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STV Readers` Choice of favorite Supernatural episodes (so far)

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NOTE: Due to unpredicted circumstances yesterday an unfinished version of the article went live. I apologize for that, I forgot to unschedule the article after I realized I wasn`t able to finish it yesterday.

Hello fellow Hunters, after 2 weeks of intense voting and thousands of votes, we finally arrived at the final. STV Readers choose their favorite 10 episodes with over 30 episodes getting votes. In the end, the vote was quite unanimous, but before we reveal the top 3 tomorrow, let's dig into Places 10-4 and what made them stand out.

*Keep in mind this is a list made of fan votes, not the ultimate truth we are trying to shove down your troats.
** Thanks for all the submissions and especially thanks to all of you who submitted little descriptions of why you loved those episodes so much.

10th Place - Wayward Sisters

The Wayward sisters live along, at least in the Supernatural fandom. CW`s latest Supernatural spin-off attempt had a major following and quite a few broken hearts upon not getting a season order. The episode itself featured Jo and Donna taking care of girls whose life was changed by the supernatural and their attempt to rescue Dean and Sam. A well-executed pilot which did a proper job in groundlaying the emotional foundation for the future show and enough action to keep everyone else interested.

Sasha: The girls were great, had great chemistry and Jo and Donna were the best possible parental figures. The twist at the end had my jaw flat down on the floor. Still, heartbroken that the show didn`t go to series.

Wayward Sister 6: Kala and Claire were everything. The two of them won me over in a heartbeat. Their chemistry was perfect. The episode was intense and the perfect backdoor pilot.

09th Place - Red Meat

This intense and action-packed episode featured Dean taking drastic measures as he thought Sam died after a battle with Werewolves. The best possible SPN episode, Winchester centric and the two going the extra mile for each other. Jensen Ackles' emotional performance as Dean faced his worst fear was gripping, emotional and passionate, like if it was the very first time it happened.

lipglosskaz: Loads of angst - pure brothers.

Dean loves Sam so much: Jensen Ackles is the best performer CW has ever seen. He cries I cry, as simple as that.

08th Place - In My Time of Dying

After a rollercoaster season, season 2 premiere had a lot of work to do and answer many questions. In an emotionally gripping and twisty outing, Dean had to come to peace with the fact that he was dead, get rescued by his old man and then lose his father all over again. The performance by the 3 leading men was gripping and true to their complex and damaged characters. John did the only thing he knew and protected his family no matter what price he had to pay.

Toni: In the aftermath of the car crash, the surviving Winchesters go to the hospital, where one is stalked by a Reaper while another must consider sacrificing himself to save the others.

07th Place - What is and what should never be

Another entry on our list, another heartbreaker for Dean Winchester. And while throughout the season Dean`s character was built into a formidable hero he essentially never wanted any of this. He just wanted his family. The Supernatural world took so much from him that living in a world where he was happy was a strange adjustment but one he could get used to living with if there weren`t those souls tortured by the pesky demons. Dean will always help those around him no matter what it may cost, just like any other Winchester. Seeing Samantha Smith in this one was pure joy.

BradL: This is a masterpiece of an episode that rings out for longer than just the season it aired. A standalone episode that came out of nowhere, I remember being so confused about what was happening throughout the episode. As it all came together into an emotional climax, you couldn't help but remember that family is the heart of the show. The magic of the episode really is that the supernatural MotW is just a side-piece, while the real story is a simple tale of wishful thinking.

06th Place - Baby

Baby aka The Impala aka the boys` second home is as monumental to the show as the two brothers are. This 4 ride vehicle witnessed more death and suffering than any other vehicle in history and throughout it was a badass. Doing a standalone episode shot from the perspective of the car was challenging in so many ways and hitting so many right buttons along the way is a success the SPN Writers should be celebrating for years. We love you, Baby.

BlueStar: The focus on the Winchester brothers and the Impala are what make this episode stand out to me. I loved the singing scene, the conversation Sam and Dean have before falling asleep in the Impala, and Sam said they were home [in the Impala] so much. This episode had everything that made me fall in love with the show almost a decade and a half ago.

05th Place - Yellow Fever

One thing is sure, STV readers love to see Dean struggle. Jensen once again got a lot of space to use all of his acting chops as Dean was on the brick of everything. And he is just that good that his performance makes an episode this good. From his wacky facial expressions to his body gestures, Jensen gave everything he got as the fever was taking over his mind and body.

Amy: Sam and Dean discover a Colorado small town's darkest secret as a wave of people fall prey to a "ghost sickness" that induces fear, paranoia, and ultimately a fatal heart attack. Sam and Bobby must figure out the cause and cure of the sickness when Dean himself falls prey to it.

Yellow Fever: Dean is infected with an illness going from general anxiety to full-blown terror

04th Place - Jus in Bello

Jus in Bello might go down as one of the most intense and charged episodes in Supernatural history (and certainly one of my favorite episodes of the show). Back in season 3 our boys were much more naive and error-driven but most improtantly the show still had major stakes up their sleeves. An episode going down in a police station with the boys being a major disadvantage with only their truth to fight is something we don`t see these days anymore, that is why this episode is even more precious. Meanwhile, Katie Cassidy`s Ruby and Lauren Cohen`s Bella gave the boys a run for their money, the only girls (along Jo) who could ever do it.

