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Black Lightning: The Book of Resistance: Chapter One - Review

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Subtitle: Knockin' On Heaven's Door

It looks like they’re going to take the same care and pacing in ratcheting up the intensity of the insurrection that they did in pushing the people of Freeland into a position where they’re ready for a insurrection.

The meeting between Henderson and his “troops” was interesting. He got people to sign on to the fight and the first sign that it’s going to be difficult they want to run for cover.

Really, people? What would you do if the people occupying Freeland were the enemy....i.e. from Markovia.

The ASA is using propaganda to combat the insurgents. Truthteller Johnson was killed, likely by the ASA, which eliminated the one, small voice that was combating the ASA propaganda.

Mission one is getting a hardware setup that will reach all of Freeland rather than a 5 mile radius.

Mission two is finding someone to replace Truthteller Johnson. This is the position I always knew Jameiliah was always going to have.

Anissa didn’t escape Painkiller’s poison last week. This was the only story that I wasn’t too fond of. It was cliché and obvious fact that Anissa would survive that made it difficult to invest in the story. I could have done without most of those scenes.

The only good thing about this story was the fact that Gambi now knows that Khalil is alive.

We finally learned some more about the new young man at Garfield High. He is in Freeland to find and kill Dr. Jace.

Dr. Jace is responsible for the death of his mother. We’ll have to see how this plays out, but I do hope he survives, but.....I want a diamond.

Lynn is way off the mark. She was so disconnected from Jefferson during the funeral.

It took me several views to realize why Lynn decided to help Tobias. Tobias is aware of Black Lightning’s activities with the insurrection and Lynn is trying to protect him. But it disturbed me to see her being manipulated by him.

How are you guys feeling about Lynn’s story this season? I see what they’re doing, but I’m not sure if I like it or not. At least Tobias filled her in on what kind of evil Tobias is.

Granted Lynn had no idea ODell had been shot when she moved out of the house, but her situation gets more disturbing each episode.

Markovia makes a direct move against Freeland. They steal ASA uniforms and are able to walk into the midst of the ASA.

How funny was it to watching the Colonel trying to get his USB to connect with the system? He even tried blowing on it. Obviously he assumes the ASA is too stupid to put security on their systems.

ODell is shot during a confrontation. Somehow I don’t think we’re lucky enough to be rid of him this soon.

So, what did you think of the episode?

What are your theories about Tobias’ plans, beyond breaking himself out of The Pit?

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