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Riverdale - Season 4 So Far - Review: "I am puzzled"

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Riverdale's season 4 has been a wild ride. The season premiere was a tribute to Luke Perry, and even if there were some cringe moments, I enjoyed it overall. It was touching and emotional also to have Shannen Doherty as a guest star. I wondered why Fred could have talked about his son to a stranger, just before dying, but whatever. It's Riverdale.

But with the second and third episodes, the show is back at its roots. What roots? We don't know, actually. This season is even weirder than the previous ones. In "Fast Times at Riverdale High" is the first day of senior year. Veronica struggles because of paparazzi, Betty is not trusting Kevin after the farm and Jughead declines an important opportunity.

Kevin is still brainwashed and loyal to the Farm. Betty and Charles help him recover, which actually leads Kevin to trick Fangs into telling him where the Farm has been relocated. Archie witnesses Reggie’s father’s abuse towards Reggie—which causes him to speak out to Mr. Mantle. In the flashforward, everyone is searching for Jughead, who is missing.

In the third episode "Fast Times at Riverdale High", Jug starts his new life at Stonewall Prep, but he doesn't get along with his roommate and reconciles with Moose. Cheryl is still dealing with Jason's body and talking to him until Toni finds out.

Archie and Veronica try to find 40k dollars to help to renovate the gym and turn it into a community center. Betty and Charles try to make the members of the Farm escape. Edgar asks for money, food, passports, and a bus, which Betty is able to receive in order for her to infiltrate the motel. While there, she has problems and ends up waking up tied to a chair next to Alice. They try to run away with all the members around them and Alice goes after Edgar. Alice shoots him. The episode ends with Betty who receives a strange videotape.

All in all, these first few episodes are not Riverdale's best. I am not sure in which direction they are going with this fourth season, but I am not happy about it. The writers can create some interesting or at least entertaining episodes. I don't get why they always put the season on the wrong track.

And you? What do you think of the first three episodes?

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