much into cheesy subtext for my taste.

* Cruz's Slamigan storyline was alright. Of course he was going to gain the upper hand on the Halli Hammer because they straight up stole his idea. I am glad he is profiting off his idea though.

* Burgess showed up, but I found her extremely unhelpful this time. A guy like Hartle is a miserable human who feeds off negativity, so Hermann going to him with an olive branch just fed him even more.

* Tuesday sighting! There is our girl.

That is it for me. What did you think of this one? Drop a comment below.

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