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The Neighborhood - Welcome to the Wagon - Review

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Welcome to a new episode of The Neighborhood, let's recap what happened.

With REO Speedwagon in town for a concert, Calvin is delighted that Dave likes the band. At first Dave thinks Calvin wants to join him, then he realizes he has to take Tina. Dave is kinda worried because this is the first time he hangs out with her, so he asks Gemma some advices since the two women are close friends. It turns out the night is lovely until someone mistakes the pair for a married couple. Tina laughs, saying that could never happen, and hurts Dave's feelings. She tells him they are just too kind of different people, and she's not talking about color - Tina knows she's cool, he's not. To prove she's wrong, Dave does something very stupid.

At home, Calvin and his sons can enjoy a night off waiting for a meteor shower. Their evening is interrupted by Gemma who needs help: an annoying parrot flew into her house and she doesn't know how to handle that. While Calvin and Malcolm try to get rid of the wild bird - and trust me, their methods are hilarious - Marty scares Grover about the meteor that would kill everyone on Earth if hits the ground.

While father and son have a chance to prove who's better - Calvin laments Malcolm about his job - Gemma explains Marty why his behaviour was rude. She's trying to be a good parent and wants to preserve Grover's innocence as long as he's a kid. At the end, Dave and the parrot won the night.

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