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Superstore - Forced Hire - Review: What's Up with Amy and Jonah?

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This latest episode of Superstore has a classic feel to it, for better and for worse. Written by actor Colton Dunn, who plays Garrett, the episode hits the classic Superstore notes: an abrasive Dina, pretentious Jonah, clueless Marcus and mean Mateo. But as I was watching, it felt off somehow. So when my girlfriend (hi honey!) mentioned that she felt that the show was regressing, I knew that she hit the nail right on the head. I mentioned in an earlier review that I thought Dina was too similar to her characterization from earlier seasons and that season 5 she was being written as if she hadn't experienced any of the character growth we've seen her go through the previous four years. The same regression seems to have spread to other characters, notably Amy and Jonah.

I cannot figure out what is up with those two. At the end of season 4 they were moving in with each other but in this season a new viewer wouldn't be able to tell they were even a couple. In an earlier episode this season I noticed them sitting across from each other with a fair amount of distance between them and briefly thought it was odd but didn't give it much more thought than that. But now we're three episodes in and all of Amy and Jonah's interactions feel as if they're long term coworkers rather than a couple. Here's Amy looking at Jonah. It's the most affectionate they've been with each other so far this season:

Many shows seem to lose interest in a couple once they get together, or don't know what to do with them after the will they, won't they phase of the relationship. I was hoping Superstore would be different, especially since the series has established threads they can follow for these two, including the question of having kids which remains mostly unresolved, or how their different approaches with unionizing is affecting their personal lives. It's still early in the season and I'm more than happy to be proven wrong if the show starts to address these or other, less work-related issues between Amy and Jonah, but so far whatever spark these two has that had people rooting for them to get together has fizzled.

Now, back to the review. The focus of this episode was the transfer of Dina's nemesis, Colleen, to the store and Dina's vast overreaction to this, including wanting to frame Colleen for meth possession. I'd hate to see what Dina has done to her other 37 enemies. There is an opportunity for Garrett - if he helps Dina to get rid of Colleen then he might be forgiven for letting all her birds loose. Unfortunately for Garrett, Colleen is cute and kind of cool and a little interested in him, and he can't promise he won't sleep with her. At the end of the episode they decide to go out for tacos but Amy has the idea to make Dina think that Garrett is only getting close to Colleen to break her heart for Dina. I don't see this ending well for anyone.

Other story lines have Mateo out of detention but at loose ends since he can't work. Cheyenne and Glenn try to make him feel useful by asking him to do stuff they "can't" do, but Mateo ends up taking things to extremes and "helping" everyone in the store while also insulting them at the same time. He is very touched and very condescending.

And finally we have Jonah trying to get the warehouse workers to sign their union cards by enlisting Marcus' help, who sees an opportunity and runs with it, getting Jonah to hang out with him for lunch in his door-less car and calling his mom. A fed up Jonah takes his case directly to the warehouse staff and while he insults and demeans them a little, finally gains their trust, and their signatures, by chugging ranch dressing.

Odds and ends:

Sandra wedding watch: the walk down the aisle will be scored by the "Hamster Dance" song. Romantic!

Gross moment #1: Marcus keeping his lunch in his car all day; it's already warm so he doesn't have to microwave it.

Gross moment #2: I find the chugging of anything gross.

Opportunity for a viral internet moment: NBC, please make a music video of Marcus' band, including new member Jonah.

Favorite quote: A very self-aware Dina, "I'm overreacting a lot."

Anyone else see something up with Amy and Jonah? Comments can be directed right below!

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