Mel: Sam and Dean get arrested in a small town and all Hell breaks loose. Literally. Henrickson gets hella smug, possessed, and shot the sheriff, Hot Ruby slaughtered her way into the police station to save the boys, and Lilith was revealed. All these years later and it remains my favorite.

03rd Place - The End

The End: This episode, for me, was very traumatic. Dean, having been transported 5 years into the future and having to deal with the goings on at that time, was hard enough, but then having to actually see and talk to the brother that he loves so much, as The devil....well my heart just broke for him. You know he blamed himself because he didn't give Sam a chance to make up for his mistakes. He just practically threw him away and acted like less of an adult about the whole thing. He got his feelings hurt because Sam didn't take his advice and he didn't know how to deal with it. Sam thought Dean hung the moon all his life and always went with what Dean said, whether he wanted to or not. But, I think Dean didn't realize that Sam was turning into his own man and was being influenced by someone, Ruby, who could show him how to use his powers, and that made him afraid for Sam. Sam, himself told Dean the reason he went off with Ruby was because she made him feel stronger, not like a kid brother. Anyway, seeing Sam, as Lucifer, killing future Dean just threw him for a loop. It made him start thinking like Dean again and he realized what he had to do when he got back to his time on the calendar. I'm glad he called Sam and that they got back together, but seemed like Dean didn't quite learn his lesson yet. He was a dick in the next episode until very calmly Sam told him like it was and after that, they both got right. I'm sorry this was such a long explanation. I really didn't realize I was getting carried away. Anyway, I'll go. Oh! But first, I also loved the ep about the fairies and the UFO's. You don't want me to get started on that one. HILARIOUS!!! Soulless Sam. bless his heart. And Dean was fabulous!

Bella: It's probably the hardest question you could ask but I'm gonna go with Season 5, episode 4 - "The End." Because of the PostAp Dean and Dean's conversations, the horrible realization that this future could come to pass. And maybe somewhere deep a desire to see it? Stunning visuals, Jared's portrayal of Sam/Lucifer (Samifer?), that garden, that white suit and the rose, the dialogue... Something I wanted to see for a long time and I wanted this to last. One of the episodes I always include in my rewatch list. But why this one? Because it was probably the first episode (I started watching Supernatural when its 4th season's second half was running, I binged the first 3.5 seasons and then started watching it on an ongoing basis from 4.13) I saw when I thought that this was not just a show but something more than that and not just for me. Generally, the 5th season was the season I cried so much about that it's probably my most favorite in some aspects. But the "End" always makes me crazy emotional, so that's my choice

Adrian: Dean getting sent 5 years into the future where's it's end times. Plus, he meets End!verse Cas.

Titti Lauro: Dean is sent to the future, in a post-apocalyptic world, run by infected humans.

Maren: Dean is sent to the future by Zachariah and comes face to face with himself and a dire future he has to change.

02nd Place - Swan Song

Eric Kripke`s initial plan for SPN was a 5 season run. There he intended to wrap the shows run and I completely get why. Swan Song was a magical outing that culminated and wrapped the stories he intended to tell. The episode had everything that made Supernatural special. Drama, twists and the love between the brothers (and baby), which was a force beyond anything known to humankind. Jared`s performance especially was so well layered and so captivating, as he had to shift between Sam and Lucifer and keep a believability and power within all of it. Once again the ultimate sacrifice had to be made as the brothers pushed the boundaries of Christianity and faith. The episode itself had a finality to it that a series finale needs to have.

Larissa: Would have been a perfect, bittersweet finale. And on matter how they actually the show, we'll always have an alternative ending.

01st Place - MYSTERY SPOT

Groundhog day times 100! And you all thought Mondays were the worst day of the week, not according to Sam Winchester. While I am not a fan of the Trickster episodes (before the big reveal of course), Mystery Spot had its personal charm. The balance between dramatic and comedic moments along with the significance it had for the storyline at the moment elevated it from all the other MotW episodes. Jared sarcasm and the witty writing made the episode fly by in a second and with a smile on my face. Yet, suddenly everything went awry when Dean "actually" died. The main reason for Supernatural`s longevity laid in the hands of Jared and Jensen which chemistry carried the show to over 300 episodes. Dean and Sam`s codependency and love for each other crossed all the lines longe before this episode and even till today they can`t imagine a tomorrow without each other. The lesson Sam learned on the path to bring Dean back was more painful than he could ever imagine. The depth of Jared`s performance was beyond anything I saw from him before.

Aman: A beautiful testament to this show at its very best.

Jocelyn: Sam is trapped in a 'Groundhog Day' kind of dimension where Dean dies every day, forcing Sam to wake up on the same day over and over.

Jennifer: Hilarious and moving.

Carrie: Supernatural is king of mood whiplash, and this episode is the exemplar: Perfectly executed dark comedy with an abrupt turn toward gut-wrenching. The writing is clever, and music and deft editing make the comedic half of the episode really shine.

Joy Halder: The theme was just amazing! Also Jared and Jensen's acting in this one were exceptional IMO. The perfect balance of drama & dark humor.

That is a wrap guys. Hope you`ve enjoyed this list I compiled by your votes. Thanks again to all of you who submitted. If your favorite episode isn`t in this top 10 list feel free to share it in the comment section below. Carry on my Wayward friends . . .

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